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Angel Seduced

Angel Seduced, March 2014
The Hidden Series
by Jaime Rush

Grand Central Publishing
Featuring: Kye Rivers; Kasabian
368 pages
ISBN: 1455523232
EAN: 9781455523238
Kindle: B00CO7FNJU
Paperback / e-Book
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"Demons, Dragons, Magic, and Sexy Angels!"

Fresh Fiction Review

Angel Seduced
Jaime Rush

Reviewed by Shellie Surles
Posted March 23, 2014

Paranormal - Supernatural

Kye Rivers is a Deuce, a person who has magical blood. Her power is the ability to read sexual problems and desires in people. Kye loves her job of helping others but it keeps her from having a relationship of her own. Whenever she in involved with someone, her powers become muted, and she is no longer able to help people. So Kye never ever dates.

Kasabian is a Caido, a descendant of Angels. Caido do their best not to have contact with people because the emotions of others cause them great pain. Therefore Cadio almost never have relationships with non-Cadio it's just too physically painful. Kye is using her magic to find a way to help Cadio and non-Caido be together without pain. The process she has created sometimes releases repressed memories and feelings in Cadio.

When Kye meets Kasabian she has an immediate connection with him. He feels the same with her and asks her for help. Kasabian and his best friend were kidnapped as children and escaped, but they have no memories of the event. They believe the same people who took them are taking children again. Kasabian believes if he can just remember what happened, then he can figure out a way to save those children. Always willing to help someone, Kye helps Kasabian and in doing so creates a bond with him that messes up her abilities. With the lives of children, friends and each other on the line, Kye must find a way to help Kasabian without her magic before time runs out.

ANGEL SEDUCED brings to life a world of angels, demons, dragons, and magic with a creative story of lives lost, memories returned, and redemption for people once thought beyond it. This story is after all a love story, and only in this one, the lesson is the learning the importance of others. Though I enjoyed this book, it is book three in The Hidden Series. I recommend reading the first two books in the series before this one. I had a hard time connecting with the characters and feel it would have been easier if I had read the first two books.

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My name is Kye Rivers. I am a Deuce Crescent, which means I have magick running through my veins. Even though my family is Deuce, too, I have always felt like an outcast. Why? Because my particular gift revolves around sensuality, which makes my family uncomfortable.

I get my validation and satisfaction from helping people with their sexual pathos.

The price for my magick is that falling in love interferes with my abilities. Losing my abilities, and my career, isn't worth getting involved with some guy who will probably break my heart anyway. When I met the new bartender, a rare Caido who works at the nightclub that serves as my office and second home, I felt an electric draw like never before. Even scarier, Kasabian isn't like other angel/human Crescents, who are cool and asexual. Kasabian craves emotions - and he craves me. I fear that what's different in him is dangerous for both of us.



Kye Rivers bypassed the velvet rope that corralled the line of people waiting to get into the Witch's Brew. Too bad the handful of Mundane humans didn't know that this exclusive Miami nightclub only allowed in Deuces like her. Of course, they knew nothing at all about Crescents, humans who carried the DNA of a fallen angel, Dragon or sorcerer god.

Kye traded a greeting with the bouncer and went into the jam-packed cave of a building. There was plenty of magick in the air, too. One guy was clearly using a little sex magick to get the girl across the table into a nearly orgasmic state. A woman was casting an attraction spell on the guy she was talking to. Kye snapped her finger as she passed them and broke it. Get him to like you on your own terms, chickie.

Sarai raced over, her serving tray tucked under her arm. “Kye, wait 'til you see the new bartender! His name is Kasabian. He’s totally hot. And"—she gave her the wait for it grin—"he's Caido.”

"No way. Maybe it's a Deuce illusion, like his gimmick."

"He couldn't hold it for two whole shifts. Plus, he's healed a couple of people."

All three classes of Crescents traced their ancestry to a mysterious island in the Bermuda Triangle, where humans had procreated with gods, but none intermingled much.

Caidos, half fallen angels, were downright reclusive.

Sarai snapped her gum. "There was quite a stir at first, as you can imagine. The women were all gaga and the guys were all 'why's the pretty boy Caido working here?' But people are starting to warm to him. He's nice. Not snotty like Tad or slutty like Donnie was."

Kye's gaze went right to the new face behind the bar. The gorgeous new face. Red lights within the thick glass counter cast a glow over the angles of his cheeks and the gloss of his dark-blond hair. Kasabian might be new to the Brew, but he was clearly not new to tending. He flipped bottles, poured, and returned them to their places with the speed and grace of a juggler. By the relaxed smile on his face, he was enjoying it. So were the people watching him in rapt awe. Of course, that could be the Thrall, the way Caidos could hypnotize with their preternatural beauty. Because of what Kye did for a living, she’d learned to shut out that allure.

But damn, fascination stirred deep in her chest.

Whoa, cut that shit out.

Kye shrugged. "Just another gorgeous Caido." She pushed her long blond hair back over her shoulder. “Think I'll order a drink now.”

“I totally know you’re checking him out—" Sarai's teasing smile disappeared. She gripped her arm, the mist in her eyes stirring like storm-tossed clouds. "Don't do it!"

"You're freaking over me ordering a drink from the guy?"

Sarai shook her head. "I'm feeling a lot more than a drink. First, I sensed that there could be something good and hot and sexy between the two of you. Then I got a really bad feeling."

Kye splayed her hand on her chest. "Uh, remember who you're talking to. The girl you're always giving a hard time because I never date."

"Remember who's doing the talking. I had a feeling about that guy Katie was dating, and he ended up being a drug dealer. I warned Rhea that her brakes were going to give out, and the mechanic said they wouldn't have lasted another day."

"I don't doubt your forecasts. Maybe something good and bad would come from getting involved, but I'd never get romantic with a Brew employee anyway." She patted Sarai's hand. "I need to meet him. He's in my world, after all." The Brew was her second home, the employees a sort of family.

Kasabian looked up, zoning right in on her as she approached. His green eyes held the Caido glitter, like sun on early-morning frost. Each of the three types of Crescents held their unique magick in their eyes, visible only to other Crescents.

He watched her, even as he shoved limes into two Coronas and pushed them across the counter to the men waiting for them. “What can I get you, love?” he asked

when she reached him. ‘Love’? What kind of Caido was this guy?

The smooth edge of the counter pressed into her palms as she leaned forward.

“Know how to make the Whis-Kye?” she called out over the pounding beat of Katy Perry's "Wide Awake."

His mouth curved into a heart-stopping smile as his gaze lingered on the patch on her black leather jacket that read NO DOES NOT MEAN CONVINCE ME. "You must be Kye. Before he left, Donnie filled me in on the special customers. From what I've heard, you're quite special." He held out his hand. "I’m Kasabian.”

A strange twist of anticipation and fear overtook her, but she slid her hand into his—and instantly knew why. A jolt like a low-level electrical surge went through her.

She pulled her hand back, heat flushing over her. He was watching her as though he expected her to react, so she did her best not to.

He turned and pulled down the bottle of Jack Daniels Blue Label whiskey with one hand, a highball glass in another. There were no available stools, but the couple beside her shifted so she could settle in more comfortably. Which she shouldn’t do.

Kasabian mixed the drink Mike, the club's owner, had concocted for her years ago. Whiskey, Mountain Dew, and a splash of orange juice, just enough liquor for a tiny buzz. He snuggled a wedge of orange on the rim and slid the glass in front of her.

Someone farther down the bar flagged Kasabian down.

“Don’t go,” he said, moving away to take an order. He made three different drinks and pulled one draft. His tight yellow shirt showed off a physique he got doing more than tossing bottles. Not bodybuilder thick but lean well defined. He returned to her. “Mike told me you’re a Zensu Deuce, that you pick up people's sensual pathos and fix them. He thinks you’re a goddess.”

Embarrassment stung her cheeks but warmed her heart. That was a lot more appreciation than she’d ever gotten from her own family over her gift. She couldn’t go into how she’d helped Mike with his sexual dysfunction, discovering it stemmed from an impotency spell cast by an ex.

"I'm a certified sex therapist,” she felt compelled to say. “With a doctorate in clinical sexology."

"Plus a dash of magick."

"To be honest, it's mostly the magick."

Kasabian regarded her with a curious expression. "You pick up people's feelings?"

"It can work that way, if someone asks me to open the door. I don't make a habit of eavesdropping. In fact, I keep the psychic door closed most of the time."

He gestured for her to lean closer, then did the same. She had the bizarre notion that he was going to kiss her. Even more bizarre, she involuntarily licked her lips in anticipation. His mouth moved close to her ear, brushing the shell of it ever so slightly as he said, "So, what do you get from me?"

She tried to stifle her shiver at his touch. He leaned back, and she saw that his question was a challenge, maybe a test. She opened the door and … holy Zensu, a wave of desire, pain, and heat washed over her. Desire for her. He's Caido. This can't be right.

It spiraled inside her like a vine, a dark hunger twining through her until she slammed the door shut.

She worked to mask her surprise, along with the flush on her face. She had to lean close to him now. "Caidos don't have sexual pathos … or sexual anything. You're all shut down." She grabbed her drink.

Kasabian's raised eyebrow and smile said, I don't believe you. He gave her a wink and tipped his chin toward the dance floor. “Go dance, give me something to watch.”

Was he serious? His playful smile could go both ways.

A woman tugged her sleeve. "Are you Kye? I was told you could help me with …

"Yes, yes, I can." Kye gratefully led her to her usual table, a RESERVED sign sitting on the shiny black top. Mike let her conduct business in the club, and she insisted on giving him a cut. Some people felt more comfortable talking about their sexual issues in loud, smoky surroundings. The club had become her second office.

It was damn annoying how Kye's attention kept straying to Kasabian through the night, how her mind kept replaying their conversation. Women gawked and flirted, but he didn't flirt back. She was glad to see him leave while she finished up with a client session after closing time.

Her relief evaporated when she stepped into the well-lit parking lot and spotted him leaning against a deep yellow sports car. As though he were waiting for her. The thought fluttered in her chest. Not helping, the Lotus's license plate read NOANGEL, and black angel wings spread across the hood. She told herself it was enough to enjoy the view. Men who took care of their bodies, working out enough to build muscle without looking too jacked up, were eye candy. No calories in looking.

The thick black heels of her short boots clunked on the asphalt. She felt such an odd pull toward him that she forced herself to give him a brief smile and bypass him.

“Aren’t you hot in that?” he asked, gesturing as though he were wearing a jacket.

She slowed to a stop in front of him. “Only when I dance.” No matter how warm she got, she never took off the black leather jacket with her patches and studs.

“And you didn’t dance.” He tilted his head, giving her an oh-my-gods-stop-my-heart pout. “Pity.”

"Are you flirting with me?"

"You make it sound like a crime."

"What you're hearing is surprise. I know it's painful for Caidos to feel desire, punishment you unfairly suffer because your angel forefathers fell to human temptation. Don't worry. As a therapist, I'm sworn to secrecy," she added. "Caido clients tell me it's easier to shut down their desire. Yet you do … feel desire."

"Ah, so you did sense it."

"You threw me off back at the bar. First that you were flirting, then that you asked me outright to feel you. I mean, to sense your feelings. You're different."

"Very. I don't usually flirt." He let his gaze drift down over her black leather skirt and fishnet stockings. His eyes met hers again, jumpstarting her heart. "You have a strange effect on me."

Ditto, buddy. Which made her all too aware that they were outside alone together.

His chuckle rolled across her skin. "Don't worry, I'm not waiting out here to pounce on you."

She'd forgotten how Caidos could pick up others' emotions. "But you are waiting for me."

"Yes, I am."

"You're not going to ask me out or anything, are you? Because I don't date." He didn't say anything, which made for a really awkward few seconds. "It's a general rule, nothing personal. If … that's what you were going to ask." She would have thwapped herself on the forehead if it wouldn't look stupid.

And, of course, as a Caido, he picked up everything she was feeling, which put a damned incredibly sexy smile on his face. "As much as I'd love to hook up with you, it's not feasible. Or wise."

He'd love to hook up with her. She tried to staunch her reaction to those words.

He gave her a sympathetic smile. "The love guru doesn't date? That seems sad."

She debated being obtuse but decided it was better that he knew she wasn't just playing hard to get. "Being involved with someone interferes with my abilities. The drama and distraction, even if things are going well, takes over my mind. All I get is noise when I read someone."

"And that terrifies you. Why?"

She really hated that he could read her. "Helping people is important to me."

"Which leads beautifully to the reason I'm waiting for you. The Caido/Deuce couple who came in and greeted you like you were their best friend, who danced together, and kissed … you helped them, didn't you?"

Kye had watched them snuggling together on the dance floor with just a tiny bit of longing. "Sorry, client confidentiality."

He rubbed his chin. "So you did help them. The only way they could be together is by doing the Essex. I assume you know about the exchange of essences that balances the Caido so he's not as sensitive to her emotions. Because it only temporarily ease his pain, a long-term relationship would mean that her essence would eventually be depleted.

No self-respecting Caido would do that to someone he cares about. So how is it that they're together?"

She could only give him a general answer. "I've come up with a way to make the Essex permanent."

He pushed away from the car, interest crackling off him as he came closer. "Tell me more."

She fought the instinct to back up a step. "I've had a few mixed-Caido couples approach me about circumventing the pain. They hadn't meant to fall in love, but now they wanted to be together. I tried several different spells and magick devices, but nothing worked."

He crossed his arms in front of him and rocked back on his heels. "And you take it very hard when you can't fix someone."

"You get that from me too?"

"I suppose we both bear a similar burden in picking up feelings we have no business sensing. How does it work?"

She laid one of her hands on top of the other and let her fingers barely settle between each other. "With the Essex, you're limited to how much essence you can exchange, kind of the way my fingers can't slide together. That's why it's temporary. The Cobra, which I named for the tantric position, allows both essences to reach fully toward each other, like this." She laced her hands together, fingers straight so that they formed an X. "This starts the bonding process. The last step is when both parties actually pull each other's essence into their souls, permanently locking them together." Her fingers wrapped over her hands as though in prayer. "At least, I think it's permanent. The first couple did it four months ago and it's still holding strong."

"Why haven't I heard about this magick of yours? The Caido community should be buzzing."

"There are some side effects I'm still working out. The Caido is bombarded by every emotion he's ever repressed. It can be intense. One Caido even experienced a resurgence of buried memories."

Kasabian's eyes shimmered. "Buried memories?"

"It apparently caused some big problems, but he couldn't give me any details beyond that. He just wanted me to know that it happened."

He went silent for a few moments, rubbing his fingers across his mouth. "Can you do it so a Caido can simply experience desire?"

"Only if you have a committed partner who wants to be permanently bonded to you. Because that's what it does."

"That would not be a good thing. For any woman."

"Why?" The mystery of him pulled at her, the dark desire she'd sensed.

"Oh, love, there you go, needing to help even though you know you should run the other way." He lowered his chin, the street light reflecting off his razor-sharp jawline. "And you should. I'm forty ways fucked up."

She swallowed. No one had ever made her this off-balanced. "I do want to help. Too many messed up people are not only suffering but inflicting their misery on others."

"I assure you that I'm not inflicting my anything on anyone." He reached out with the back of his hand and brushed it down her cheek. "As much as I'd like to."

She stumbled back, his touch curling throughout her body. "I should go."

Hunger flashed in his eyes. "Yes, you should."

Go, run, and never look back.

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