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Sara Humphreys | Top 10 Reasons Why Being a Vampire Would Rock

Tall, Dark, And Vampire
Sara Humphreys




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Dead in the City #1

August 2013
On Sale: August 8, 2013
Featuring: Olivia Hollingsworth; Doug Paxton
320 pages
ISBN: 1402274068
EAN: 9781402274060
Kindle: B00CA3SHJQ
Paperback / e-Book
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Also by Sara Humphreys:
Undiscovered, March 2017
Trouble Walks In, August 2016
The Good, the Bad, and the Vampire, January 2016
Brave the Heat, September 2015


I'm sure if you asked a hundred people why vampires are awesome, they'd have a hundred different answers. But that's what's so cool about vamps. They appeal to lots of people for lots of different reasons.

Here are the ten reasons I would love to be a vampire.

1. Bloodlust. Don't get me wrong. I'm not looking to drink anyone's blood and the idea of doing it in real life is gross. However, the notion of being driven mad with lust and desire, to taste someone... Now that is hot.

2. Not aging. I gotta tell ya, that's appealing! Now in reality of course, the only alternative to not aging is death but in the paranormal world...there's undead. If I were going to be turned, I would pick thirty years old to be frozen at. Still young enough to be relatively wrinkle-free, but old enough to know the score.

3. Living through different eras. Now of course to do this, you'd have to manage not to get staked or burned to a crisp in the sun but the whole immortal thing would let you see what the future—the far future—has in store. Flying cars? Alien visitations? A skinny pill?

4. Flying. I'd love to be able to do that. I have a recurring dream that I can fly, but I'm actually swimming through the air. Weird.

5. Mind control. It would be cool to be able to "glamour" someone and get them to tell you the real truth or do your bidding. Admit it, there's someone out there right now that you'd love to glamour. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone.

6. Super strength. Yes. I'll admit it. I want to be able to bend a bar of steel. Why? Just because I can.

7. Move with inhuman speed. I'd never be late again... My husband would like that part!

8. Family. As part of a coven, you'd always have a tribe... a family. There would always be a group of individuals who, no matter what, would have your back.

9. Never diet again. This is related to #2 but I feel it's such an awesome thought... It deserves its own spot on the list.

10. Bloodmate. In my Dead in the City series, the vampires have a legend...supposedly all vampires have a Bloodmate. If they find and bond with their Bloodmate then the two become Daywalkers—vampires who can walk in the sun. Daywalking would be great but the best part? Having that one person who understands you, desires you, loves you and will do anything for you. Yeah...I could get with that.

How about you? What would you like best about being a vampire?

Dream on...



She always knew Fate was cruel...

The last person Olivia expected to turn up at her club was her one true love. It would normally be great to see him, except he's been dead for centuries. Olivia really thought she had moved on with her immortal life, but as soon as she sees Doug Paxton, she knows she'd rather die than lose him again. And that's a real problem...

But this is beyond the pale...

Doug is a no-nonsense copy by day, but his nights are tormented by dreams of a gorgeous redhead who's so much a part of him, she seems to be in his blood. When he meets Olivia face-to-face, long-buried memories begin to surface. She might be the answer to his prayers...or she might be the dead of him.


"Engaging... Humphreys skillfully blends intrigue and romance." —Publishers Weekly

"Shines with fascinating new characters... Readers will not want to wait for more from the very talented Humphreys!" —RT Book Reviews, 4 ½ Stars, Top Pick of the Month


Sara Humphreys has been attracted to the fantasies of science fiction, paranormal, and romance since her adolescence when she had a mad crush on Captain Kirk. A public speaker and speaker trainer, Sara lives in Bronxville, New York, with her husband, who is very considerate of her double life, and four amazing boys. Look for the next Amoveo Legend novel, Unclaimed, in December, and the next Dead in the City novel, Vampire Trouble, in July 2014. For more information please visit, follow her on twitter and find her on Facebook


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One commenter will win a copy of TALL, DARK, AND VAMPIRE. 1 winner, US and Canada only




101 comments posted.

Re: Sara Humphreys | Top 10 Reasons Why Being a Vampire Would Rock

I like the bloodmate idea. Congratulations and thanks for the giveaway!!!
(Linda Brennan 12:19pm August 1, 2013)

I love the vampire novels with romance i love the story lines
with the male charector the v ampire and the female charector
the human tall dark and vampire wow what a great name for
the book
(Denise Smith 8:19am August 1, 2013)

I love the Daywalkers concept,thanks for doing his giveaway.
(Norma Todd 8:38am August 1, 2013)

I love all of it! No aging, flying, super strength... there is absolutely nothing to hate about being a vampire :) Thank you for the opportunity to win!
(Kristina Parmenter 8:56am August 1, 2013)

I like the idea of not having to diet ever again...being in perfect shape would be nice...I think I was in perfect shape for about 3 years in my whole life...then kids came along that all went out the window...Yeah, I think being in awesome shape would be good. :)
(Sandy Kenny 9:02am August 1, 2013)

I like the Not Aging idea, but would pick age 40. I liked myself best at 40 and think I looked my best. Yes, 40...and of course a bloodmate!
(Joanne Costantino 9:29am August 1, 2013)

Although fortunately I don't have to worry about the dieting part, I think you hit all of the main reasons right on the head!! Because each reason is equally as important, there isn't one that would take precedent over the other, so I'd have to be a bit of a piggie and choose them all!! It's amazing how many great things vampires are capable of doing!! After reading the great reviews, as well as the synopsis, I would love to read your book, and find out how the story unfolds!! I'm sure that I'm in for quite a treat!!
(Peggy Roberson 9:43am August 1, 2013)

I love vampire books and look forward to reading this book. Thanks for the giveaway!!! I appreciate it!
(Bonnie Capuano 9:54am August 1, 2013)

beauty that lasts forever, I'll take it!
(Nancy Krueger 10:02am August 1, 2013)

I love books about vampires can't wait to read this one!
(Barbara Jones 10:33am August 1, 2013)

I enjoyed learning about the Not Aging and super strength.
Amazing ideas which are intriguing.
(Sharon Berger 10:43am August 1, 2013)

I'd be young forever and hopefully skinny lol
(Leanne Gagnon 11:39am August 1, 2013)

As a life-long (pun intended) history buff, I would enjoy
watching the world grow and change. My first (and still one
of my favorites) vampire author was Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.
Her main character is over 4,000 years old - so each of her
novels is an exploration of both history and the vampire
mythos. I have always wanted to meet Count Saint Germain!
(Regina Newlin 11:51am August 1, 2013)

Thanks, Linda! I love the Bloodmate part too :)
(Sara Humphreys 1:08pm August 1, 2013)

Hi Denise-I do too but I switched it up in this book. The heroine is a vamp and
the hero starts off as human.
(Sara Humphreys 1:09pm August 1, 2013)

Thank you, Norma. I look forward to hearing what you think of the book.
(Sara Humphreys 1:10pm August 1, 2013)

Me too, Kristina!
(Sara Humphreys 1:10pm August 1, 2013)

To be young looking and live forever sounds fun to me .
(Raeline Peterson 1:10pm August 1, 2013)

I liked 40 also, Sandy. I'm 43 now and so far, the forties are rockin'!
(Sara Humphreys 1:10pm August 1, 2013)

Oh nuts--that previous comment was meant for Joanne! D'oh!
Sandy--I would love to be in really great shape but I need to be more consistent
with my workout regimen.
(Sara Humphreys 1:11pm August 1, 2013)

I want 'em all too, Peggy!
(Sara Humphreys 1:12pm August 1, 2013)

I hope you'll enjoy my vampire world, Bonnie!
(Sara Humphreys 1:12pm August 1, 2013)

Thanks, Sharon. xx
(Sara Humphreys 1:12pm August 1, 2013)

Wouldn't that be fab, Leanne? *sigh*
(Sara Humphreys 1:13pm August 1, 2013)

Great point, Regina!
(Sara Humphreys 1:13pm August 1, 2013)

A Vampire that lives for ever, no problem with that!
(Nicole Laverdure 1:28pm August 1, 2013)

I would love to live through the eras. To see how the times change and
history being made. Super strength and speed would just make it all the
(Stephanie Fredrick 1:39pm August 1, 2013)

Some of the points certainly have their appeal...but the
Bloodmate would trump them all!
(Diana Corlett 1:53pm August 1, 2013)

I feel the same way, Nicole!
(Sara Humphreys 2:02pm August 1, 2013)

Agreed, Stephanie. I'd love to see what the future holds.
(Sara Humphreys 2:02pm August 1, 2013)

Diana--Bloodmates is my favorite part too.
(Sara Humphreys 2:02pm August 1, 2013)

Though I love all the reasons, I would have to go with Bloodmate also!
(Kimberly Becker 2:15pm August 1, 2013)

Hmmm, the bloodmate would be my ideal.
(Colleen Conklin 2:47pm August 1, 2013)

Can't wait to hear what you think of my NYC vamps, Kimberly.
(Sara Humphreys 3:09pm August 1, 2013)

Thanks for coming by, Colleen!
(Sara Humphreys 3:09pm August 1, 2013)

Hello Sara! What would I like about being a vampire? Hmm. Speed and strength and being able to fly (don't they fly?) would be up on my list of likes. Also having a bloodmate that was bound to you so you'd always have a loving companion who was loyal to the core . . . I think that's part of the fantasy in reading vampire stories that attracts me. Of course, story vampires are always handsome and beautiful too. I guess that's the end of my list. Thanks for the chance!
(Janice Hougland 4:39pm August 1, 2013)

Hi I love to read any vampire book
(Robbie Bauldree 4:47pm August 1, 2013)

Your blog was awesome!
(Rosemary Arellano 4:53pm August 1, 2013)

I think being a Vampire would be cool because of the powers.
(Vicki Hancock 5:06pm August 1, 2013)

I think it would be great not to have to diet again, not age and live through different eras. I always have said I was born in the wrong era.
(Pam Brouillard 5:48pm August 1, 2013)

Hi Janice-Love your list :)
(Sara Humphreys 5:59pm August 1, 2013)

Hi Robbie- Me too! Hope you'll add mine to the list.
(Sara Humphreys 5:59pm August 1, 2013)

Awe...thanks so much, Rosemary. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
(Sara Humphreys 6:00pm August 1, 2013)

So do I, Vicki!
(Sara Humphreys 6:00pm August 1, 2013)

Pam--I think the no dieting thing would be great.
(Sara Humphreys 6:00pm August 1, 2013)

What would I love about being a vampire? I think the fangs.
The look rocks and I can think of all kinds of fun things I
can do with them, like hissing at someone when I'm mad! =)
(Shelbie Knight 6:07pm August 1, 2013)

I love your list! Thanks for the giveaway.
(Becca Luman 6:18pm August 1, 2013)

I would love the not aging and having a bloodmate. Thanks for the great giveaway.
(Tracy Graczykowski 6:22pm August 1, 2013)

Your list has some great reasons. I love the idea of living
through several different eras and the all encompassing
passion! Great contest.
(LaRonda Atchison 7:16pm August 1, 2013)

never dieting again sounds really really good as does the not aging (well at least it does when the joints & muscles are protesting the passing of time) :)
(d Kenney 7:30pm August 1, 2013)

All of those: UM, YES! :-)
(Chelsea Brooks 7:54pm August 1, 2013)

To be young and beautiful forever sounds like the way to go!!!
(Jeanne Agee 7:56pm August 1, 2013)

They are all great reasons. I like the immortality part the best.
(Maureen Emmons 8:18pm August 1, 2013)

I like the being on time comment you made, that could so be me!
(Laura Gullickson 8:57pm August 1, 2013)

I would love the fact if you broke something it would heal fast with out to much pain. The best would be my hair would always look perfect no more bad hair cuts or bed head for me. Flying for free no baggage fees or long waits in check in lines what a way to go .
(Debbie Smith 9:16pm August 1, 2013)

The no aging, no dieting part would do it for me.
(Janie McGaugh 9:56pm August 1, 2013)

I love vampires since a child when Christopher Lee played
Dracula. So the Bloodmate and never dieting again would be my
favorite parts of being one.
(Angelina Daniels-Shaw 10:04pm August 1, 2013)

I'd like the living through the ages part. It would also be great to acquire essentially unlimited wealth.
(Amy Kincade 10:38pm August 1, 2013)

Looking forward to reading Tall, Dark And Vampire. For me the
top 3 things I would love about being a vampire are: not
aging, living through different eras and family.
(Lisa White 11:05pm August 1, 2013)

Wow, Congrats on your new book: TALL, DARK, AND VAMPIRE. The
book has a great cover and could easily be called: TALL,
DARK AND HANDSOME VAMPIRE. I really like number 3. Living
through the different eras because that is like a Time
Machine and you could see and do a bunch in history and the
future to help our world. I have always been fascinated by
Vampires and Werewolves and would truly love to win and read
your book this summer. Thank You very much. Cecilia CECE
(Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez 11:12pm August 1, 2013)

I love being forever young and never grew old if I want to be a vampire. There are several good reason of not being a vampire. I have noticed that not one book ever brought the another reason of not being a vampire. If blood (which carry oxygen) doesn't circulated through the body, shouldn't the body smells? It should smells as bad as being a zombie (except zombie are mindless, rotting creature). I do ponder in depth about things that most people don't think about.
(Kai Wong 12:59pm August 2, 2013)

Congrats on your new book, Sara! Being able to fly sounds pretty awesome, and living through different eras would be fascinating. Imagine all the things that you can experience because you are immortal, that's just mind boggling!
(Anita H 3:03am August 2, 2013)

I'd be a forever young, super strong vamp with lightning fast
speed who never has to diet. Sign me up for this! ;D
(Ada H. 3:50am August 2, 2013)

I like all the benefits listed but having my Bloodmate would be the best gift. Not having to go through life alone, always knowing you'll be there for one another. That is such a comfort. :) Congrats on all these great books and series.
(April Harvey 4:31am August 2, 2013)

You've got it all there in that pick just one?
I'd pick never having illness again - to be always well, followed closely by flying (a
big dream/fantasy of mine). I struggle with my health and it's affects on my daily life
and it would be awesome to not have to deal with any of that.
(Lenna Hendershott 11:11pm August 2, 2013)

Bloodlust and family are the best ones, I believe, since they
both pull at the heart and the envy is something that drives
desire wild.
(Alyson Widen 2:00pm August 3, 2013)

The power that comes with been a vamp, is very appealing. I get why they
are arrogant.
(Mai Lewis Buwee 3:28pm August 3, 2013)

I love the no diet part, but then I would have to lose a few pounds before I get turned to be perfect. LOL! Then of course I would hope to find my bloodmate so I won't lose the sun! Vampires certainly have an intriguing life with a lot of possibilities.
(Annetta Sweetko 11:01pm August 3, 2013)

Shelbie--I agree. Fangs would be bad ass.
(Sara Humphreys 7:13am August 4, 2013)

Thank you, Becca.
(Sara Humphreys 7:13am August 4, 2013)

Thanks for coming by, Tracy G. :)
(Sara Humphreys 7:14am August 4, 2013)

Thank you, L. Lam.
(Sara Humphreys 7:14am August 4, 2013)

All encompassing passion is awesome, LaRonda!
(Sara Humphreys 7:14am August 4, 2013)

d Kenny--The no-dieting would be my favorite!
(Sara Humphreys 7:15am August 4, 2013)

I like 'em all too, Chelsea.
(Sara Humphreys 7:15am August 4, 2013)

*sigh* If only we could be, Chelsea.
(Sara Humphreys 7:16am August 4, 2013)

oops...I meant that last comment for Jeanne.
(Sara Humphreys 7:16am August 4, 2013)

Me too, Maureen.
(Sara Humphreys 7:17am August 4, 2013)

Laura, I am trying so hard to be on time but flying would sure help.
(Sara Humphreys 7:18am August 4, 2013)

Debbie-It sure would be handy to heal quickly.
(Sara Humphreys 7:18am August 4, 2013)

Janie--I could do without the wrinkles.
(Sara Humphreys 7:18am August 4, 2013)

A classic, Angelina.
(Sara Humphreys 7:19am August 4, 2013)

Amy--Unlimited wealth would be fab!
(Sara Humphreys 7:19am August 4, 2013)

Thank you, Lisa. I hope you'll enjoy it!
(Sara Humphreys 7:20am August 4, 2013)

Thanks, Cecilia and you're right about Doug. He could definitely be called
handsome. He's dishy.
(Sara Humphreys 7:20am August 4, 2013)

Interesting point, Kai. (Great name, btw. The heroine in my Asmodeus novel is
named Kai.) They are magical and in my vampire world, they are descended from
(Sara Humphreys 7:21am August 4, 2013)

Thank you, Anita. Flying is one of my favorite vamp abilities.
(Sara Humphreys 7:22am August 4, 2013)

Sign me up too, Ada.
(Sara Humphreys 7:22am August 4, 2013)

Thank you for the well wishes, Ada :)
(Sara Humphreys 7:23am August 4, 2013)

OH nuts...thank you for the kind words, April. xx
(Sara Humphreys 7:23am August 4, 2013)

Leanna-Having perfect health all the time would be wonderful. I wish you much
good health xo
(Sara Humphreys 7:24am August 4, 2013)

Excellent point, ALyson!
(Sara Humphreys 7:24am August 4, 2013)

ME too, Mai!!
(Sara Humphreys 7:25am August 4, 2013)

I have a few too lose too, Annetta. LOL
(Sara Humphreys 7:25am August 4, 2013)

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