July 24th, 2014
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Jennifer Estep

Jennifer Estep


Black Widow, December 2014
Elemental Assassin #12
Poison Promise, August 2014
Elemental Assassin #11
Killer Frost, March 2014
The Spider, January 2014
Elemental Assassin #10
The Bigtime Series, December 2013
e-Book (reprint)
Heart Of Venom, September 2013
Elemental Assassin #9
Kiss of Venom, August 2013
Elemental Assassin #8.5
Midnight Frost, August 2013
Carniepunk, August 2013
Spartan Frost, July 2013
Deadly Sting, April 2013
Elemental Assasin #8
Crimson Frost, January 2013
Mythos Academy #4
Widow's Web, September 2012
Elemental Assassin, Book 7
Nightingale, July 2012
Bigtime Superhero #4
Dark Frost, June 2012
Mythos Academy #3
Trade Size
By A Thread, March 2012
Elemental Assassin #6
Thread of Death, February 2012
Elemental Assassin #5.5
Kiss Of Frost, December 2011
Mythos Academy #2
Spider's Revenge, October 2011
Elemental Assassin #5
A Karma Girl Christmas, September 2011
BigTime novella
Entangled, a Paranormal Anthology, September 2011
Touch Of Frost, August 2011
Mythos Academy #1
Trade Size
Hot Mama, July 2011
BigTime #2
e-Book (reprint)
Jinx, July 2011
BigTime #3
e-Book (reprint)
Karma Girl, June 2011
BigTime #1
e-Book (reprint)
Tangled Threads, May 2011
Elemental Assassin #4
Mass Market Paperback
Venom, October 2010
Elemental Assassin #3
Web Of Lies, June 2010
Elemental Assassin #2
Mass Market Paperback
Spider's Bite, February 2010
Elemental Assassin #1
Mass Market Paperback
Jinx, September 2008
Bigtime #3
Hot Mama, August 2008
BigTime #2
Paperback (reprint)
Karma Girl, July 2008
BigTime #1
Paperback (reprint)
Hot Mama, November 2007
Bigtime #2
Trade Size
Karma Girl, May 2007
Bigtime #1
Trade Size

Poison Promise

Poison Promise

Elemental Assassin #11
Pocket Books
August 2014
On Sale: July 22, 2014
Featuring: Gin Blanco
416 pages
ISBN: 1476771502
EAN: 9781476771502
Kindle: B00GEEB23K
Paperback / e-Book
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I specialize in making death wishes come true.

Pop quiz. Which do you think is deadlier: Burn, the nastiest drug ever to hit the mean streets of Ashland, or me, Gin Blanco, the assassin known as the Spider? Answer: Me—because I don't kill you slowly.

Normally, drug dealers aren't my department. But I'm turning up the heat on some relentless Burn-pushing thugs who won't leave my friends alone. Pushers who have my cop sister beside herself with rage, so I'm stepping up to keep her from doing something stupid and getting herself killed. Once I'm in, I'm in, and these folks have picked their poison: the Spider's venom. But even bad guys have their good days, and sometimes even my Ice and Stone magic isn't enough. For behind the drug is a vicious vampire with a scientific eye for results. And behind him... trouble like I haven't seen since I took down my legendary nemesis, Mab Monroe.

"This series [ELEMENTAL ASSASSIN] kicked off with a bang, and the action hasn't let up since." — Fresh Fiction

Dear Readers:

Magic, mayhem, and an assassin who never gives up—these things and more can be found in POISON PROMISE, the latest book in my Elemental Assassin urban fantasy series.

The Elemental Assassin series focuses on Gin Blanco, an assassin codenamed the Spider who can control the elements of Ice and Stone. When she's not busy killing people and righting wrongs, Gin runs a barbecue restaurant called the Pork Pit in the fictional Southern metropolis of Ashland. The city is also home to giants, dwarves, vampires, and elementals—Air, Fire, Ice, and Stone.

In POISON PROMISE, one of Gin's employees witnesses a horrific crime and finds herself being targeted for death by a ruthless vampire. So Gin vows to do whatever it takes to protect her friend—even if Gin has to sacrifice herself in the process.

You can read the first chapter of POISON PROMISE on my website

If you enjoy POISON PROMISE, I hope that you'll check out the other books in the series, including the upcoming BLACK WIDOW, which will be released on Nov. 25.

I hope that everyone has as much fun reading the books as I do writing them. Happy reading!

New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Estep

"By virtue of her enormous skill, Estep keeps this amazing series fresh and unputdownable!" — RT Books Reviews on The Spider (Top Pick!)


I bared my teeth, all pretense of a sweet smile long gone. "You call me baby one more time, and you'll be eating through a straw for the next six months."
Catalina sucked in a breath, but confusion filled Troy's beefy face. When he finally realized that I'd threatened him, his brown eyes narrowed to slits.
"Those are big words coming from a little lady," he snapped. "You should be more respectful. Think about who you're talking to."
"Oh? And who would that be?"
His chest puffed up with self-importance. "Troy Mannis, that's who."
"Never heard of you."
He blinked, and his shoulders slouched. I couldn't have deflated his ego any faster if it was a balloon I'd popped with a pin. But anger rose up to fill the empty space inside him. "Well, you should," he said, his voice dropping to a low growl. "Because I run this campus, and if you're looking to score here, then you have to go through me. You don't have a choice. Nobody here does."
"Oh, there's always a choice," I drawled. "Like me going through you and leaving nothing behind but bloody little smears on the pavement."
Troy threw back his head and laughed. So did the two vampires, who had moved away from the fence and were now flanking him. Behind them, Catalina eyed me with a wary gaze. She'd heard the rumors about me being the Spider, just like everyone else who worked at the Pork Pit. Well, she was about to see how true they were.
"You must be on something already, flying high, to say something like that," Troy said. "Maybe you don't know who I am, baby, but you don't want to piss off the people I work for."
This time, my smile was a little more genuine. "Actually, I love pissing people off. Important people, rich people, dangerous people. I'm an equal-opportunity pisser-offer. You know why?"
"Why?" He asked the inevitable question.
"Because the bigger and tougher they think they are, the more they bleed. Just like you will."
Troy opened his mouth, but I was tired of talking, so I didn't give him a chance to insult me again. Instead, I snapped my fist up and sucker-punched him in the throat.


Jennifer Estep is a New York Times bestselling author, prowling the streets of her imagination in search of her next fantasy idea.

Jennifer writes the Elemental Assassin urban fantasy series for Pocket Books. Poison Promise, the 11th book in the series, will be released on July 22.

Jennifer is also the author of the Mythos Academy young adult urban fantasy series for Kensington and the Bigtime paranormal romance series.

For more information on Jennifer and her books, visit www.jenniferestep.com or follow Jennifer on Facebook, Goodreads, and Twitter.

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