August 24th, 2019
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February 1, 2019

Sweet Taste of Revenge

Mary Ellis

Viki Ferrell

January 24, 2019

"Two investigations to solve ... one paying and one personal!"

October 1, 2018

The Antiquities Hunter

Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff

Magdalena Johansson

October 11, 2018

"A PI finds herself on the hunt for missing artifacts..."

May 1, 2018

Hide and Sneak

G.A. McKevett

Debbie Wiley

July 7, 2018

"A celebrity, a missing mother and child, and a dead nanny- can Savannah solve the case?"

April 1, 2018

Lock 13

Peter Helton

Clare O'Beara

May 6, 2018

"Up the Somerset canal without a paddle"

April 1, 2018

Gumshoe on the Loose

Rob Leininger

Sharon Salituro

September 13, 2018

"Solving a murder is always better with a partner..."

May 1, 2017

Every Body on Deck

G.A. McKevett

Miranda Owen

May 15, 2017

"A superlative mystery with hidden ulterior motives, unexpected twists, and dodgy characters!"

December 1, 2016

Dark Fissures

Matt Coyle

Sharon Salituro

January 4, 2017

"Is it murder or suicide?"

May 1, 2015

Lowcountry Boneyard

Susan M. Boyer

Clare O'Beara

August 1, 2015

"An astonishingly good PI story from South Carolina"

February 1, 2015

The Long And Faraway Gone

Lou Berney

Maria Munoz

February 27, 2015

"A compelling crime novel, mystery, and story of a personal journey to make peace with a trauma that can't be forgotten."

January 1, 2015

The Last Private Eye

John Birkett

Clare O'Beara

April 5, 2015

"This PI has to find a racing groom, with the Kentucky Derby at stake"

January 1, 2015

The Queen's Mare

John Birkett

Clare O'Beara

April 21, 2015

"A racehorse is stolen for ransom, and this PI has his work cut out"

December 1, 2014

The Kill List

Nichole Christoff

Shellie Surles

December 17, 2014

"Jamie must find the missing child before it is too late"

September 1, 2014

Private Down Under

James Patterson, Michael White

Shellie Surles

September 18, 2014

"A new Private firm is opening in Australia and mystery is all around"

April 1, 2014

Russian Roulette

E.E. Smith

Teresa Cross

May 12, 2014

"Alexis J. Smith, private investigator, gets to the bottom of every mystery."

April 1, 2014

Russian Roulette

E.E. Smith

Tanzey Cutter

May 1, 2014

"Private Detective Alexis Smith continues to make discreet inquiries both here and abroad."

September 1, 2013

Second Watch

J.A. Jance

Jennifer Barnhart

October 8, 2013

"Second Watch is anything but boring!"

July 1, 2013

The Last Word

Lisa Lutz

Maria Munoz

July 9, 2013

"All our favorite Spellmans, their friends, and all the crazy, dysfunctional shenanigans we've come to love."

July 1, 2013

Green-Eyed Lady

Chuck Greaves

Maria Munoz

June 19, 2013

"A suspenseful and witty legal mystery that will keep you guessing until the very end."

May 1, 2013

Cuts Through Bone

Alaric Hunt

Tanzey Cutter

April 14, 2013

"A most unusual PI team has their hands full with a new case that could be their demise."

March 1, 2013

Some Like It Hot

K.J. Larsen

Maria Munoz

March 31, 2013

"Funny, charming, and snarky with just the right twists and turns to keep you guessing."

Items 1 - 20 shown, out of 81 total.

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