September 30th, 2023
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A tragic accident or something more sinister? A woman�s buried memories put her life at risk in a novel of shattering psychological suspense.

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Secrets Unraveled, Nations Entwined: The Cold War's Hidden Chronicles

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Love and Danger Collide: A Heart-Pounding Race Against Time to Save a Woman from the Shadows of the Past.

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Would you risk nature's wrath to save a friend's life?

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Duty to his country keeps him from the arms of the woman he craves with every breath�his bride.

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The Winter Sea
by Di Morrissey
"A Family Saga of Immigration and Survival"
Posted December 21, 2014

THE WINTER SEA tells the story of the Aquino family beginning in the early twentieth century on a very small and poor island off the coast of Italy. Giuseppe Aquino realizes that, although generations of his family have made a living as fishermen, he will not prosper if he stays Read more...

Far As The Eye Can See
by Robert Bausch
"Adventure in The American West"
Posted November 26, 2014

FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE is set in the American west just after the Civil War and it's main character is a veteran named Bobby Hale. Bobby actually joins the union, collects his bonus, drops out and rejoins under a new name 9 different times. When the war Read more...

Juliet's Nurse
by Lois Leveen
"A classic retold from an unique point of view"
Posted November 26, 2014

Retellings of classics are a very popular genre among historical fiction novels. I was so thrilled to find a book that narrates the Romeo and Juliet story from the nurse's point of view. This story begins with Angelica her husband Pietro who are peasants living in fourteenth century and Read more...

The Story Of Land And Sea
by Katy Simpson Smith
"A Sad Tale set in 18th Century America"
Posted November 26, 2014

I think THE STORY OF LAND AND SEA is one of the saddest books I have ever read. John is a widower and is trying to raise his ten year old daughter, Tabitha, in the shoreline town of Beaufort in North Carolina. When his daughter, Tabitha, becomes gravely ill with Read more...

by Laird Hunt
"Vivid Historical Fiction about The Civil War"
Posted November 26, 2014

Before I read NEVERHOME, I did not realize that there were actually women who disguised themselves as men and fought in the Civil War. NEVERHOME is a fictional account of one such woman named Constance. When the story opens, Constance is living a quiet life on a farm in Indiana Read more...

by Laura Lane McNeal
"A Coming of Age Story and So Much More!"
Posted October 26, 2014

This book is centered around the character of Ibby Bell who is grieving from the recent loss of her father in a tragic bicycling accident. Ibby's mother decides that she can no longer handle raising Ibby on her own, so she drops Ibby off at her paternal grandmother's Read more...

The Man I Love
by Suanne Laqueur
"You will lose yourself in this breathtaking love story!"
Posted October 23, 2014

In Plato's Symposium, Aristophanes says that humans were originally two bodies melded together, two parts of a whole. When the gods split humans in two, they were left longing for their other halves. Since we are half of what once was a whole person, we spend the rest of Read more...

The Naive Guys
by Harry Patz Jr.
"Life, Love and Adventures in the 1990's"
Posted September 21, 2014

Harry Patz's new book THE NAIVE GUYS is set in the early 1990's when email, cell phones and laptops are nonexistent. The main character, Mark Amici, has just graduated from Boston College and is excited about the job offers that he thinks will be pouring in. When his Read more...

Lady Adel's Captain
by Loretta C. Rogers
"Exciting and Romantic 19th Century Historical Fiction"
Posted September 12, 2014

Lady Adel is completely alone in the world except for her stepbrother who is trying to marry her off to a womanizing baron who is rumored to have syphilis. But one night during a winter storm, Adel's brother has an unexpected guest show up at his house. Liam is Read more...

Code Name Nanette
by M.E. Dawson
"Romantic World War II Historical Fiction"
Posted September 3, 2014

This is the story of Nanette, who was a female spy for the allies during World War II. When the story begins she is in her eighties and lives in a nursing home in Canada. A young man named Joseph, who is the grandson of another spy during the war Read more...

10:04: A Novel
by Ben Lerner
"Unique Literary Fiction"
Posted August 31, 2014

The literary talent of Ben Lerner is apparent from the first page of his new novel, 10:04. This novel is so much more than literary fiction. 10:04 is short story, poetry, children's fiction, philosophy and, one wonders, if it is even autobiography, at certain points. At the Read more...

Feast for Thieves
by Marcus Brotherton
"One wild ride of a book!"
Posted August 30, 2014

FEAST FOR THIEVES is exciting from beginning to end and includes bank robberies, high speed car chases, shoot outs and lots of fist fights. But FEAST FOR THIEVES also has a tender and moral side to it. Rowdy Slater is a veteran of World War II and is living in Read more...

Funny Once
by Antonya Nelson
"Engaging Short Stories"
Posted August 3, 2014

In this series of short stories entitled FUNNY ONCE, Antonya Nelson has provided us with interesting characters, great settings and engaging plots. Three of the stories were my favorite, although the entire collection is worth a read. In "Literally" a widowed father of two is trying to raise his two Read more...

All The Rage
by A.L. Kennedy
"Interesting and Entertaining Views on Love"
Posted July 30, 2014

In ALL THE RAGE, a collection of short stories by A.L. Kennedy, she explores aspects of love and sex that are a bit unusual. In one story a man has an affair with his maid, although the maid seems to be completely disinterested in him other than the sex Read more...

By Jove
by Marissa Doyle
"Interesting Read about Greek Mythology"
Posted July 28, 2014

Theodora Fairchild is tired of teaching Latin to middle school students who are forced to take "dead language." When she decides to go back to graduate school and work on her Ph.D. in Latin Literature, she is elated to be surrounded by faculty members who love studying the ancient Read more...

Take Me Home
by Dorothy Garlock
"Unique World War II Historical Fiction"
Posted July 16, 2014

Olivia Marsten's life is pretty simple and happy. She is living in a small town in the Midwest when World War II breaks out. In order to help with the war effort, she takes a job at the local hardware store, maintains a victory garden, and heads up the Read more...

by Colleen McCullough
"Four Strong Females Make Life Choices"
Posted July 2, 2014

BITTERSWEET is the story of four interesting sisters, two sets of identical twins, living in Australia in the 1920's and 1930's. The Latimer sisters are the daughters of a rector and a selfish, nasty mother from whom they cannot wait to get away. The rector recognizes the destructive Read more...

One Evening In Paris
by Nicolas Barreau
"Romance and Mystery in Paris"
Posted June 27, 2014

Alain Bonnard grew up watching vintage films in his uncle's art cinema in Paris, the Cinema Paradis. When his uncle retires and gives Alain the opportunity to own the Paradis, Alain gives up his lucrative, yet boring business career and becomes the new proprietor of this small art cinema Read more...

The Phantom Of Fifth Avenue
by Meryl Gordon
"What would you do with 300 Million Dollars?!"
Posted June 21, 2014

Most people have heard of the Rockefellers, the Vanderbilts and the Carnegies. But William Andrews Clark, who amassed a fortune even greater than these wealthy families, seems to be little mentioned among these Gilded Age elite. That is, until his daughter, Hugette Clark, died in the spring of 2011 at Read more...

It's A Wild Life
by Bud DeYoung
"Life Is A Zoo!"
Posted June 15, 2014

Bud DeYoung grew up in Highland Indiana where he was constantly bringing home various animals to live in his parent's suburban home. At a very young age he had a desire to learn about animals, rescue them and share his knowledge of animals with others. The first part of Read more...

Melissa Beck

I am a high school Latin teacher and an avid reader. My favorite genre is historical fiction but I also love travel writing, history (non- fiction) and nutrition (especially Paleo/Primal).

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