August 5th, 2020
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Island of Last Resorts

Island of Last Resorts, November 2019
Marked for Retribution #3
by Mary Ellis

Severn House
Featuring: Kate Weller; Nate Price
224 pages
ISBN: 0727889346
EAN: 9780727889348
Kindle: B07V5WP7KD
Hardcover / e-Book
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"An interesting twist to a murder mystery game!"

Fresh Fiction Review

Island of Last Resorts
Mary Ellis

Reviewed by Viki Ferrell
Posted September 1, 2019

Mystery Cozy | Mystery Private Eye

Kate Weller is just returning to Charleston from her latest investigation in Pensacola. She’s glad to be back with Eric, her boyfriend, and his crazy Italian family. As she is getting settled in, she catches up on her emails, reading one from her boss, Nate Price, of Price Investigations. The entire Price Investigations team is invited to a week’s retreat on St. Simons Island, all expenses paid, spouses and significant others are welcome too. Kate and Eric can’t get there by Friday with the others, because of obligations at his family restaurant, but do arrive two days later.

Meanwhile, Nate Price has a big surprise for the entire team gathered at St. Simons. They’ve been invited to Elysian Island to the home of billionaire Julian Frazier, to participate in a murder mystery game for a few days. The team is super excited about this adventure. When Kate and Eric arrive on St. Simons, they can’t seem to make connections with the boat captain whose private charter is the only thing running to Elysian. Kate begins to worry about what is happening on the island when no one else will take them there. And on the island, things begin to go south for the Price Investigations team. When other guests on the island start turning up dead, the team begins to wonder if they are captives in a mystery skit gone wrong. Will they survive this adventure and get off the island?

ISLAND OF LAST RESORTS is Mary Ellis’s third book in her Marked for Retribution series. She returns her characters from her Secrets of the South series to this thrilling murder mystery, along with main characters Kate and Eric. We see the supporting characters grow and become very bold in the face of dangers on the island. The plot moves along very quickly and methodically, and the storyline toggles between what is happening on both islands. There is plenty of action, drama, and suspense to keep you turning pages. Ms. Ellis gives us a unique take on the murder mystery game theme and really brings it to life. Don’t miss this entire series!

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Private investigator Kate Weller knows her co-workers are in serious trouble when she is unable to reach them in the third enthralling Marked for Retribution mystery.

Kate Weller’s boss, Nate Price, has some exciting news: Julian Frazier, a friend of one of the agency’s wealthy clients, has invited the Nate Price Investigations team and their partners on a trip of a lifetime to his home on Elysian Island, an exclusive retreat off the Georgian coast.

But there’s a catch. Frazier has written his own murder mystery script, and the PIs must work out whodunnit. As they’re about to discover, though, the murder Frazier wants them to solve is a real cold case, and there's a killer twist that isn't in the script . . .

Unable to reach Elysian Island and her co-workers, Kate is sure that someone wants her to stay away. Can she stop a ruthless killer and uncover the truth behind a deadly game?


Nate glanced around the table at everyone’s expressions. Izzy and Nicki looked terrified. Beth looked confused, while Hunter appeared furious. When Nate exchanged glances with Michael, even his level-headed forensic accountant seemed just as uncom­fortable as he felt. It didn’t seem like the five people were acting. ‘When will we hear the details of this cold-case murder?’ he asked. ‘So far, we have the possible suspects and potential clues, but we have no crime.’

Once the door closed behind the guards and actors, Frazier walked back to the group. ‘That will come next.’ Their host lanced at his watch. ‘But it’s dreadfully late now, so I will reveal details of the murder tomorrow at breakfast. Shall we meet here again, say at eight o’clock?’

Following a murmur of discontent around the table, Nate rose to his feet. ‘Excuse me, sir, but we have a few concerns. Our cell phones don’t seem to work here on the island.’

‘Of course, they don’t work,’ snapped Frazier. ‘We’re too far from the cell towers on the mainland. But there’s a working telephone in every guest’s room. The landline phone cable runs underwater.’

Nate nodded. ‘Thank you, sir, but could you please ask your maintenance man to unlock the doors to our patio? It would be nice to have coffee outside in the morning.’

‘By all means,’ Frazier said, exchanging a glance with Creery. ‘I’ll see that it’s done first thing in the morning.’

Hunter stood and helped Nicki to her feet. ‘We don’t feel comfortable having the windows in our room nailed shut, just in case of an emergency.’

Frazier’s eyes narrowed. ‘Jumping from your window would be far more dangerous than exiting down the hall, then the staircase, and out the front door. This house is equipped with sprinklers in the unlikely event of a fire. It’s hard to believe, but we’ve had numerous break-ins on the island, hence our heightened security measures. If there’s nothing else . . .’ He started for the door.

‘One more thing,’ said Nate. ‘My other investigator, Kate, and her boyfriend, Eric, wish to join the retreat either tomorrow night or on Monday. Could you send your yacht back to pick them up on St Simons?’

‘It would be my pleasure. I will speak to my yacht captain. Perhaps Captain Burke can more easily get ahold of them and set up a time to meet.’

‘Thank you, Mr Frazier, for the lovely dinner . . . and every­thing else,’ Nate added.

‘You’re welcome, Mr Price, agents.’ With that, their host disappeared through the double doors, leaving them alone with an array of dirty dishes and uneaten desserts.

‘Well, this was an interesting evening,’ said Beth, rising to her feet.

‘See everyone in the morning.’ Michael guided Beth toward the door.

‘The food certainly was delicious,’ Izzy concluded, always the peacemaker.

‘Yes, it was,’ said Hunter, but I think it’s time we retired for the evening too. He wrapped his arm firmly around his wife’s waist.

‘Good night, everyone,’ Nicki squeaked. Indeed, she looked downright green around the gills.

Halfway to the door, Hunter stopped and turned. ‘Did you mention to Frazier what Kate and Eric’s last names were?’

‘Yeah, he requested the names of my agents and spouses after I accepted his invitation.’ After he and Izzy were the only ones left in the dining room, Nate asked, ‘Would you like me to carry your dessert upstairs?’

‘No, I’ve eaten enough for one day.’ Izzy peered up with her luminous green eyes. ‘What do you think, sweetie? Have we landed on Fantasy Island or checked into Bates Motel?’

‘Come on, Izzy, we’re all overtired. This might not be what we expected, but the retreat will be fine. Just wait and see.’

Only Nate didn’t really believe that. Not for one minute.

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