February 25th, 2020
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Sweet Romance + Thrilling Intrigue = February Best Reads

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Night time can be frightening, especially when youre all alone.

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He wanted revenge but found love instead.

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Some promises are meant to be broken, Some vows are forever

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Can the course that theyve set for the future handle a slight detour...?

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The famous bells are ringing a heros welcome when a former army captain returns home...

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"A cracker of a readher best yet!"B. A. Paris

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Trading favors, battling wills, and winning love

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Bound by love. . .torn apart by secrets.

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Will a blackout change everything for these unlikely lovers?


Force of Nature
by Suzanne Brockmann
"Troubleshooter Jules finally gets a happy ending!"
Posted August 10, 2007

Suzanne Brockmann addresses serious social issues like homophobia and alcoholism in her latest installment in the Troubleshooters series, FORCE OF NATURE. That aside, she still manages to throw in two equally compelling love stories with the right amount of humor and suspense! First introduced in GONE TOO FAR, Ric Alvarado Read more...

Summer Sharp

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36 comments posted.

Re: Play Me Wild (10:44pm November 27, 2014):

Binge reading my Kindle TBR and pulling from all the books
I got at Readers and 'ritas LOL.

Re: Hollywood on Tap (9:10pm November 5, 2014):

Loved High-Heeled Wonder. Cannot wait to read the Sweet
Salvation series.

Re: The Chance (10:16pm February 26, 2014):

Loving the Thunder Point series... Just wish they came out closer together :) Already finished The Chance and ready for the next one!

Re: Christmas On Mimosa Lane (10:30pm December 26, 2012):

I had a GREAT Christmas! In our family, everyone comes over
to our parents house and we start by opening are stocking
presents then our presents presents. This was probably the
first year Santa didn't through up with excessive
materialism with the amount of gifts. Definitely quality
over quantity this year.

Re: Falling For The Fireman (10:41pm January 24, 2012):

I love firemen! Why not have more books about them?!

Re: SEALed Forever (5:24pm May 20, 2011):

Loved this book, but then again I've loved all the SEALed books. I got hooked with SEALed with a Promise. Then I had to go back and read the first one, then waited until the last 2 came out. I've really enjoyed this series.

Re: The Legend Of Michael (2:47pm May 2, 2011):

Who doesn't love a hot Alpha hero?! Must get this book. Sounds right up my alley.

Re: One Touch of Scandal (8:50pm September 26, 2010):

Ditto on thinking about cookies now. I reward myself with books, manicure, and general shopping. I treat my dogs with Frosty Paws & Nylabones.

Re: Veil Of Night (11:58am August 1, 2010):

Would LOVE to have Wendy Corsi Staub at this year's Readers & 'ritas! So jealous of the time you spent with Suzanne Brockmann & Linda Howard. Sandi said they were out of Suz's Infamous so she couldn't get it signed for me at the literacy signing. Sigh...

Re: Blown Away (9:04pm June 6, 2010):

My books in May were:
Never Too Late – Robyn Carr (reread)
True-Blue Texan – Linda Barrett (reread)
Family at Last – K.N. Casper (reread)
Royal’s Child – Sharon Sala
Going to the Chapel – Sharon Sala, Dixie Browning, Stella Bagwell
Hidden – Tara Taylor Quinn
Dream Man – Linda Howard (reread)
Sheltering Hearts – Robyn Carr
Heat of Passion – Elle Kennedy
Always a Lady – Sharon Sala
Sara’s Angel – Sharon Sala
The Billionaire’s Bride of Innocence – Miranda Lee
More Than Words, Volume 5 – Heather Graham, Candace Camp, Stephanie Bond, Brenda Jackson, Tara Taylor Quinn
Colters’ Wife – Maya Banks
Honeysuckle Summer – Sherryl Woods
Giving Chase – Lauren Dane
Taking Chase – Lauren Dane
Chased – Lauren Dane
Making Chase – Lauren Dane
Blown Away – Sharon Sala

I loved Sala's Blown Away. I'm also hunting down more of Lauren Dane. Her Chase brothers series was fab.

Re: Think Twice (10:26pm May 2, 2010):

Oy, I'm finally keeping track of what I'm reading. Now I need to go back through the past blogs to find what I read in January - March. What I read this month:
Home in Carolina – Sherryl Woods
Sweet Tea at Sunrise – Sherryl Woods
Welcome to Serenity – Sherryl Woods (reread)
Sarah’s Child – Linda Howard (reread)
More to Love – Dixie Browning (reread)
The Daddy Quest – Lori Handeland (reread)
Jake’s Way – Kathleen Korbel (reread)
Bluebird Winter – Linda Howard (reread)
Nobody’s Baby But Mine – Susan Elizabeth Phillips (reread)
I didn't have a much time to read in April because of the electrical work & drywall finishing, then I had family visit.

Re: Building Iphone Apps With Html, CSS, And Javascript (10:24pm April 17, 2010):

Sometimes I will have buyers remorse of sorts on a book. I'll buy it on a whim or by recommendation and then it sits there in the TBR pile for months because other books I want to read pop up. Then I see it and I do feel kinda guilty for not reading it yet.

Re: Big Bad Wolf (11:13pm April 10, 2010):

If I've read the book before, I don't like it when they are rewritten. What I really don't like is when they change the title of the book for a reprint or a rework.

Re: One Good Dog (11:02am March 8, 2010):

Given today's blog relates to dogs, I have to comment, dog lover that I am. I have 2 mutts, one of whom has some pit in him. I love the idea of your having a dog as a main character and writing about the relationship between human & dog. I don't say owner & dog, because well my oldest dog has me trained FAR better than I have her trained. She has a definite personality and I can usually tell what she is thinking before she acts on it. My one year old (the part pit) is my good child...if a little overly energetic. But given his likely gene pool I am more alert to when he gets the least bit aggressive and I am working/training to keep in check as he showed no aggression until he picked it up from my older dog who is only 35 lbs, but all bad ass & territorial.

Re: Seeing Red (4:57pm February 28, 2010):

Hmm, I reread a lot as usual. First time reads for me this month were:
Angel's Peak by Robin Carr
Flowers from the Storm by Laura Kinsale
Early Dawn by Catherine Anderson
Lucky for me that I liked all three.

Re: Easter Promises (12:11pm February 24, 2010):

I love to read. Beyond that I have a lot of interest in technology/gadgets, environment & politics. But in my reading, I love contemporary funny romances, romantic suspense & urban fantasy. A little all over the place. I think I enjoy the escapism that books offer. I'm in them for the pure entertainment value.

Re: Chick with a Charm (12:07pm February 24, 2010):

I'm definitely a dog person. My 2 mutts are totally pampered.

Re: Take Me If You Dare (7:57pm February 23, 2010):

I haven't seen Blindside so I don't know about Bullock's performance, but I agree that Streep nailed Julia Child. The Hurt Locker was amazing. I'm really cheering for it for best picture and I thought Jeremy Renner's performance was exactly what the role called for.

See you at the Magnolia! I had a blast at the event last year.

Re: The Promise (6:48pm October 11, 2009):

I reread all my favorites but I'm always adding to my TBR pile. Even after purging a lot of my old books I still have a huge TBR pile, not including some on my Kindle. Sigh....

Re: A Hollywood Ending (9:59pm October 10, 2009):

I'm going to say Sherryl Woods. I think she has grown from her small series books to her current novels. I love her Sweet Magnolias books.

Re: The Splendor Falls (3:17pm September 10, 2009):

Jerrilyn Farmer's The Flaming Luau of Death. A mystery. We had her for bookclub last year, I think. Seems like there were some really good chicken lollipop shaped things in it that we all wanted the recipe for.

Of course, if you want to go extreme on your diet, read Linda Howard's To Die For and make yourself some Krispy Kreme donut bread pudding....now that was definitely to die for!

Re: Table Manners (4:00pm September 6, 2009):

I'm rereading some favorites this weekend while sorting out books to sell at Half Price books and others to donate to the local library.

Re: Mackenzie's Legacy (11:46am July 26, 2009):

I love Robyn Carr's Virgin River series. I did cry when Doc died, but you know the stories continued and there are still characters I want to see in future books. Then again Doc was not in a book with his HEA. That said, I'd still like to see one more Mackenzie book, the oldest grandson.

Re: Black Hills (2:10pm July 19, 2009):

Sandi and I were hoping to port ourselves to DC in place of Peaches darn it all.

Re: Loving a Lost Lord (7:43pm June 28, 2009):

Similar plot lines don't bother me so much except when I read a book and it makes me remember another book like it and I have a devil of a time remembering the other book's title. Also, getting a book and then discovering I've read a previous release of the same book is annoying. I really appreciate those first time in print seals that are on the new Nora Roberts' books. Very helpful.

Re: A Thread Of Truth (11:18pm June 21, 2009):

Grammar and spelling don't pull me out of the story unless there are just too many to ignore. Sometimes grammar is twisted for a reason or a particular accent.

Re: Dial Emmy For Murder (3:56pm June 20, 2009):

So are you going to do an upcoming book showing soap writers plotting out future episodes where one offs another because they do or do not plot/outline what they see happening?

Re: Undead And Unwelcome (2:36pm June 14, 2009):

After the twittering about Julie Garwood, I'd definitely have to put her on my list of authors I'd like to meet. Loooove her historicals.

Re: The Red Pony (4:53pm June 7, 2009):

In the 11th grade, I had combo classes that shared curriculum, AP History and English. We read books that corresponded with the unit we were covering in History. I enjoyed F Scott Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Upton Sinclair (The Jungle - I'll never look at a hot dog the same way) and Steinbeck (had to read both Of Mice and Men and Grapes of Wrath).

Re: Dragons Prefer Blondes (11:27pm May 24, 2009):

Thanks for the reminder on Facebook. I would like to think I'm a planner since I really need to start budgeting my book purchases, but that never seems to happen. I need to snag one of those upcoming book release lists at Borders cause I have no idea what is coming out when anymore. Thanks for the heads up on the Linda Howard book.

Re: The Warrior (11:24pm May 24, 2009):

I almost forgot about the blog contest until I checked Facebook.
Unfortunately, I am definitely an impulse book buyer. I usually go in for a specific book but I too walk out with a stack. Of course since Half price books is doing an extra 20%off this weekend, I had to shop.

Re: Dead And Gone (11:23pm May 9, 2009):

I loooove the True Blood series on HBO, but I have never read the CH books. I'm afraid to now because I love Bill and I hear he becomes less present in the books. I cannot deal with that.
Wish I could have been at two signings at once but I really wanted the Jo Davis book and so far it is HOT!

Re: The Accidental Human (11:42pm April 12, 2009):

I'm a fool for a book with a dog on the cover. I generally buy them. Now if it turns out there is no dog in the story. bye. bye....
Another case of the cover not agreeing with the story is Get Lucky by Suz Brockmann which another reader gave me at Dakota's BBQ. The hero in the book is a Navy SEAL yet the guy on the cover is CHUBBY. But is was a good book!

Re: Rewriting Monday (9:58am April 7, 2009):

There are definitely things I would change. I would go out more and do more. It would also be nice to go back to few moments and shut my mouth instead of inserting my foot in my mouth.

Re: High Noon (3:29pm April 5, 2009):

I watched High Noon last night. I thought they stuck to the book as best as possible and cut out secondary characters where it made since so that the movie only lasted 2 hours with commercials. But with the cuts, I felt that if you hadn't read the book you wouldn't really understand the hero's relationship with his friend's family. I also thought they lightened up the story a bit by changing the outcome of the cemetary scene, as well as the scene where the heroine is attacked in the stairwell. I guess they didn't want to get too gritty with the movie.

Re: Secret Fantasy (4:38pm February 15, 2009):

...when all else fails, there are really good books :D

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