August 21st, 2019
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Laura Kaye | Why I Love Writing Vampires

Taken by the Vampire King
Laura Kaye



Barnes & Noble

August 2013
On Sale: August 1, 2013
ISBN: 1460317890
EAN: 9781460317891
Kindle: B00BNRIK4W
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I'm thrilled to be back at Fresh Fiction to celebrate the release of my eleventh book, Taken by the Vampire King , the third book in the Vampire Warrior Kings series. Supernatural stories have been my favorite since I was a child, maybe because my family believed in all things spooky. We'd sit around my grandmother's kitchen table on Friday nights and my grandparents, aunts, and uncles would recount ghosts stories from my family's history. My grandmother talked with all seriousness about the evil-eyed curse her mother-in-law placed on her while pregnant with my mother, and about the angel she believed saved that pregnancy. So as a young reader, I craved any book I could get about the supernatural and, among them, vampire stories were always my favorite.

There are a lot of reasons why I enjoy writing vampires, and here are a few of the top ones:

Diverse vampire mythology. There are a lot of variations on vampire mythology, which creates an awesomely diverse experience for readers and a lot of leeway for writers. Every time I pick up a new vampire story, I'm filled with anticipation to see exactly how they'll characterize their vamps. Will they be able to go in the sun? Sleep during the day? Have a heartbeat? Consume food? Be killed by silver, holy water, stakes through the heart, decapitation? The lure and mythology allows a lot of creativity, and that's exciting as both a reader and a writer.

Cool powers. Here's another area with a lot of variety and possibility. Vampire lure variously characterizes vampires as being able to control minds, charm or enchant humans, shapeshift, become invisible, fly, read thoughts, and more. Not only are all these supernatural powers interesting to imagine and read about, they also mean that despite the number of vampire stories out there, it's rare to find any two that are exactly the same.

Bad boys. To my mind, vampires are THE bad boys of the paranormal world. Immortal, powerful, sensual and attractive by nature, dangerous, tortured. What's not to love?

Fangs. Fangs represent everything dangerous and powerful and non-human about the vampire. To me, that makes them incredibly fascinating and appealing. Love me some fangs!

He could kill you but he won't. One of my favorite things about reading and writing vampire stories is the idea that this immortal creature with unimaginable powers is so enamored with the heroine that he resists all of his most fundamental urges and cravings to be with her rather than to kill her. It's romantic and dangerous and thrilling. And I love the experience of reading that push and pull and writing it, too.

If you're a vampire lover, I hope you'll come see how I put together the world of the Vampire Warrior Kings. And, to give you the chance, I'm giving away a signed paperback of the very hard-to-get UK print anthology, Summer Holiday with a Vampire, which includes the first book in my series, In the Service of the King, along with vampire stories by awesome authors Caridad Pineiro, Michele Hauf, Kendra Leigh Castle, and Lisa Childs. Good luck!

What do you most enjoy about vampire stories?

Thanks for reading!

Laura Kaye

About Taken by the Vampire King:

Henrik Magnusson is supposed to be immortal, but a mysterious ailment leaves the vampire king near death, and not even the blood of the Proffered, human virgins trained to serve the elite, can sustain him. Then he rescues a beautiful young woman from his enemies, and is filled with blood lust and desire he hasn't felt for centuries.

Photographer Kaira Sorenson's life takes a nightmare turn when she's attacked by blood-thirsty creatures - and saved by a vampire. She should be afraid of Henrik, but she can't deny her intense attraction to this regal, enigmatic being - nor the fact that her blood may be his only salvation. Now she must decide if she's willing to be his forever...

Comment to win a signed copy of Summer Holiday with a Vampire.




48 comments posted.

Re: Laura Kaye | Why I Love Writing Vampires

I have to confess that I haven't read much in this genre, but from what I have read, there's a special tenderness that you don't find in regular Romances. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. I enjoyed your posting very much, and am looking forward to reading your book!! You have to be a special Author if Harlequin took you on as an Author!! The book that's up for grabs sounds like a really good one, too, since I'm familiar with most of the Authors as well. Thank you for letting me be in the running for such a rare treat!!
(Peggy Roberson 7:35am August 12, 2013)

I love that vampires don't have to be so stereotypical - the fact that they can
be written to have different powers is really appealing. It makes each story
unique. Congratulations on the book and thanks for the chance to win!!!
(Linda Brennan 8:14am August 12, 2013)

I like the variety of vampire stories. The amount of history they possibly
experienced can be cool too. I can't imagine how bored someone could get
in that time.
(Laura Gullickson 8:28am August 12, 2013)

I want to give this genre of books a try.
(Melanie Backus 9:08am August 12, 2013)

I love the paranormal romances. They are a great escape from everyday.
(Susan Clickner 10:36am August 12, 2013)

I love vampires and can't wait to read this one. Thanks!
(Bonnie Capuano 11:13am August 12, 2013)

I love how vampires love so completely. They have such enormous
strength & incredible powers & they all mean nothing without their true
(Lisa George 11:20am August 12, 2013)

The bad boys with that hint of danger.
(Anne Muller 11:31am August 12, 2013)

I like the scariness of their stories.
(Maureen Emmons 11:40am August 12, 2013)

I love that Vamp stories are so in your face...they've lived
for so long so there's no needing to candy coat things.
(Bj Gaskill 12:43pm August 12, 2013)

I love vamp stories... love how they are a bit scary but sexy... that bit of danger.
(Colleen Conklin 1:30pm August 12, 2013)

I love that when a vampire loves they love very deeply!
(Vickie Schultz 2:02pm August 12, 2013)

I love vampires! They have that dark, sexy, dangerous vibe
that just makes me tingle.
(Eva Millien 2:06pm August 12, 2013)

Love the genre, but have not read Laura Kaye. Will have to add her to my wish list.
(Kat Vickers 2:31pm August 12, 2013)

I love Vampire stories. I love to read different author's take on the mythology and world building. It's hard to resist a dark and sexy Vampire! Thanks for the giveaway!
(Cammie Sanchez 2:36pm August 12, 2013)


@Peggy - thanks for stopping by and for being willing to
give something you don't normally read a try! :) Good luck!

@Linda - yes! I totally agree!

@Laura - Oh, yes, I love the witness to history part, too!
Good one!

@Melanie - I hope you enjoy them if you do! :)

@Susan - so true! :)

@Bonnie - awesome! Thanks so much!

@Lisa - oh, yes. Yup. Right there.

@Anne - one of my faves!

@Maureen - it adds a thrill, doesn't it?

@BJ - yes, that's a good one!

@Colleen - uh huh. Me too! ;)

@Vickie - aw, isn't that awesome?

@Eva - Tingling is good! ;)

@Kat - Awesome! Thanks!

@Cammie - Resistance is futile! LOL ;)

Thanks for all the great comments everyone! Good luck!
(Laura Kaye 2:47pm August 12, 2013)

I can't wait to read these books! They look great!!!
(Jodie Larson 2:54pm August 12, 2013)

sounds like a very good book and I completely agree that is amazing how many different vampire stories are out there. It make them very fun to read.
(Larena Hubble 2:57pm August 12, 2013)

So glad to find new vampire series.
(Nancy Huddleston 3:01pm August 12, 2013)

I love when vampires fall in love they are totally committed
to the relationship. No doubts for vampires. I can't wait to
read your book!!
(Theresa Fischer 3:01pm August 12, 2013)

Vampires are the most fun supernatural beings to read about! I
know this will be good!
(Alissa Fears 3:15pm August 12, 2013)

I can't wait to read your books. A new vampire series for me.
(Debbie Addis 3:19pm August 12, 2013)

I just love to see the good and the bad sides and to show that
they can have weakness just like anyone else
(Toni Whitmire 3:25pm August 12, 2013)

PNR and UF are my favorite genres. The added supernatural elements just
make everything more intriguing and spicier. With vampires its that hint of
danger that makes them even more sexy.
(Stephanie Fredrick 3:48pm August 12, 2013)

I love that those characters you would think are evil or bad
just due to what they have to do to survive many times in
romance novels are actually the biggest softies at heart
regardless of that very nature that makes them so feared and
(Iris Pross 4:05pm August 12, 2013)

Love Laura Kaye's books! Especially her paranormal romance ones!
(Erin Koiso 4:08pm August 12, 2013)

I agree with you and I love the vampire ability to protect the
one he/she loves. Thank you so much for such a generous
(Victoria Sloboda 4:10pm August 12, 2013)

I like vampire stories and other paranormal books. Usually I read the Y.A. ones. Summer Holiday With a Vampire sounds good and I just looked at the excerpt on Amazon.
(Michelle Fidler 4:13pm August 12, 2013)


@Jodie - thank you!

@Larena - yes, so true! :)

@Nancy - Woot! Me, too! :)

@Theresa - yes! I like the way you put that!

@Alissa - woot! I couldn't agree more!

@L Lam - LOL Me, too!

@Debbie - thank you! I hope you enjoy them if you try them!

@Toni - I like that about them, too!

@Stephanie - Love the way you put that!

@Iris - aw, yes. So true! Me, too!

@Erin - xoxo!

@Victoria - welcome!

@Michelle - I hope you enjoy it, Michelle!

Thanks for all the great comments everyone! :)
(Laura Kaye 4:37pm August 12, 2013)

I've not yet read anything involving vampires but need to start and discover what I've been missing.
(Karen Blossom 5:15pm August 12, 2013)

I think the fear and danger along with their supernatural powers, is most intriguing about vampire stories and movies. I'd like to read your books in this series.
(Rich Cook 5:49pm August 12, 2013)

I love the romantic vampire books and the supernatural powers
like warewolves shapeshifters love your books thanks so much
for the giveaway
(Denise Smith 6:41pm August 12, 2013)

I love reading vampire romances. There's just something about the tenderness and ferocity a vampire can display for the woman he loves.
(Lori Ringel 7:38pm August 12, 2013)

I love the bad boy aspects and also the immortality angle of romance. So much fun to read.
(Jamie Fortney 9:44pm August 12, 2013)

Vampires. The ultimate bad boys. And who doesn't love a great bad boy book? Can't wait to read it!
(Marcia Berbeza 10:00pm August 12, 2013)

I'm looking forward to reading your book.
I read several novels by different authors in this genre.
There's always room for another author whose work I haven't read yet.
I wish you much success with this one.
The synopsis sounds irresistible.
(Sandra LeFrancois 10:02pm August 12, 2013)

Book sounds great. I love me some vampires. Thanks for the giveaway!
(Sally Hannoush 10:12pm August 12, 2013)

I think it's the sensuality of the vampire that appeals to me.
(Janie McGaugh 10:32pm August 12, 2013)


@Karen - definitely! :)

@Rich - Thanks so much!

@Denise - You're welcome!

@Lori - oh, yes, that's a great combination!

@Jamie - le sigh... yes!

@Marcia - Woot! Thanks!

@Sandra - I love hearing that! Thanks!

@Sally - Thank you!

@Janie - yes, that's a good one, too!

Good luck everyone!

(Laura Kaye 11:41pm August 12, 2013)

Aw, I love your post Laura!
(Erica Haglund 11:44pm August 12, 2013)

I haven't read a vampire romance in
a while, I'm definitely looking
forward to reading this one-thanks
for the chance to win!
(Timitra Cozier-Bobb EHL- 1196 11:54pm August 12, 2013)

I enjoyed reading your post. I have watched vampire movies, but have never read a vampire story, maybe I should give it a try. Thank you for this chance to win some books, it would be great. The Best To You.
(Esther Somorai 4:52pm August 13, 2013)

Love your post! :) I like the sexiness! :)
(May Pau 8:31pm August 13, 2013)

Vampires have that sex appeal. They especially have the thralling effect on female species.
(Kai Wong 10:57pm August 13, 2013)

I don't read much horror so a vampire story has to be just edgy enough but not into gore. I definitely do not like silly teenaged girls falling in love with violent older men. Which is what a lot of vampire stories are about right now. When I hear vampires I think Salem's Lot.
(Clare O'Beara 2:19pm August 14, 2013)

I love all the classic lore & then I love new twists and ideas
(Mary Preston 5:24am August 15, 2013)

Paranormal romance is my favorite genre. I love reading about vampires because of their mystery, immortality, supernatural powers, and sex appeal. The variations on vampire mythology are intriguing and present a fascinating diversity of stories.
(Bonnie H 4:13pm August 15, 2013)

I would love the opportunity to read the book. I had
been following your blog your when I could.
(Rhonda Brittingham 6:07am August 16, 2013)

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