May 29th, 2020
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When Fall Fades
Amy Leigh Simpson

The Girl Next Door #1
Self Published
October 2015
On Sale: October 12, 2015
Featuring: Sadie Carson
404 pages
ISBN: 1942266294
EAN: 9781942266297
Kindle: B016IPS930
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Romance Suspense

Sadie Carson is an expert on unfinished business. Five years after the derailment of her dreams she's just barely existing, using her job as a hospice nurse to give others the one thing she can't seem to find-closure. So when her elderly neighbor Charlie, a brilliant conspiracy nut known for harassing the FBI, is murdered, Sadie suspects Charlie might've been onto something and intends to make sure someone solves the mystery of her friend's death, even if it's her.

The feisty little blonde may have found the victim's body, but FBI Special Agent Archer Hayes has no intention of letting some nosy civilian interfere with his investigation. The guilt he feels is bad enough. The last thing Archer needs is another distraction to haunt him. Especially one as beautiful and beguiling as the girl next door.

But throw in a mountain of hoarded evidence and suspiciously coded journals and the case takes a puzzling turn toward a decades old conspiracy cover-up from World War II-one only the victim's closest confidant can help untangle. Sadie and Archer reluctantly join forces to decode the riddle of secrets Charlie carried to his grave. Or did he? Someone is after a dangerous truth. But to uncover it or bury it is a question that leads the unlikely pair on a quest for redemption that lands Sadie in the crosshairs of a desperate killer. And when the dangers of the past and present collide Archer must fight to save the life of the woman he's falling for . . . only to discover he might be the one in need of saving.

The Girl Next Door


35 comments posted.

Re: When Fall Fades

Worst case scenarios
(Marissa Yip-Young 5:54am November 6, 2015)

I usually think of worse case scenarios and then are very pleased when everything turns out just right.
Bonnie Capuano 8:54am November 6, 2015)

I'm the same way, Bonnie! with the way my mind works, I'm relieved a lot! :)
Amy Simpson 9:33am November 6, 2015)

I always imagine worst-case scenarios and am always surprised
when things work out.

As for what would be my superpower, I would have super speed
like the Flash; I dislike heights, so flying would be out!
Edward Washington 9:52am November 6, 2015)

It's human nature to imagine the worst-case scenario. My superpower is encouraging others.
Caryl Kane 10:01am November 6, 2015)

Edward, Superspeed would be awesome!! I'm a runner but I'm not that fast!
Except maybe when that guy jumped out of the trees. Then I was like
lightning...even pushing an extra 40+ pounds of stroller and toddler boys!
Amy Simpson 10:15am November 6, 2015)

Caryl... LOVE it!! What a wonderful gift!
Amy Simpson 10:17am November 6, 2015)

I do think of the worst case scenario and prepare and then I remain optimistic.
Pam Howell 11:05am November 6, 2015)

I always thought something was wrong with me for I always think the worst when someone is late . My mind keeps spinning until I see my kids are whoever is late . I'm certainly glad to know I'm not alone now . Good Luck to all .
Joan Thrasher 11:17am November 6, 2015)

Because my Husband and I were crime victims when someone broke
into our house while we were sleeping, and drugged our dog, and I
was a few feet from a bank robber, while I worked at a bank (he
managed to get in the back room with us), I have the conditioning
now to always think - worst case scenario!! When I go out
somewhere, I always stay prepared, and watch everything like a
hawk - from being in the car, to the first step out of the car
and beyond. This is not the same world that we grew up in, and
to not be prepared is to literally cut your own throat, because
there are a lot of loose cannons out there!! Congratulations on
your latest book, and I'm looking forward to reading it. I have
it marked on my TBR list, to be read this upcoming Fall/Winter.
Peggy Roberson 11:45am November 6, 2015)

Worst case since I have to be realistic and prepared.
Sharon Berger 11:59am November 6, 2015)

Pam, I'm definitely a cock-eyed optimist of sorts :)
Amy Simpson 12:31pm November 6, 2015)

Joan, I'm terrible with that too! Especially now with cell phones, if I can't get
a hold of someone and they're supposed to be here my mind goes to the
Amy Simpson 12:32pm November 6, 2015)

Peggy! How scary!!! Fear on paper and fear in the flesh are two very very
different things, for certain! Even discovering ones that my car was broken
into shattered my sense of security in a very real way. I've learned to listen
to those whispers of caution, however foolish they may seem at the time.
As they say, better safe than sorry. Thank you so much for your interest in
my book, I really hope you like it and I hope you leave a review so I know
what you think!!! Stay safe. :)
Amy Simpson 12:36pm November 6, 2015)

Sharon, being prepared is never a bad thing. Now being paranoid
sometimes has its drawbacks! ;)
Amy Simpson 12:37pm November 6, 2015)

I try to stay positive and see the best in everything, everyone. I am a high school English teacher and these students need me to be "rose colored."
Amy Morgan 4:13pm November 6, 2015)

I'm a pessimist so I'm always imagining the worst-case scenario. Also because if you're always positive and have high hopes, the harder you fall when you're more disappointed that something you were expecting didn't happen.
Lisa L. 11:37am November 7, 2015)

I usually can imagine worse case situations but then figure out how to
allievate the problem so I will feel better about it even if it's still somewhat
Nadine Stacy 6:23pm November 7, 2015)

Amy, that is a wonderful gift! And I'd say you found the
right profession to use it to it's fullest. High school
years are tough. Kids need a positive influence and loads
of encouragement. That must be your superpower. :)
Amy Simpson 7:54pm November 7, 2015)

Lisa, I still think it's important to dream big. It's not
always about the destination, or winning. Often times we
learn and grow the most through our trials. I can look
back and be grateful for some of my darkest times because
I can see now they brought me to where I am. And they
also make me appreciate the good things even more.
Perseverance develops character. And the best things are
worth the fight. Trust me on this. It's okay to fear the
worst from time to time, but remember to hope for the
best. :) Thanks so much for weighing in!
Amy Simpson 8:12pm November 7, 2015)

Nadine, I'm like that too! I like to work on a plan or a
strategy to work it out. Always thinking ahead :)
Amy Simpson 8:13pm November 7, 2015)

My mind always drifts to the worst but I try to fight it and remain positive.
Andrea Amy 3:10am November 8, 2015)

I think about it sometimes.
Wilma Frana 11:34am November 8, 2015)

bad luck seems to follow me around, so I always think about the worst case scenario. the one that really happened was when I won a $5,000 trip for 4 to the Daytona 500. I asked the sponsor to put my brother-in-law's name on hotel room/tickets in case there was a problem with my flight - we were leaving from two different airports. Sure enough, 45 minutes before my flight was to take off, Jet Blue canceled the flight. Of course they called security first to make sure that there weren't problems with any of the irate passengers. Nothing like paying income tax on a $5000 prize that one didn't get any part of. Needless to say I will NEVER EVER fly Jet Blue again - they really don't care about their passengers. In the past, when I've had airline problems, they always bent over backwards to help get me to my destination, even if it was not on their airline.
Joanne Schultz 3:50pm November 8, 2015)

I go straight to worst case scenario :)
Dianne McVetty 8:54am November 9, 2015)

It's always worst cade scenario that way when it turns out OK you're happy!!!
Bonnie Capuano 10:34am November 9, 2015)

I do at times think of the worst, but as a rule I am more
of an optimist..
Sandra Stipins 1:08pm November 9, 2015)

I'm actually relieved to know I'm not alone in this! Maybe I'm not as weird as I thought! ;) Woo hoo!
Amy Simpson 3:09pm November 9, 2015)

Aww, man!!! Joanne, that is some bad luck! We don't have jet blue here, but that story is enough to steer me clear! So sorry your special trip turned into a nightmare! So not fair!
Amy Simpson 3:11pm November 9, 2015)

My worst case scenario is always something happening to loved
ones. My superpower would be sensing danger. Several times my
instinct said something was wrong and
I was right.
Leann Griffiths 3:22pm November 9, 2015)

I always try to remain optimistic and think of the good - see the glass half
full! At the same time though, I also like to think things through and have a
solid plan and also back up plan just in case. I don't think I have any super
powers - unless organization counts!
Lily Shah 8:59pm November 9, 2015)

Im like that too, Leann. That's gotta be normal, don't you think? We are most afraid of losing those we hold most dear? Those instincts are what saved me too!
Amy Simpson 2:28pm November 11, 2015)

Lily, organization definitely counts! I could sure use some more of that in my life! (and my house!)
Amy Simpson 2:29pm November 11, 2015)

worst case scenarios - even have a book about how to survive them (a gift)!
Beth Elder 6:17am November 12, 2015)

Haha! Indeed, Beth. There's a game too! It's pretty funny!
Amy Simpson 3:41pm November 12, 2015)

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