July 22nd, 2018
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The Harder They Fall

The Harder They Fall, August 2015
Blake Pride #3
by JoAnna Grace

Winged J Press
Featuring: Vivian; Madelyn; Conall
178 pages
ISBN: 1940460247
EAN: 9781940460246
Kindle: B00ZY8B24Q
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"The world's sexist lion shifter finally tells his story"

Fresh Fiction Review

The Harder They Fall
JoAnna Grace

Reviewed by Shellie Surles
Posted July 12, 2015

Paranormal Romance

Conall is a lion shifter and he has been on the run for years with Amilynn, Vivian, Melissa and Tyrone. Together they have been running and hiding from their former abusive and deadly pride. The group has finally found peace with the Blackburn Pack and the woman have found their soulmates.

He loves his family but their happiness is annoying and a bit depressing for Conall so much so that he volunteers to go check on the old bear shifter widow who lives alone in the mountains. Knowing the girls should be safe with their mate he takes off for some much needed solitude.

The only problem is their old Pride is planning on finding them and attempts at revenge are at a breaking point. No one is safe, not even the widow who turns out to be just the shifter Conall needs to make him whole.

Madelyn however has serious trust issues and they maybe too much to overcome.

THE HARDER THEY FALL happens at the same time the as the previous book Break Her Fall. For those of you who read it you remember the state that Conell showed up in at the end of the book.

THE HARDER THEY FALL explains that and you finally get the well earned story of Conall. For those of you who have read the previous books in the Blake Pride series by Joanna Grace you will not be disappointed. For those of you who haven't what are you waiting for? The story lines tie together beautifully. This poor group a people who have suffered more than anyone should must still fight to ensure the happiness they have is not lost or taken from them.

THE HARDER THEY FALL is a page turner. I started reading it and wound up staying up late to finish. Thank you very much Joanna Grace, I was tired at work the next day, but it was well worth it. The Blake Pride series is a great series that readers of paranormal fantasy and romance will thoroughly enjoy. Go out and read it for yourself its yummy mind candy.

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With two newly mated couples in the alpha house, Conall needs a serious breather. He’s used to being the fifth wheel but now the distinction is amplified. When the opportunity for a couple days of freedom arises, he volunteers to take winter supplies to a mountain-dwelling widow and then spend some time hiking alone. Plans change when he meets a woman who evokes his lion’s protective streak and stirs his human desires. She meets none of his expectations for a mate, but that might be exactly what he needs.

Madelyn has been alone for nearly a decade. Ashamed of what she has become, she banished herself from the Blackburn Pack and resigned herself to a solitary life in the mountains. With no plans of change, it’s alarming when a young, alluring lion shifter arrives awakening her senses and challenging her situation. Her inner bear is still haunted by the last man who tried to claim her and she doesn’t want to make the same mistake again. Madelyn must discern if Conall is worth the risk or of he’s another heartbreak just waiting to happen.

While Conall is tucked away in the woods with Madelyn, the rest of his Pride faces an attack. In haste to go rescue his friends, he might throw the most vulnerable person of all to the wolves. But are they friend or foe?


It was all too easy to let his mind wander, to think about absolutely nothing except for where his paws would land with the next step. The walking path to the cabin was clear if you knew to look for the notches in the trees. He could travel like this all day and not get bored, never tire. Being in the wilderness liberated his lion; the burden he carried behind him only added a minor challenge to his muscular frame.

This was exactly what he needed.

The next four hours passed slowly and quietly, a vast change from the chaos of the last few weeks. For the first time in a long time, he turned off his brain and let his lion dominate his actions. His wide paws navigated the terrain with no problems. His ears alerted him to the movement of the forest creatures and his nose picked up the various scents of nature. Conall lost himself into his lion and his human counterpart took a well-needed mental nap.

Then he heard an angel.

The voice echoed around the woods and he froze with one paw off the ground. His feline ears perked up. After living with Vivian Blake, diva extraordinaire, for five years, he knew musical talent when he heard it. Vivian had the most beautiful voice he’d ever heard…until right then. Closing his eyes, he crouched down, still as death, to listen. The notes rose and fell flawlessly on pitch and with incredible ease. Her range was awe-inspiring. His breath caught in his throat as he listened to her build up to a note so high and delicate, it caused his heart to soar in anticipation. The emotion of the words, the love conveyed in every measure resonated in his chest. Tendrils of melody wrapped around him, gripping him tighter with every beat. Had he been in human form, he might have fallen to his knees. As it was, the four legs of his lion shook with the driving need to get closer to the source of such mesmerizing singing.

He took cautious steps over the crest of the hill to look upon the cottage set snugly among the evergreens. Green tin roof and logs made from local timber provided camouflage. Smoke rose from the chimney; the smell traveling the air currents was divine. Three chairs rocked on the porch, pushed by the invisible hands of the wind. Although the coming winter cold had scared them away, it was clear the cottage was usually framed with flowers. A brown picket fence protected a garden. He envisioned Snow White singing to the forest creatures as they scuttled around her feet.

Ha, he thought. Any moment now, some old woman would come outside with a radio in her hand.

He didn’t want the fantasy to end. The lion closed his eyes and let the gentle voice wash over him. Peace settled in his chest, a heavy weight dissolved from his shoulders. The notes infiltrated his veins and he felt absolutely drunk with contentment. Her love song pierced him and eased each breath he took.


The notes cut off as soon as the wind shifted.

“Who’s there?” chimed an angelic voice. His singer.

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