January 25th, 2020
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Staying hidden has kept her alive…But now she’s been found.

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It's never too late for love in the small Texas ranch town of Silverlake.

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Laura Joh Rowland is back the case of a mutilated "Sleeping Beauty" washed ashore in London.

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Once she got away, but this time it's a dead end

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Grim Reaper Charley Davidson is back in the final installment of Darynda Jones’ New York Times bestselling paranormal series

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Sin may find the Saint she never knew she needed.


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Deception Cove
by Owen Laukkanen
"Jess and Mason will do anything to save Lucy..."
Posted September 19, 2019

Ex-marine Jess Winslow was discharged and returned home only to bury her no good husband who drowned in what the police say was an accident. Suffering from severe PTSD is her dog, Lucy, the only thing that really makes each day worthwhile. That's until the fateful day Read more...

Meet Me in Monaco
by Hazel Gaynor
"Glamorous historical fiction set in Monaco..."
Posted August 1, 2019

Each year, paparazzi and movie stars travel to Cannes in droves for the celebrated film festival. Among the movie stars is Grace Kelly, who will soon become the wife of Prince Rainer of Monaco. Grace Kelly, however, just wants to be left alone and it's when she's Read more...

by Karen Kelly
"A truly engrossing book about family secrets."
Posted July 23, 2019

BETHLEHEM is the story of Joanna - a young woman that, together with her husband Frank and children, moves back in the ancestral home because it will be closer to Franks's work. Frank's father has just died, he's has taken on much more responsibility, and he's Read more...

The Shameless
by Ace Atkins
"An old cold case brings two reporters to Tibbehah Country..."
Posted July 23, 2019

Two New York reporters are in Tibbehah Country, Mississippi investigating a cold case. Twenty years ago a young man, Brandon Taylor, killed himself in the Big Woods. At least that is the official explanation. What really happened is hard to know, since there were no witnesses and all the Read more...

Never Look Back
by Alison Gaylin
"She thought she knew her mother..."
Posted July 18, 2019

Website columnist Robin Diamond is shocked when crime podcast producer Quentin Garrison contacts her and implies that Robin's mother was involved in a couple of murders back in the 70s. Robin is quite sure that this is impossible, but she can't help wondering why she knows so Read more...

Almost Midnight
by Paul Doiron
"A thrilling new book in the Mike Bowditch series!"
Posted July 18, 2019

Mike Bowditch cuts his vacation short when the wife of Billy Cronk calls and tells him Billy needs to see him. Billy has a favor to ask Mike, a favor that Mike just can't do for him. However, shortly after this a female guard attacked and Billy saves Read more...

Assassin of Shadows
by Lawrence Goldstone
"If you like historical conspiracy theory novels, I recommend reading this book!"
Posted July 18, 2019

Two secret service men, Walter George and Harry Swayne are tasked with trying to find out the truth about the assassin attempt of President William McKinley. The shooter, anarchist Leon Czolgosz words after the deed is "I done my duty". But could it all be a conspiracy? That anarchism Read more...

Into the Jungle
by Erica Ferencik
"Lily follows a man she hardly knows into the jungle..."
Posted July 18, 2019

Lily Bushwold never thought that one day she would follow a man she hardly knew into the jungle, to the village he was born. But love can change a lot in a person's life. Lily grew up in group homes and when she got a teaching job in Read more...

by Linda Castillo
"Who would kill an old woman and kidnap her grandchild?"
Posted July 16, 2019

An old woman is out picking walnuts with her two grandchildren when she hears a sound from inside the abandoned farmhouse where they are. No one lived on the farm for a long time so no one should be inside the house. A little time later is the woman Read more...

Girls Like Us
by Cristina Alger
"FBI Agent Nell Flynn never thought that one day would have to investigate her own father..."
Posted July 11, 2019

FBI Agent Nell Flynn has returned home for the first time in many years. The reason is a very somber one: her father Homicide Detective Martin Flynn has died in a motorcycle accident. Now she's there to spread his ashes and see what to do with what her Read more...

The Never Game
by Jeffery Deaver
"This book rocks! Jeffery Deaver has done it again!"
Posted July 11, 2019

As a big fan of the Lincoln Rhyme series by Jefferey Deaver was I curious to see how THE NEVER GAMEthe first book in Deaver's new series, would Read more...

The Stories You Tell
by Kristen Lepionka
"PI Roxane Weary must find a missing woman to clear her brother's name..."
Posted July 11, 2019

PI Roxane Weary gets a call in the middle of the night from her brother Andrew. He's worried about a visitor that showed up in the evening at his place clearly upset. All she wanted was to use his phone and then she left. He then calls Roxane Read more...

The Golden Hour
by Beatriz Williams
"A truly fantastic book!"
Posted July 9, 2019

One of my favorite books by Beatriz Williams is ALONG THE INFINITE SEA. Now, I have to admit that I love plenty of her books, but that one just rocked my world as I listened to the audio version. One thing one Read more...

The Ocean Liner
by Marius Gabriel
"The Ocean Liner is both gripping and chilling to read..."
Posted July 7, 2019

It's not long ago that I read THE DESIGNER by Marius Gabriel, a book that I came to enjoy quite a lot. So, when I saw this book for the first time, I was intrigued, especially since there was Read more...

The Last Collection
by Jeanne Mackin
"Only one can be the top designer..."
Posted July 5, 2019

Lily Sutter had no idea that an invitation from her brother to come to Paris would introduce her both to Elsa Schiaparelli and Coco Chanel. The year is 1939, and the Nazi threat is growing stronger and stronger. However, in Paris is it already war - a fashion war between Read more...

The Accidentals
by Minrose Gwin
"An engrossing story about two sisters and their ordeals."
Posted July 5, 2019

1957, Opelika, Mississippi. June and Grace's mother Olivia McAlister makes the bad decision to have a backwoods abortion. This decision leads to her death and June and Grace's lives forever changed. Their father Holly can't really deal with the loss, and Olivia's unmarried sister tries Read more...

Paper Son
by S.J. Rozan
"Lydia Chin must help a cousin who is accused of murder!"
Posted July 5, 2019

I'm not one of those that must read a book series from the beginning. I love picking up a book in a series, no matter which book it is. If I'm lucky, I get curious and want to learn more about the history of the characters and Read more...

Second Sight
by Aoife Clifford
"Eliza Carmody's homecoming will stir up trouble..."
Posted July 5, 2019

Eliza Carmody has to return to her hometown of Kinsale when she is assigned a legal case concerning a fire that a company is accused of starting. She tries to keep a low profile so that the people don't know that she's there for the company's Read more...

Marah Chase and the Conqueror's Tomb
by Jay Stringer
"Marah Chase must find Alexander the Great's tomb before some really bad people do it..."
Posted July 5, 2019

Marah Chase was once a promising archaeologist. However, some bad events have made her persona non grata in the field. So, now she works as a black-market treasure hunter instead. And, she's in the middle of a mission going horribly wrong when she's saved at the Read more...

by Laura L. Sullivan
"Milady tells her side of the story..."
Posted July 5, 2019

She's one of literature's most famous villains - Milady de Winter. But, who was she really? In MILADY we get her own story - from her childhood ordeals in life to the trials that will make her the ruthless woman d'Artagnan will meet. The woman who Athos married Read more...

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