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Ann Lawrence | Games in the Perfect Heroes Series

Virtual Heaven
Ann Lawrence



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An Ordinary Woman...An Extraordinary Man...A Love With No Boundaries...

Perfect Heroes #1

July 2013
On Sale: July 4, 2013
Featuring: Kered; Maggie O'Brien
400 pages
ISBN: 1419946285
EAN: 9781419946288
Kindle: B00DSOY4YS
e-Book (reprint)
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Also by Ann Lawrence:
Christmas in Savage Bay, December 2013
Lord of Swords, October 2013
Virtual Warrior, October 2013
Virtual Desire, August 2013


Are you a fan of games? I am. I even set a series of books set in a fantasy game based on Arthurian legend.

My "Perfect Heroes" series is being reissued for the first time in digital form. In the first book, VIRTUAL HEAVEN, the heroine, Maggie O'Brien, considers her life pretty ordinary until she plays a fantasy game called Tolemac Wars. Of course, as the author of this romance, I made sure something goes awry so Maggie ends up in the game where she meets a warrior named Kered. There's an instant attraction between them, but Maggie can't tell this man the truth, so she claims she can't remember who she is or where she comes from. Kered's warrior code will not allow him to abandon Maggie, who seems defenseless in his world. And when he falls in love with her, he really can't let her go.

This book was so much fun to write as were the sequels VIRTUAL DESIRE (available this month) and VIRTUAL WARRIOR (available in October). I based the books on some lesser Arthurian tales and found there's nothing more fun than creating my own world. Although virtual reality is not quite a reality yet, I'm happy to find that companies are out there working hard to make it a . . . well, reality!

I'm often asked what possessed me to use a game for my "time-travel" romance. The answer is that two things came together at one time. First, I love games. I grew up playing board games with my family. We had huge canasta tournaments at the shore in Ocean City, New Jersey, (where I put my game store in my "Perfect Heroes" series). My family has moved on to pinochle, poker, and internet fun, but I miss those canasta tournaments! And what are games without snacks and beverages! We've moved on from soda and chips to beer and wine and wings, but that's a different story!

Exhausted Gamers


The second thing that shaped this set of stories was a science conference at Philadelphia's Franklin Institute. I took part in some demonstrations of virtual reality gaming. I was utterly fascinated by the experience. That was it for me, I had to put that experience into a story.

Ocean City Boardwalk

Here's a picture of Ocean City, NJ's boardwalk (Music Pier on far right) where I set my virtual books. You'll also see some Sandy damage since repaired.


So do you like games? What's your favorite game? Would you like to play a virtual reality game? (I just don't recommend doing so if there's a storm outside . . . just ask Maggie O'Brien of VIRTUAL HEAVEN how that turns out!)

Virtual Heaven

An ordinary woman . . .
Nothing extraordinary has ever happened to Maggie O'Brien until the day she plays a fantasy game for the first time. When something goes awry, Maggie finds herself a slave in a frightening world engulfed in war.

An extraordinary man . . .
Kered is a warrior tired of war. When he seeks theadvice of a wise man, he finds a woman who can't remember who she is or where she comes from. His warrior code will not allow him to abandon her. And when he falls in love, he knows only one reality . . . he can't let her go.

Leave a comment and you could be one of 2 lucky winners of an ebook edition of the first book in my series, VIRTUAL HEAVEN (winner's choice of digital format).

Happy Reading!




28 comments posted.

Re: Ann Lawrence | Games in the Perfect Heroes Series

I've never tried a virtual reality game before, but I do like games. It might be an interesting change. I always liked the Zelda and Mario series from Nintendo. I can't wait to read the book. It's on my Amazon wishlist already.
(Amy Kincade 12:34pm September 4, 2013)

I do like computer games. I'm not much for playing other people on the internet or Facebook. I have a lot of games bought on sale from Big Fish Games. I am a big fan of Age of Empires II. I remember many years ago when my brother & I had trapped enough gophers to afford our original Nintendo; we played it so much our fingers were sore and we had to put bandages on our fingers to keep playing. I think I can still find some of the "extras in Super Mario Brothers now that I bought a working controller for it again. We should maybe have a tournament next time we are at Mom and Dad's.
(Laura Gullickson 12:13pm September 5, 2013)

I am not a gamer but I do love the Jersey shore. I used to go to Atlantic City every summer. Of course it is changed now with all the casinos but back in the day it was a fun place to stay.
(Kathleen Yohanna 4:05am September 5, 2013)

I love games so I am sure a virtual reality game would have me hooked pretty quickly. The Nintendo game, Zelda, was a wonderful obesssion for a good long while. This book sounds very interesting. I would love to read it!
(Melanie Backus 9:00am September 5, 2013)

I do not gamble but I was born and grew up in New Jersey and loved the shore and Atlantic City. I have great memories swimming in the ocean with my family!
(Bonnie Capuano 9:21am September 5, 2013)

I have never tried a virtual game either i do play games with
the kids on the wii and outside games with the family but
nothing like that before would be interesting though
(Denise Smith 9:39am September 5, 2013)

I grew up playing board games as well, like Sorry, Scrabble, and Yahtzee, for example. When gaming started like Pong, I was hooked on those, too. With on-line games, I made some friends playing on one site, and miss playing, but can't play now, because I'm on dial-up, and they charge if you want to play their games, which is a shame. It was a great site, with a lot of nice people. As for books about games, I haven't gotten into the genre. It hasn't peaked my interest for some reason, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't read it and perhaps I could get into it. Your book sounds interesting, and like a plausible story that I could get into, since you wrote your story with such gusto!! Congratulations on your book!!
(Peggy Roberson 9:41am September 5, 2013)

I have always loved the old virtual reality games that have a story in them. To me, it is like reading a good book, only more interactive. The idea of a book based on virtual reality is one of the best ideas I have heard in a long time. I am looking forward to reading this book.
(Janet Shook 12:33pm September 5, 2013)

I do enjoy games... simple ones and others like WarCraft.
(Colleen Conklin 12:47pm September 5, 2013)

More of a board game person, haven't done any virtual reality games, they intrigue me, have always wanted to try them.
(Jean Patton 12:51pm September 5, 2013)

Wow, Congrats on your new books: VIRTUAL HEAVEN and VIRTUAL
DESIRE. I grew up on board games like Monopoly, Sorry,
Yahtzee. I love playing games daily on Facebook. I love
sending gifts to friends too. I would love to win and read
your books soon. Thank You very much. Cecilia CECE
(Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez 1:17pm September 5, 2013)

I love to play board games. I am teaching my grand kids to play candyland
and loving every minute of it. Thank you
(Ava Curtis 2:36pm September 5, 2013)

I would love to see what happens to Maggie. I like games like Scrabble but have not played Canasta in years.
(Leona Olson 4:45pm September 5, 2013)

Have never played a fantasy game, but I know that it would be a fantasy for me to visit Ocean City NJ. It looks like a step into the past. And then the fantasy game could take me into a completely other world.,
(Annette Naish 7:02pm September 5, 2013)

I love video games and online games. I enjoy playing board games too but only those that I actually stand a chance at winning. Yes, I am a sore loser. I am getting better at not being one as I grow older.
(Alyn Yang 7:25pm September 5, 2013)

Hi Everyone! Sorry for this group thanks for commenting so far, I am having
major computer issues...freezing constantly! I'm so excited to find so many
who relate to the games...I have Scrabble cutthroat relatives! And I have my
original Candyland, Monopoly and so on. My kids loved them just as much as
I did.
And thanks for the complement on the book premise being original! That
made my day :)
(Ann Lawrence 8:46pm September 5, 2013)

This post got me in a few places. One I grew up going to Ocean City in the
summer for vacations when I was a little girl, now I live in the Midwest, two I
love playing all kinds of virtual games and have spent way too many hours
doing so, three I love time travel based books, I could keep going but I
won't. Thank you for posting and please keep writing!
(Patti Paonessa 8:50pm September 5, 2013)

Ocean City is one of my favorite places...and I want to mention that this is a
reissue of the series in ebook...One of the fun parts of writing it was picking my
spot on the boardwalk for my game store!
(Ann Lawrence 9:09pm September 5, 2013)

I've never played virtual reality games before but I do play
some Wii games. But if I had a choice I would play board
games. My teen daughters even get them out and not just when
we lose power.
(Lisa White 9:47pm September 5, 2013)

Your book sounds great. Will definitely be on my "to read" list.
(Sharon Extine 10:15pm September 5, 2013)

I have never attempted VR, but I've been fascinated by the possibilities for years. Some of the most intriguing futuristic murder mysteries that I've read have involved VR. Definitely think that it is going to be playing a huge role in the future. Just curious, do you think Star Trek's Holodeck was really VR?
(Marcia Berbeza 10:47pm September 5, 2013)

Star Trek's Holodeck...not sure...
(Ann Lawrence 8:51am September 6, 2013)

Thank you to everyone who read my blog and made a comment. I hope you'll
pick up the book! Keep on gaming...whether it's games like Scrabble, WarCraft
or Wii...I really believe they keep us young and having fun!
(Ann Lawrence 8:54am September 6, 2013)

Hmm... I watched my brother plays Final Fantasy for years... Love the graphics and the rich story. :)

Your book sounds terrific. Love time travel stories especially. :)
(May Pau 10:09am September 6, 2013)

I love the tired cat! The game you mention reminds me of Jumanji. I don't play many computer games; ones like Oblivion with a vast world and scattered storylines are best. Or world-building ones like Civilisation.
(Clare O'Beara 10:17am September 6, 2013)

I have not played Final Fantasy myself, but had a friend who was hooked and I
agree on Oblivion. I also have to say that whenever my daughter would lay on
the floor to sleep, the cat could be right there on top of her head. I think it is
the shampoo! This picture was after she and her brother played too much
(Ann Lawrence 4:52pm September 6, 2013)

I have never play a virtual reality game. I would like to do that at least once. I have two left hands and can't remember all those remote functions so I will die under a few minutes.
(Kai Wong 10:33pm September 6, 2013)

My children play a lot of games, but I haven't caught the bug
(Mary Preston 6:22am September 8, 2013)

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