February 8th, 2023
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What Are You Afraid Of?

What Are You Afraid Of?, April 2018
The Agency #2
by Alexandra Ivy

368 pages
ISBN: 1420143816
EAN: 9781420143812
Kindle: B073NNFRSN
Mass Market Paperback / e-Book
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"A spellbinding, heart stopping read!"

Fresh Fiction Review

What Are You Afraid Of?
Alexandra Ivy

Reviewed by Annetta Sweetko
Posted April 29, 2018

Romance Suspense

Carmen Jacobs had interviewed many of the most horrific serial killers for a book -- The Heart of the Predator. But she is now afraid there is a copycat out there, and the police won't believe her as they think she is doing some kind of publicity stunt for her paperback book release. Carmen knows the truth, and there is only one man who can help her but one that doesn't trust her because of an early stunt she pulled. So Carmen must ask herself WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF? and can only hope he believes her when she goes to him hat in hand.

Griffin Archer is a reclusive software millionaire who isn't about to trust Carmen again, but when he realizes this is no game and a real nutcase is targeting her, he must get involved. There is someone out there who knows all about Carmen, her past, her work and a lot of her secrets ... more than she ever gave to anyone else ... except maybe Griffin.

WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF? will have you glued to the pages. Is it a copycat who is targeting Carmen? Is it someone from her past, though she can't image who? A stunt? A sick joke? All this will be answered in a spellbinding, amazing read that only author Alexandra Ivy can give her readers. Carmen's family situation at first seemed so sad and heartbreaking until the truth finally comes out, then you are angry for her. Griffin is the perfect match for this strong woman, who knows when to lean on someone and ask for help. I liked that he was her backup, and then some, as he worked his own magic to find answers and even went one extra step to ensure that Carmen would get what she deserved from her family. Sorry, you have to read WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF? to know what I am talking about as it is a rather important tie into some of the things that happen in this book -- some but not all.

If you are looking for great chemistry with a couple that can be sweet and steamy, a good mystery with a number of intriguing twists and turns that will keep you guessing, and a well written highly descriptive writing style that will make you feel you are a part of the story then get your hands on WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF? You will find yourself lost in Ms. Ivy's world and wanting more.

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They aren't the kind of women anyone misses. Truck-stop hookers, runaways . . . no one would even notice they'd disappeared if the killer didn't photograph their lifeless bodies, posed in the back of a semi-trailer. Exactly like the infamous Trucker murders. But this isn't just a copycat. It's a vendetta.

Carmen Jacobs interviewed the world's most terrifying serial killers for her bestselling book, The Heart of a Predator. The police might not believe her, but she knows there's a monster out there, paying homage to other murderers. The only person who can predict where he'll strike next is Griffin Archer—a reclusive software millionaire with ample reason not to help her. HOW TO DIE . . .
Carmen has charmed her way past Griffin's defenses before. He didn't intend to let it happen again. But with a psycho sending her trophies of his kills, he has no choice but to get involved. The clues point to a killer obsessed with Carmen—someone who knows her work, her past, her secrets. Someone who won't be satisfied until he has made all her deepest fears come true . . .


A voice in the back of Jeannie Smith’s mind whispered that she should be resigned to her ugly fate.

She’d always known that she was going to come to a bad end. Everyone had said so. Her mother said it just before the older woman had run off with her latest lover. Her grandparents said it when they’d kicked her out of their house when she was just sixteen. And even her pimp said it when he’d caught sight of the infected track marks on her inner arms.

A bad end was what happened to girls like her.

And it wasn’t like she hadn’t had any warning. Since she’d started working as a whore she’d been beaten, robbed, and dumped in the gutter. It’d only gotten worse when she’d left the streets of Kansas City to become a lot lizard.

Trolling the truck stops and rest areas along the interstate was considered the lowest of the lowest, even for whores. Which meant that it was only for the most desperate women.

But even after all the beatings and rough sex she’d been forced to endure, nothing had taught her the true meaning of horror until the john who’d picked her tonight.

Which was weird, really.

He was so handsome.

Dark skin, glossy black hair and rich brown eyes.

The sort of dude who could have any woman he wanted.

Of course, that might explain why she hadn’t instantly been wary when he’d urged her into the long trailer attached to his semi-truck. Not even when she realized it was equipped with a freezer. It was better than doing the john against the wall of the diner. Or on the hard gravel of the lot.

But as she climbed into the back of the trailer, she caught sight of the other men already waiting for her. Shit, she was in trouble.

She jerked her arm, struggling to free herself from her companion’s grip.

“Hey, there was nothing said about this being a party,” she protested.

One of the men stepped forward, his face wrapped in shadows.

“It took you long enough,” he snapped. “There’s a half dozen whores out there. What were you doing?”

The john holding her arm flinched. Clearly the other dude was in charge.

“You said she had to be a blond. This was the first one I could find.

The man in charge snorted. “Well, while you were dillydallying the rest of us nearly froze off our balls.”

There was a grumble of agreement from the shadows at the back of the trailer. Jeannie hissed in fear. How many were there? Four? Five? Maybe even more?

“You cleaned up from the last one?” the man holding her rasped, clearly attempting to hide his nerves behind an air of bluster.

“Of course,” the other stranger drawled. “Our previous guest is hidden with the others. Now it’s time for some more fun.”

The numbing sense of resignation was abruptly replaced with a savage need to fight back.

Maybe her destiny had been decided on the dismal day she’d been born. Maybe her fate was to die in a bad way.

But by God, she’d spent twenty years fighting to survive.

She wasn’t going down easily.

She struggled against the bastards as they strapped her down and ripped off her clothes. And even when they took turns raping her.

She struggled until her original john was standing over her bruised and bloody body, a crowbar in his hand.

There was a brief hesitation as he gazed down at her. Almost as if the man wasn’t certain he was prepared to commit the ultimate sin. Then, with the shadowed man whispering in his ear, he at last lifted the crowbar, swinging it with desperate power. There was an odd whistling sound as the metal cut through the icy air. Jeannie was strangely mesmerized by the sheer horror of what was happening. At least until she felt a blast of pain as it connected with the side of her face.

Then she felt nothing.

A bad end…

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