August 15th, 2020
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September 1, 2020

Cat Me If You Can

Miranda James

Ruth Castleberry

August 13, 2020

"Mystery book lovers find murder an unexpected item on their retreat agenda..."

July 1, 2020

Game of Dog Bones

Laurien Berenson

Clare O'Beara

July 16, 2020

"Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is the setting for a murder"

June 1, 2020

The Girl With The Kitten Tattoo

Linda Reilly

Clare O'Beara

July 19, 2020

"A murder suspect turns out to be a cat lover - she can't be all bad"

April 1, 2020

Copycat Killer

Laura Scott

Clare O'Beara

May 14, 2020

"A K-9 squad in Brooklyn works to protect the survivor of a vicious crime"

December 1, 2019

The Secret Santa Mystery

R.B. Marshall

Clare O'Beara

June 25, 2020

"Office worker by day, dressage rider by night"

October 1, 2019

Dachshund Through the Snow

David Rosenfelt

Debbie Wiley

November 7, 2019

"Perfect mystery to cuddle up with this holiday season!"

August 1, 2019

Needled to Death

Annelise Ryan

Debbie Wiley

July 30, 2019

"Was Toby's death murder or suicide?"

July 1, 2019

Booking the Crook

Laurie Cass

Clare O'Beara

January 8, 2020

"Michigan in January - snow brings problems for the library bookmobile"

April 1, 2019

Justice Mission

Lynette Eason

Clare O'Beara

June 23, 2019

"A New York police dog handler foils an abduction - and that's just the start of his day"

February 1, 2019

Murder, She Meowed

Liz Mugavero

Miranda Owen

February 13, 2019

"A tangled tale of family chaos mixed with murder most foul!"

November 1, 2018

Six Cats a Slayin'

Miranda James

Audrey Lawrence

November 20, 2018

"A purr-fect murder mystery for the holiday season!"

September 1, 2018

Support Your Local Pug

Lane Stone

Clare O'Beara

February 11, 2019

"Crime is afoot in Lewes, Delaware"

September 1, 2018

The Trouble with Truth

Kathy Krevat

Clare O'Beara

September 13, 2018

"Making gourmet cat food can lead to trouble..."

August 1, 2018

The Walking Horses

Linda S. Browning

Clare O'Beara

February 11, 2019

"A wronged mother in this Tennessee cold case"

July 1, 2018

Ruff Justice

Laurien Berenson

Clare O'Beara

July 21, 2018

"Show Poodles are not the only contenders for fame in this mystery"

March 1, 2018

Pawprints & Predicaments

Bethany Blake

Clare O'Beara

May 6, 2018

"Wintry crime and a canine caper"

January 1, 2018

Pre-meditated Murder

Tracy Weber

Clare O'Beara

June 7, 2018

"Sand, sea, yoga... and dead bodies don't mix!"

January 1, 2018

Escape Claws

Linda Reilly

Clare O'Beara

April 27, 2018

"This artist and cat lover has a brush with death"

November 1, 2017

Stay Calm And Collie On

Lane Stone

Clare O'Beara

December 16, 2017

"Lady Amanda visits Lewes but the dog care business has never been so dangerous"

November 1, 2017

Crazy Like A Fox

Rita Mae Brown

Clare O'Beara

April 27, 2018

"Rita Mae Brown is on great form with the mystery of a handsome ghostly huntsman"

Items 1 - 20 shown, out of 82 total.

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