May 30th, 2020
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He's a kidnapper for hire...and he's just caught her.

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For all no-mercy heroines over forty. It’s Not Too Late.

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Read the Wild, Wild Regency everyone is talking about.

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Garrett had an irresistible charm and Julia knew she was headed for trouble.

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A perfect Mother’s Day story - free on KindleUnlimited

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When missing turns to murdered, one woman’s search for answers will take her to a place she never wanted to go…

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Opposites resist—and attract—under the Cancún sun

Mina Gerhart

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32 comments posted.

Re: Malfunction (12:13pm January 27):

John Pirrillo's Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson
SteamPunk/alternate universe. LOVE Star Wars, The Lord of
the Rings & Harry Potter :)

Re: Inherent Truth (12:10pm January 27):

I LOVE Elise Noble's "Blackwood" series, the characters are
perfectly flawed :) The Colton's universe is terrific too,
I just started getting into John Pirrillo's Sherlock Holmes
& Dr. Watson SteamPunk/alternate universe too

Re: Secret Mountain Hideout (12:05pm January 27):

I'm usually drawn to the characters first, then the plot &
the backstory (is it based on a real town? what would I see

Re: Only Her (11:59am September 29, 2016):

LOVE Fur Babys :) NOW I HAVE to get the series, no FurBabys
for me right now though :)
LOVE Armed Forces & Fur Babys :)

Re: Into the Fury (3:30pm February 11, 2016):

The Scarlett Pimpernel :)

Re: How To Wrangle A Cowboy (3:28pm February 11, 2016):

Re: How To Wrangle A Cowboy (3:28pm February 11, 2016):

My "Mum" Sadie had gotten out of a bad marriage in the 40's (Dad & Aunt Evelyn were grown & on their own). Mum Sadie got a job at the concession stand of a local theater (Embassy Theater, Reading PA). Pop Leroy was a movie projectionist(Ran the movie & made sure audio & video matched). It took Pop Leroy about 6 years to get "Rebecca" Mum Sadie, preferred "Daisy" or "Rebecca", her middle name to go out with him. They finally married & bickered happily ever after for 50 years.

My Mom was at a local dance with a friend shortly after WW2 ended, my Dad had hitchhiked from his Army/Air force discharge center back to Reading PA. Dad & a buddy saw the dance hall, peeked in & saw this pretty brunette. Dad was a little shy & asked Mom's best friend if she thought my Mom would dance with him. It took about 4 years to convince my Mom that she would make such a pretty Mrs. Gerhart.

Re: Once a Wallflower, At Last His Love (11:46am February 10, 2015):

I'm kind of a "blue stocking" who loves reading, geology & archeology. I'd say Indiana Jones was the last hero I fell in book love with. Awesome blurb for ONCE A WALLFLOWER, AT LAST HIS LOVE. I think I'm going to get the book.

Mindy :)

Re: Two Week Seduction (8:50am November 27, 2014):

Awesome post #Squidge and Cinnamon. Your human Mom writes such cool books:) I like the cooler weather of Autumn and the leaves start changing color.

Mindy :)

Re: Charming (1:17pm September 16, 2014):

Awesome excerpt Krystal, I LOVE how Haley counts the number of steps into her private hell. The character of Haley just grabs & won't let go of me as the reader.

Mindy :)

Re: Poison (9:36am August 16, 2014):

I LOVE reading the background on characters in books. Poison looks like an AWESOME read.

Re: Across the Line (9:33am August 16, 2014):

Great excerpt Kate,
I LOVE a hero with a sense of humor!
Now I gotta get te book to see what happens with the "lucky" tie .

Re: Paige Turned (8:11am April 19, 2014):

My life turned out differently when I graduated from high school. I had planned on being a speech therapist since I was a stutterer up until the 10th grade (Penn State had just started a summer school program to help people with speech issues, in 8 weeks I stopped stuttering). I did 3 years at Penn State but never graduated, started working with Developmentally Challenged people & never looked back. 33 years later I still work for the state and enjoy every morning with the people I work with & assist.

Mindy :)

Re: An Unexpected Sin (8:00am April 19, 2014):

Wow, the book/blurb is awesome! I've always been fascinated by the witch trials in all countries & can't wait to check out your book.

Mindy :)

Re: What The Groom Wants (12:57pm March 5, 2014):

Great trivia questions
I'd LOVE to win a sqidge (Along with Scott Nova ;) )

Mindy :)

Re: Poison Town (3:33pm January 25, 2014):

The book sounds AWESOME!, I'm getting this book :)
The first book (Fear Has a Name) looks awesome too.
More books to my TBG pile!

Mindy :)

Re: Murder At Hatfield House (12:40pm October 21, 2013):

I love the Regency and Victorian eras, the influenece of science in the eras always facinated me. If I could meet anyone, I would have been interested in meeting Charles Dickens or Mary Shelly.

Mindy :)

Re: Christmas Quilt (12:30pm October 21, 2013):

The cover is so pretty Vanetta,
I read the blurb & absolutly LOVE it, it looks like an almost perfect Christmas read.
Thanks for the awesome contest!

Mindy :)

Re: Behind the Shattered Glass (10:11am October 17, 2013):

The book sounds FANTASTIC, I love reading about English society. The life of a servant wouln't have been easy but to be a "Young Gel" of the Ton at that time would have beenharder I think. To be forced into a marriage I didn't want and depending on my husband for money would be horrendus. I think I would choose to be a "Tabby" Bluestocking (too old & too smart for a husband). Although marrying a rich, sickly, old man has its advantages (A widow COULD inherit money, land etc & was given more sexual freedom that a "Miss" or wife.

Mindy :)

Re: Buried In A Bog (12:11pm March 17, 2013):

Awesome post Sheila :)
The pictures are so cool!
I've never been to Ireland but hope to visit once I retire (2 years!).
I like the blurb /background for the book, is it going to be part of a series?

Mindy :)

Tell me if you've ever been to Ireland or County Cork or what you'd like to see if you went. One person will win a copy of BURIED IN A BOG

Re: Checkmate, My Lord (9:01am February 22, 2013):

I LOVE just about all secondary characters, they keep the hero and heroine on their toes. I'd have to say Chris from Lori Foster's Men Who Walk The Edge Of Danger Series is my favorite though.

Mindy :)

Re: X Marks The Scot (8:54am February 22, 2013):

Awesome excerpt, I love a heroine with sass and a hero who brings the sass out!

Mindy :)

Re: Relentless Pursuit (10:33am August 20, 2012):

Great excerpt!
Billy sounds like riot.
I've gotta get the book 8D

Mindy :)

Re: Goddess in the Middle (9:11am July 28, 2012):

LOVE the cover and the idea of Romulus and Remus being Werewolves is sooo hot!
I've gotta get my hands of a copy :)

Mindy :)

Re: Wicked At Heart (9:06am July 28, 2012):

Wow, Damon sounds like a perfect hero!
I love a hero who has to overcome a less than happy past to become a vulnerable hero.

Mindy :)

Re: The False Friend (4:48pm October 16, 2010):

Bee Season

Re: Some Like It Rough (10:42am May 10, 2010):

Congrats Susan on Sex Drive being chosen as Cosmo's red hot read for May!
I love just about all kinds of books. The main things that turn me off are when the hero is too controlling. I like a heroine who can handle herself and a hero who is man enough to not get all angry when she does.
Mindy :)

Re: Men Of The Otherworld (1:19pm November 19, 2009):

Gotta be Clayton Danvers, what a HOTTIE!

Re: The Cowboy From Christmas Past (9:31am September 29, 2009):

Hi Tina :)
Loved the article & the way the dogs won your hubby over.
Animals will always do that.

Re: Trust Me (6:22pm August 16, 2009):

Great blog, I LOVE reading about the "little glitches" that show up whlie you're writing.

Re: Would-Be Witch (4:00pm March 17, 2009):

I'd LOVE to go to Salem, Mass. at the height of the witch trials (And make life difficult for the witches? accusors ;) )

Re: Between A Rock And A Heart Place (3:10pm February 25, 2009):

I would want to be invisable, I can just THINK of all the mischief I could get into...Payback on troublemakers? Oh Yeah ;)
Animal? definitly a cat because they're sooo cute & non threatening (Mwahahaha)
Mindy :)

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