March 29th, 2015
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The Tempting Of Thomas Carrick
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She Crossed the Sea to Save a Legacy… Finding Love Was Not Part of Her Plan

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She was the only woman ever to rock his world.

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Sometimes you can come home again…

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An unlikely hoyden saves a wary duke with her love but betrayal threatens to destroy them both.

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Darkly gifted and dangerously skilled, to survive, they'll have to solve...the Phoenix Code.

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The Sweet Magnolias


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Ghost of a Promise
by Kelly Moran
"An engaging blend of ghosts, mystery, and romance makes this tale an exciting read."
Posted February 24, 2015

High on the cliffs overlooking Kerrick, Maine, Trumble mansion stands proud and defiant. This formidable structure has been shrouded in mystery almost from its inception. Whispers of roaming ghosts and tragedy befalling men who live there have the townspeople steering clear of it. The dark, tragic past needs to see Read more...

by Travis Thrasher
"A quiet town is about to be shaken up by a looming darkness."
Posted December 29, 2014

Brandon Jeffery knows the summer before his senior year is going to be anything but carefree. While his friends play, he is stuck working two jobs to pay off the car his best friend wrecked. His intentions are to make money, and keep off his alcoholic father's radar. However Read more...

Gathering Shadows
by Nancy Mehl
"A perfectly blended inspirational suspense with a jolt of romance."
Posted August 6, 2014

Wynter Evans loves her job as an investigative reporter for a St. Louis news station, but she longs to sit in the anchor chair. She hopes that her new assignment focusing on unique locales in Missouri gives her that extra boost. However, one glimpse at a photo taken in Sanctuary Read more...

Celtic Moon
by Jan DeLima
"Embracing the past from which she escaped sets the stage for this delectable fantasy romance."
Posted April 13, 2014

The night Sophie Thibodeau witnessed the man she loved transform into a wolf changed her life forever. Scared not only for her life, but for the life of her unborn child, she fled planning to never look back. Everything she has done since has been for the safety of her Read more...

Not By Sight
by Kathy Herman
"Will one girl's blind faith lead to answers for her tragedy stricken family?"
Posted January 16, 2014

If your loved ones went missing, would you look for them in every face you passed on the street? Would your heart recognize them if you found them? How long would it take for you to lose all hope? Kathy Herman explores this concept of lost and found adding her Read more...

A Cursed Embrace
by Cecy Robson
"The Wird sisters are magnets for the weird, and ready to conquer whatever comes their way."
Posted September 24, 2013

Celia Wird and her three sisters prefer to keep a low profile, but since helping the vampires they can no longer hide from the supernatural community. Unfortunately, their weirdness seems to attract trouble. Case in point is the dead shifter on their porch who had been keeping them under surveillance Read more...

Misery Loves Company
by Rene Gutteridge
"Someone is about to receive a lesson they will never forget."
Posted August 23, 2013

Jules Belleno keeps herself pretty much isolated from the world since her husband was killed in the line of duty. Other than trips to the grocery store and infrequent visits by her father, her interaction with other people is limited to her blog posts. She knows she has some faithful Read more...

Sealed With a Curse
by Cecy Robson
"A volatile mixture of vampires, werebeasts, and witches explodes for a dazzling debut."
Posted May 26, 2013

Celia Wird and her three sisters have never really fit in anywhere. They do not fully belong in the human world as they were cursed with unusual abilities, yet they do not quite fit in the supernatural world due to the nature of their abilities. They only have each other Read more...

Blood Oranges
by Kathleen Tierney
"A dark, edgy urban fantasy"
Posted April 10, 2013

Siobhan Quinn ran away from home at the age of twelve. She lives day to day doing whatever is necessary to survive. It takes a lot to thrive on the streets. Needless to say, she has picked up quite a few bad habits such as lying, stealing, and drug addiction Read more...

Wish Upon A Christmas Star
by Darlene Gardner
"An endearing tale of hope and new beginnings."
Posted December 22, 2012

Maria DiMarco helps people find closure by thoroughly checking every lead she can until she finds the answers, but even a private investigator cannot solve all problems. When she receives a tip that her brother might still be alive after eleven years, she grasps at the lifeline given to her Read more...

Charming Blue
by Kristine Grayson
"A fun frolic through the fabulous land of fairytales."
Posted December 15, 2012

Jodi Walters tries to help the magical fit into this world, and she is excellent at managing to find them work in Hollywood. She bridges the gap between the worlds which makes her the go to girl for any magical problem. Unfortunately, a problem comes her way that she wants Read more...

Hannah's Joy
by Marta Perry
"This engaging, tender tale embodies Amish romance at its finest."
Posted October 19, 2012

Widowed by war and left raising an infant son, Hannah Conroy is in dire need of assistance. She embraces the only offer given to her, a warm welcoming place in her aunt's home and a job in her aunt's bakery. Hannah has not been back to Pleasant Valley Read more...

The Truth About Tara
by Darlene Gardner
"What if everything you thought you knew changed in an instant?"
Posted September 29, 2012

Tara Greer lives a quiet life in Virginia not too far away from her mother and her foster brother. She never dreamed her tranquility could be so thoroughly disrupted by the appearance of a stranger; a stranger who wants to know if she could be the little girl who disappeared Read more...

Thoroughly Kissed
by Kristine Grayson
"A fabulously fun and fresh look at a classic fairy tale."
Posted August 4, 2012

Emma Lost may be the original sleeping beauty, but her life is far from the fairy tale everyone loves. After one thousand years in a magically induced coma, Emma is taking no chances with her kisses. Not only has she rejected her Prince Charming, but she has also sworn off Read more...

Katie's Way
by Marta Perry
"Her heart craves a change. Will she find what she seeks?"
Posted March 27, 2012

Katie Miller longs for a place to belong, a place where she can have a future without a constant reminder of her past. By opening a quilt shop in Pleasant Valley, she hopes for that new beginning. To make matters a little more complicated, she has been left in charge Read more...

The Lord Of Illusion
by Kathryne Kennedy
"A magical journey fraught with daring, danger, and dragons concludes this stunning trilogy."
Posted February 13, 2012

Drystan Hawkes desires an adventure that will help aid the Rebellion in their quest to rid England of the elven lords. After all, he possessed enough elven blood with the potential for powerful magic that his parents feared for his life and sent him to Wales. However, that did not Read more...

The Christmas Gift
by Darlene Gardner
"A joyous romance stirs up some holiday cheer."
Posted November 18, 2011

Krista Novak rushes home to Pennsylvania for the first time in eight years expecting to find her mother in the hospital, but instead she finds her laughing in the kitchen. Fueled by outrage over her mother's deceit, Krista plans to leave the day after Christmas, but Mother Nature has Read more...

Silencing Sam
by Julie Kramer
"A gossip columnist pushes someone a little too far in this excellent murder mystery."
Posted October 22, 2011

Riley Spartz's career thrives on facts. As an investigative TV reporter, it is imperative to report the truth, so she has little patience for Sam Pierce, the local gossip columnist, who likes to spread vicious lies. When Sam casually drops hints about her new colleague, Clay Burrell, she figures Read more...

Books Can Be Deceiving
by Jenn McKinlay
"A librarian's work is never done as solving a murder becomes a top priority."
Posted September 27, 2011

Lindsey Norris has found solace in Briar Creek and has settled in quite nicely as the director of the local library. Learning to knit while discussing books, enjoying some homemade treats, and putting up with a cranky employee are all in a day's work. When Lindsey hears that an Read more...

Run For Cover
by Eva Gray
"An exciting adventure catering to preteens, but enjoyable for all ages."
Posted September 7, 2011

Rosie knows what it is like to survive, and she lives with quite a few secrets. Her roommates, on the other hand, have probably never had to face anything truly scary in their lives. Rosie can get along with Louisa, whereas Maddie gets on her nerves, and Evelyn sees conspiracies Read more...

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