December 16th, 2017
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October 1, 2012

Skies of Steel

Zoe Archer

Diana Troldahl

November 14, 2012

""But, damn, she didn't kiss him like a high-minded woman.""

May 1, 2015


Michael Buckley

Clare O'Beara

August 6, 2015

"...a chilling Young Adult Fantasy..."

August 1, 2015

Dragon Fall

Katie MacAlister

Miranda Owen

July 29, 2015

"...unpredictable twists and turns that will have you laughing, sighing, and thoroughly captivated."

September 1, 2012

An Apple For The Creature

Charlaine Harris

Annie Tegelan

September 21, 2012

"13 Bestselling authors get schooled!"

February 1, 2017

The Turn

Kim Harrison

Annie Tegelan

May 17, 2017

"A 'Hallows' prequel fans should not miss"

April 1, 2010

Tales of the Otherworld

Kelley Armstrong

Sue Burke

March 13, 2010

"A book of good stories banded together to support a good cause."

November 1, 2008

Any Given Doomsday

Lori Handeland

Paula Myers

October 15, 2008

"A brilliantly crafted tale with a multi-faceted heroine and fascinating paranormal creatures."

May 1, 2015

Cold Burn of Magic

Jennifer Estep

Monique Daoust

May 1, 2015

"A cold-hearted, ruthless and absolutely fabulous heroine!"

March 1, 2014


Maria Violante

Sherri Morris

April 17, 2014

"A Compelling New Series which Will Leave You Ready for More!"

November 1, 2017

A Spoonful of Magic

Irene Radford

Monique Daoust

November 9, 2017

"A couple puts their differences aside to save their son"

July 1, 2008


Eve Kenin

Mandy Burns

June 16, 2008

"A creative and action-packed futuristic sequel to DRIVEN."

June 1, 2009


Alisa Sheckley

Sue Burke

May 17, 2009

"A darker and more satisfying fantasy than your typical tale of urban weres."

February 1, 2012

Fury of Fire

Coreene Callahan

Kathyrn Little

June 17, 2012

"A Deadly Love"

July 1, 2015

Wylding Hall

Elizabeth Hand

Lynn Cunningham

July 17, 2015

"A deliciously creepy and unsettling tale of the supernatural."

July 1, 2015

A Murder of Mages

Marshall Ryan Maresca

Debbie Wiley

July 8, 2015

"A detective story set in a fantasy world that just sucks you right into the storyline!"

December 1, 2017

Year One

Nora Roberts

Annetta Sweetko

December 4, 2017

"A diverse offering that will make you sit back and think."

June 1, 2010

The Enchantment Emporium

Tanya Huff

Vicky Gilpin

May 26, 2010

"A fabulous urban fantasy that makes you hope for more about the Gale girls."

June 1, 2009

The Enchantment Emporium

Tanya Huff

Vicky Gilpin

May 26, 2010

"A fabulous urban fantasy that makes you hope for more about the Gale girls."

October 1, 2010


Yvonne Navarro

Lenore Howard

November 25, 2010

"A fallen angel escapes Hell and comes to Earth seeking redemption, but can she elude the Hunters?"

August 1, 2010

Total Eclipse:

Rachel Caine

Vicky Gilpin

August 6, 2010

"A fantastic culmination of the action, angst, danger and romance of the entire series."

Items 1 - 20 shown, out of 587 total.

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