July 6th, 2020
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Rogues & Remarkable Women

The Chocolate Clown Corpse by JoAnna Carl


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The Chocolate Clown Corpse
JoAnna Carl

Chocoholic Mystery #14
NAL Hardcover
November 2014
On Sale: November 4, 2014
Featuring: Lee Woodyard
240 pages
ISBN: 0451240677
EAN: 9780451240675
Kindle: B00INIJKUC
Hardcover / e-Book
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Other Editions
Paperback (reprint - November 2015)

Mystery Cozy

Revenge is sweet for a killer on the loose—and it all started with the murder of Warner Pier’s most hated clown....

Everyone who knew the bozo wanted him dead. Odd, then, that a complete stranger was accused of bursting Moe Davidson’s balloons. But it’s been a month since the miserable shop owner of Clowning Around was killed, and everybody’s moving on, including Lee Woodyard. Her chocolate shop, TenHuis Chocolade, is next door to Moe’s shuttered tourist trap, and it’s giving her delicious ideas to expand. But over whose dead body?

Moe’s widow, Emma, and her two stepchildren list the property for sale, but when Lee tours the building, she finds Emma unconscious. Now Lee wonders whether Moe’s real killer is still at large and is taking care of unfinished business. Unfortunately, since the town is celebrating Clown Week, there are so many potential suspects in grease paint and floppy shoes it’s not even funny.

For Lee, protecting Emma, freeing an innocent man, and rolling out hundreds of her clown-themed chocolates is a pretty tall order. But so is staying alive long enough to find out which one of her neighbors is a killer in disguise.

Includes Tasty Chocolate Trivia!

Chocoholic Mystery


1 comment posted.

Re: The Chocolate Clown Corpse

I really enjoyed reading your posting, and the way that you
write, made me feel as if I were a "fly on the wall,"
watching the events unfold myself!! I enjoy eating
chocolate myself, but only occasionally. Unfortunately, I
draw the line on dark and white chocolate. I can't take
things that are bitter, from chocolate to most vegetables,
and white chocolate has no taste to me. If you give me milk
chocolate, I'm in Heaven!! There are certain brands that I
stay away from, but I agree with you about the Caramellos!!
The Fruit and Nut by Cadbury is good, too, as well as their
Milk Chocolate!! But I digress. Thank you for the
Chocolate lesson, as well as telling us about the book,
which I'll be looking forward to reading. I will keep a
napkin close by, just in case!!
(Peggy Roberson 1:29pm November 10, 2014)

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