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Start your holiday reads in November

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Being naughty was nice, but now these friends-turned-lovers are in for an unforgettable Christmas...

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Surviving the holidays will take a Christmas miracle...

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Cozy animal mystery

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She disappeared without a trace seven years ago, now he’s about to discover the secrets she’s guarded with her life…

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Her holidays have never looked so promising...

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A feel good romance that'll get you in the holiday spirit...


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Dark Side of the Moon
by Sherrilyn Kenyon
"What's a reporter to do?"
Posted July 11, 2006

Susan Michaels wasn't ready for this type of day. Granted, she does work for a tabloid but whoever thought she would live one of the stories. Not that she minds having a gorgeous naked man on her floor, but he just turned that way from a cat...right? Ravyn Read more...

Date Me, Baby, One More Time
by Stephanie Rowe
"And you thought your mother complicated your life."
Posted June 10, 2006

Justine Bennett's life was dull, at least until her mother tells her she will face a Qualifying Incident to see if she will go to heaven or wind up in hell. Being the guardian of the Goblet of Eternal Youth, you think she would be prepared for anything but Read more...

Hung Out to Die
by Sharon Short
"What is it with families and trouble?"
Posted June 10, 2006

Josie Toadfern has a nickname that haunts her to this day. Nosy Josie is what she is known by in her small town, and has haunted her ever since she was in grade school. So what if she is curiously gifted, she has friends, her own business, and Owen, her Read more...

Master of Wolves
by Angela Knight
"Being attracted to your partner was not supposed to be like this."
Posted June 10, 2006

Officer Faith Weston is head of the K-9 unit in a small town of Clarkston but she never expected for Rambo to start talking to her. Now with Jim London, a.k.a. Rambo, making it known in more ways then one he's up to playing, just not Read more...

The Turning: Book One
by Jennifer Armintrout
"Sometimes change is for the better."
Posted May 31, 2006

Dr. Carrie Ames didn't expect to live, but she did. After surgery, her recovery wasn't exactly like it should be. First she had a very high fever, but as soon as it broke her temperature went down to 92 degrees. If that wasn't strange enough, her appetite Read more...

A Distant Tomorrow
by Bertrice Small
"With a new Emperor, Lara must follow her destiny again."
Posted May 7, 2006

Vartan, Lara's husband, is dead by the hands of his brother, leaving Lara no choice but to follow her destiny once again. With war on the horizon with Hetar and the clans of the Outlands vastly outnumbered, she turns to Archeron, the Coastal King. In doing so, she learns Read more...

Full Moon Rising
by Keri Arthur
"Well, if the sex doesn't get them..."
Posted April 19, 2006

Riley Jenson's life is about to change when she finds a sexy man wearing nothing but mud on her doorstep looking for her twin brother Rhoan. The only problem is she doesn't know where Rhoan is. With the help of her boss, Jack, Riley sets out to hunt Read more...

Dead and Loving It
by MaryJanice Davidson
"Let's have some love, steamy sexy and a lot of laughs!"
Posted April 19, 2006

Mary Janice Davidson has done it again with Dead and Loving It. Her brand of humor, love, and hot sex shows through this book with no disappointment. There isn't another writer who can take all different magical creatures and come out making them seem real better than Read more...

Touch of Evil
by C.T. Adams, Cathy Clamp
"It can't get worse, Right?"
Posted March 24, 2006

Mary Kathleen Reilly has a lot going on. She runs her own apartment building, she flies all over the world for antiques, and she has angered the queen vampire. What else could there be? Other than her family, and an ex-boyfriend that makes being single and living with a Read more...

Body Heat
by Katherine Garbera
"The fire's just begining to burn."
Posted March 23, 2006

Andi O'Roarke's life is about to change; even if she is determined that it should stay the same. Being one of the few female fire chiefs', she's worked hard to just be 'one of the guys'. Following in her father's footsteps, she's been trying to Read more...

Sexy Beast
by Vivi Anna, Noelle Mack, Kate Douglas
"Need something to keep you warm at night?"
Posted March 7, 2006

SEXY BEAST features Kate Douglas, Noelle Mack, and Vivi Anna. These three stories takes you through action, imagination and steamy sex. The book starts out with Chanku Rising by Kate Douglas. The story takes place mainly in San Francisco. Keisha and Xandi go there for a unveiling of Read more...

The Hunger
by Susan Squires
"Maybe next time..."
Posted December 30, 2005

Beatrix Lesse, Countess of Lente, has grown bored of her life. The men who surround her no longer hold any appeal, and the nights just seem to pass by. The games, the parties, and politics just are the same as they were the last century and the one before that Read more...

A Quick Bite
by Lynsay Sands
"Sex slave, YES! Dinner, NO!"
Posted December 30, 2005

Lissianna never in her life thought when mother said she had a present for her, that she would find him tied to her bed. With a red bow no doubt, but biting him turned out to be the wrong move. Now the funny thing about unwrapping a present before you Read more...

Shadows of Prophecy
by Rachel Lee
"Now is the time for the Anri people.."
Posted December 30, 2005

In the second novel of the Ilduin trilogy starts off after the defeat of Glassidor, in The Shadows of Myth. They journey to the land of the Arni, Ratha's and Giri's home. It is a desert in which none have ever seen before, where the stones Read more...

by Cait London
"Going home is hard"
Posted November 10, 2005

Going home can be difficult -- especially when it means you have to face the death of your sister. Rachel Everly was on the fast track. Being self-efficient, goal oriented and determined to find out why her sister committed suicide isn't settling well with some people. How can find Read more...

Darker Than Midnight
by Maggie Shayne
"Blackberry holds more secerts than it should."
Posted November 8, 2005

Jax Jackson has returned to Blackberry because of Frankie's retirement. If she takes the position of Police Chief she'll be closer to her parents and the friends she made in the case that brought the madman, Mordecai Young, to an end. Although, it was a nightmare of a Read more...

Out of the Night
by Robin T. Popp
"A new twist in the Vampire lore."
Posted November 6, 2005

When Lanie Weber heard that her father was dead, she had to see the body for herself -- looking for the closure she never got when her mother died. Being a volunteer firefighter, she was pretty sure she could deal with how gruesome it might be, seeing her father, but she Read more...

After Midnight
by Teresa Medeiros
"Strong story like no other"
Posted September 5, 2005

AFTER MIDNIGHT by Teresa Medeiros takes place in Europe in the 1820's. Caroline Cabot has raised her sisters since her parents' untimely death. She has done nothing but sacrificed herself for Vivienne and Portia, including fighting off the advances of her cousin Cecil. Now that Vivienne has come out Read more...

To The Limit
by Cindy Gerard
"Fast paced and full of surprises"
Posted September 5, 2005

Eve Garret was only trying to meet a friend, but instead she met up with someone who wanted her dead. When she finds out that Tiffany is missing, she starts looking for her in the clubs that Tiffany is known to frequent. For some strange odd reason, fate seems to Read more...

Miss Bubbles Steals the Show
by Melanie Murray
"Life is the real show..."
Posted August 1, 2005

MISS BUBBLES STEALS THE SHOW by Melanie Murray is about a young woman who is trying desperately to start an acting career. The story is about Stella and what she encounters. It starts out with Stella coming out of a bad break up, and finding a naked stranger in her Read more...

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