August 20th, 2017
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Once a desire this wild is loose, no one will ever control it...

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You always hurt the ones you love.

Her Last Breath

Her Last Breath, July 2013
Kate Burkholder #5
by Linda Castillo

Minotaur Books
Featuring: Kate Burkholder
320 pages
ISBN: 0312658575
EAN: 9780312658571
Kindle: B009LRWWCW
Hardcover / e-Book
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"The Amish of Painters Mill, Ohio, are not immune to evil, tragedy or murder."

Fresh Fiction Review

Her Last Breath
Linda Castillo

Reviewed by Tanzey Cutter
Posted June 10, 2013

Suspense | Mystery | Inspirational Amish

On a dark and rainy night, Paul Borntrager is heading home from town with his three young children when their horse and buggy are broadsided by a speeding vehicle that leaves the scene and never calls for help. The horse, Paul and two of his children do not survive while the third youngster, David, is in serious condition when the local police arrive at the accident site. Police Chief Kate Burkholder is shocked to learn that her best friend from childhood, Mattie, is married to Paul and the mother of these three children. Now, it's Kate's task to inform Mattie of this devastating tragedy.

As the investigation proceeds, Kate uncovers evidence that the wreck was not an accident, but intentional. Who could possibly want to hurt this humble Amish family? It soon becomes apparent Kate is dealing with a devious murderer, but what is the motive? The deeper she delves into the lives of those involved, the more questions she has about the Amish way of life she rejected 15 years ago.

While investigating this case, Kate must also deal with the discovery of skeletal remains of a man found in an abandoned grain mill. After 17 years, will secrets from the past emerge to destroy Kate's peace of mind? Also at stake is Kate's shaky relationship with John Tomasetti, an agent with the Ohio BCI. The choices Kate makes concerning the elements at play in her life are some of the hardest she's ever faced.

HER LAST BREATH, Linda Castillo's fifth Kate Burkholder novel, is an intelligently written thriller with a deeply emotional plotline and believable characters. The action is fast-paced and gripping as the investigation progresses. Don't miss reading HER LAST BREATH, as well as all the other books in this fascinating series set in Ohio's Amish community.

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An extraordinarily beautiful Amish woman, a dangerous femme fatale, is the central figure in a story that reveals a dark side of Painters Mill and its seemingly perfect Amish world

A rainy night, an Amish father returning home with his three children, a speeding car hurtling toward them out of nowhere.

What at first seems like a tragic, but routine car accident  suddenly takes on a more sinister cast as evidence emerges that nothing about the crash is accidental.  But who would want to kill an Amish deacon and two of his children? He leaves behind a grieving widow and a young boy who clings to life in the intensive care wing of a hospital, unable to communicate.  He may be the only one who knows what happened that night.

Desperate to find out who killed her best friend’s husband and why, Kate begins to suspect she is not looking for a reckless drunk, but instead is on the trail of a cold blooded killer amid the residents of Painter’s Mill.  It is a search that takes her on a  chilling journey into the darkest reaches of the human heart and makes her question everything she has ever believed about the Amish culture into which she was born.

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