March 30th, 2020
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Their forbidden love is about to start a war
But they can't stop themselves.

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Chocolate: Earths only hope in a romantic scifi adventure.

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What do you get when you cross a whip-welding, mask-wearing vigilante and a set of uber-wealthy telepathic twins, with a serial killer out for vengeance?

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The Girl He Left Behind

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Sometimes Love is Closer Than You Think

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Sweeping, emotional, witty, and sharp romance in the Cavensham Heiresses series

Excerpt of Daughter of Blood by Helen Lowe


The Wall of Night #3
Harper Voyager
February 2016
On Sale: January 26, 2016
Featuring: Kalan; Malian of Night
ISBN: 0061734063
EAN: 9780061734069
Kindle: B013C5LYDG
Paperback / e-Book
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Also by Helen Lowe:

Daughter of Blood, February 2016
The Gathering of the Lost, April 2014
The Heir Of Night, October 2010
Mass Market Paperback

Excerpt of Daughter of Blood by Helen Lowe

Orth surged to his feet, roaring, as a small thief seized the half-eaten pastry from his plate, while the server and other patrons cursed and grabbed at darting bodies. Those who sat further back, or had already eaten, laughed and called encouragement to either side, only swiping out if any urchin came too near. The vagabonds twisted and dodged clear, racing away with their booty.

Safety, Kalan saw, was a tangle of godowns at the town end of the dock, and the raiders took full advantage of wharf traffic to make their escape. All, that is, except the ragged lad who had snatched Orth’s pastry. His swerve to avoid one of the alejack drinkers brought him too close to Tawrin, who stuck out a foot and brought him down flat. The boy sprang up again immediately, the pastry still clutched in his hand—but it was too late. Orth’s giant hand had closed on the tattered tunic and now hoisted the thief high, his other fist poised to smash into the dirty, terrified face.

“Stand!” Kalan ordered the horses—one of Jarna’s painstakingly inculcated commands—and sprang forward, intercepting Orth’s blow. The giant snarled and tried to hammer the fist into Kalan’s face instead. Checking the strike’s momentum felt like trying to prevent a mountain toppling, and Kalan called on the combined strength of five years working in the Normarch forge, and training in full Emerian armor with sword and lance, battle-axe and mace. His arm and shoulders were rock, his mind cool as his eyes met Orth’s. “He’s just a child,” he said, keeping his voice level.

The Sword giant’s expression was almost comical as he glared from Kalan’s hand, locked on his wrist, into his face. “He’s a sniveling Haarth thief!”

“He’s hungry,” Kalan answered, countering Orth’s shift in weight and alert for a head butt, or knee to the groin. “Look at him.”

Orth glared, his head lowered. “A thief!” he roared, and shook his captive so violently that the boy’s head snapped back, his teeth jarring together. But the threadbare tunic, unequal to such treatment, tore apart—and the boy’s body dropped clear, leaving Orth with a handful of fabric.

~ from © Daughter of Blood: Chapter 6, The Pastry Thief

Excerpt from Daughter of Blood by Helen Lowe
All rights reserved by publisher and author

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