July 3rd, 2022
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Rescue Me by Christy Reece


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Rescue Me
Christy Reece

Last Chance Rescue #1
May 2009
On Sale: April 28, 2009
384 pages
ISBN: 0345505425
EAN: 9780345505422
Mass Market Paperback
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Romance Suspense

A covert operative of Last Chance Rescue (LCR) Enterprises, Eden St. Claire has made secrets her life’s work. Seven years ago, an evening of emotional vulnerability and pure pleasure almost destroyed her. Now Eden wears her beauty like a mask, concealing any hint of vulnerability or the demons of her past.

A daring rescue of an innocent girl on a Greek island leads Eden to a new partner. Jordan Montgomery has been looking for Eden– though he knows her by another name, from another time. But his search for her is overshadowed by a case that’s gone international. A powerful, ruthless, organized network is stealing women and children around the world. And a lover, a traitor, and a killer all wait for Eden’s next move.

Last Chance Rescue


24 comments posted.

Re: Rescue Me

Candy, I love spring releases too! I'm thrilled when I saw all that was coming out how many of my favorite authors coming out as well as new authors which I love to read! Cynthia Eden books I'm hooked on, ones I read as soon as they come out! I too love Belle Andre's books and didn't know she had one out! Vanessa Kelly, a new to me author, historical romance book is already on my wishlist. Too on there are:
MIDNIGHT CRAVINGS-Nocturne authors
BAD BOY - Maya Reynold

and so many more! I got to stop and get them on a list into my purse, LOL. Great post!
(Cathie Morton 1:07am April 10, 2009)

Candy, thanks so much for the plug.
Not only am I looking forward to my
first release, but all the others that
you mentioned too! Also, thanks once
again for being such an inspiration
and mentor to so many. Wishing you
multiple blessings!
Christy Reece 2:37pm April 11, 2009)

I love how you came up with your
series. How each book was born out of
the prior one. I am also very excited to
one day read the entire trilogy.

My stories come to me as snippets as
well and then they build up. One day I
might be blogging about my
publications and how they came to
life, too. Of course, that is my ultimate
Christine Glover 11:02am April 24, 2009)

Thanks so much, Christine! And I look
forward to reading your blog and your
Christy Reece 11:15am April 24, 2009)

I will definitely have to pick up this series! They sound so interesting!
Kelli Jo Calvert 2:05pm April 24, 2009)

Thanks so much, Kelli Jo! Be sure to
stop by my website on Tuesday, April
28, RESCUE ME's release date. I'll be
giving away signed copies of RESCUE
ME and a chance to win an advanced
reading copy of RETURN TO ME, along
with some other goodies. Hope you
enjoy the series!
Christy Reece 2:39pm April 24, 2009)

This sounds like a great series. I'll have to watch for the books!
LuAnn Morgan 2:39pm April 24, 2009)

I agree with the others. This series really intrigues me. Thanks for thinking of them!
Karin Tillotson 2:57pm April 24, 2009)

I love the idea of the Last Chance Rescue. It sounds like a perfect organization to work a book series around. I look forward to reading your books.
Robin McKay 3:12pm April 24, 2009)

Thanks so much, LuAnn, Karin and
Robin! One of the great things about
the series is they come out so close
together. I know if I really like a
series, I can't wait for the next book.
With this trilogy, RESCUE ME releases
on April 28, RETURN TO ME comes out
a mere three weeks later on May 19.
Then RUN TO ME releases a month
after that on June 23. Hardly any wait
time at all. Hope you all enjoy the
Christy Reece 3:38pm April 24, 2009)

Sounds like a series I'd like to read. Will have to look for them.
JoAnn White 5:17pm April 24, 2009)

Thanks so much, Jo! RESCUE ME should
be in stores Tuesday. Hope you enjoy it!
Christy Reece 6:44pm April 24, 2009)

Hey, Christy! I'm so excited to read these books!

I get ideas in a similar way. For me it's more like, wow, what would you do in a situation like this? Take the movie Indecent Proposal as an example. That movie created such a stir with the question, "Would you?" That's how my ideas come to me. I can't wait to grab your book off the shelf next week! This series is going to rock!
Karen Beeching 6:45pm April 24, 2009)

Karen, thanks so much! And wow, Indecent Proprosal definitely created a stirring question. And lots of interesting discussions.

You're so right. Ideas can spring from all sorts of things and take you to such interesting places in your mind.
Christy Reece 7:33pm April 24, 2009)

Sounds like a series I'll have to look
into. The type of stories I like. My
wishes seem to take the form of travel.
I'd really like to go to....... Have been
able to make several of those trips.
Now I'm wishing for a trip to Scotland
and Ireland. I'll have to start working
on making that one come true.
Patricia Barraclough 10:22pm April 24, 2009)

Oh Patricia, that's my dream trip! Scotland and
Ireland! Let me know if your wish is fulfilled.
And how you did it. (o;

Really hope you enjoy the Last Chance Rescue
Christy Reece 11:02pm April 24, 2009)

I'd like to read the series.
Bridget Hopper 6:43pm April 25, 2009)

Thanks so much, Bridget. There have
been early sightings of RESCUE ME
already! Hope you enjoy the series.
Christy Reece 7:32pm April 25, 2009)

What a neat inspiration for your series, Christy. I love the whole idea. Can't wait to read it. I've been inspired by a photograph of a lonely mist shrouded tree lined drive and by a writing exercise in which I had to use the words - glittering, soldier, cave and journal in a story. But, I have heard conversations or just a single line in my head and thought "What was that all about?" Of course then I just HAVE to go after into the land of my imagination !
Pamela Bolton-Holifield 10:03pm April 25, 2009)

Thanks for the insight into your creative process.
Shannon Scott 3:15pm April 26, 2009)

Thanks so much, Bridget. Hope you get
a chance to read the series. RESCUE ME
has already been sighted in several
Christy Reece 4:15pm April 26, 2009)

Hey Pamela, thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy
the series. Oh, and I love the image of a lonely mist
shrouded tree lined drive! And what a great writing
exercise. I might try that sometime!
Christy Reece 4:17pm April 26, 2009)

Hi Shannon, thanks for stopping by. I guess the creative process is as individual as
each person. Give ten people an idea and each one will take it in a different direction.
Love the individuality of creativity!
Christy Reece 4:22pm April 26, 2009)

Your books sound Soooo good!
Patsy Hagen 3:12pm May 19, 2009)

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