May 27th, 2018
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Sandra Hill | Aging Well


Some things in life age well. Wine. Scotch. Men and women with good bones and healthy physiques. Well-crafted furniture. Master paintings. And books.

Yes, I said books.

As I’ve been updating seventeen of my backlist titles for reissue in the coming year, I must say with shameless lack of humility that my books do age well. Going back to my first novel published in 1994, THE RELUCTANT VIKING , I have been reviewing them page by page, looking for errors, modernizing the content (Hey, Dolly Parton would not be considered the epitome of sexy lady today; nor would Kevin Costner, nor, God forbid! Mel Gibson, appeal to the younger reader). In the process of these new readings, I have been remarkably surprised at how enjoyable they are, even after all these years.

And one added plus is that I get to make changes I deem necessary which has resulted in a major do-ever. I am “unkilling” two secondary characters in MY FAIR VIKING (now retitled THE VIKING’S CAPTIVE, January, 2011). Selik and Rain were the hero and heroine of THE OUTLAW VIKING, but I had them die in MY FAIR VIKING a few years later. Readers were outraged. So, voila! Now, they are no longer dead.

The reissue schedule for the first few months will be: THE VIKING’S CAPTIVE, 1/11; THE BEWITCHED VIKING, 2/11; and THE BLUE VIKING, 3/11.

But I digress. In the past few months, I have found myself going back to my keeper shelf, reading some oldies that I haven’t picked up for many years. While some of the early ones are hit or miss for me, probably due to my changing tastes, like Johanna Lindsey, Jude Deveraux and Kathleen Woodiwiss, others not only withstand the test of time, but often improve. I’m thinking Mary Balogh, Loretta Chase, Deb Smith, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, and others.

So, do you ever go back and read old book?. Which ones withstand the test of time for you? Which ones no longer appeal?

As always I wish you smiles in your reading, but especially at this time of year, I wish you holiday smiles. In that vein, to one lucky winner who comments here in the next two days, I will off one signed trade paperback copy of ‘TWAS THE NIGHT and deliver in time for Xmas giving. In addition, Borders is offering a free ebook copy of ‘TWAS THE NIGHT for the next few days only.




28 comments posted.

Re: Sandra Hill | Aging Well

I have quite a few keepers that I love to revisit every so often. I keep going back to a few Jude Devereux books, some Catherine Coulter, Sandra Brown, and a few others...
Happy Happy Holidays!!!
(Colleen Conklin 12:37pm December 19, 2010)

I love your books and always feel they are "keepers" but unfortunately they keep disappearing from my book shelf! The re-issues with updates sound terrific. I thought they were terrific the first time around and now can't wait to read the up-dated stories.
(Jeanne Miro 3:28pm December 19, 2010)

I do go back and reread my favorites like Julie Garwood's "Saving Grace" and "The Price." Also on the list are Lisa Kleypas' "Then Came You," Gaelen Foley's "The Duke" and Nora Roberts' Quinn Brothers trilogy.
(Jane Cheung 3:45pm December 19, 2010)

I love to reread some. Like Nicole Jordan,S.Jeffries and B.Small.ect...
(Deb Pelletier 4:14pm December 19, 2010)

Hi Sandra, I find that Christmas is a wonderful time to reflect on ones life. The ornaments that were purchased that hold good memories, that special recipe that was given at a family dinner and the holiday cards that still keep coming letting us know that all is well. I have one little tradition that I keep for myself. I re-read David Balducci's The Christmas Train every year. It is getting a little tattered for much use, but I will never give up this book.
(Rosemary Simm 5:20pm December 19, 2010)

I have a few keepers as well. Victoria Holt,Stephen King and Dean Koontz are some I have to go back and read again. Merry Christmas!
(Teresa Ward 6:33pm December 19, 2010)

Hi Sandra,
The books I've read have been lots of fun to read. One of my favorites is "Truly, Madly Viking".
Merry Christmas!
(Elaine Carlini-Davis 7:18pm December 19, 2010)

I love to re read Julie Garwood. Any book she writes i love. I've re read them over and over. I like to re read several authors but she is the one do this the most for.

Lisa B
(Lisa Boggs 8:24pm December 19, 2010)

I love to hit my keeper shelves...if only I had time! Some of my favorites that I can read over and over again are Johanna Lindsey, Julie Garwood, SANDRA HILL(duh!), Brenda Joyce, Linda Lael Miller, Lisa Kleypas, and that isn't all. :)
(Aemelia Manier 8:30pm December 19, 2010)

I have several books that I re-read from time to time. Many of Julie Garwood's historical fiction make the list. As does Nora Roberts' Ardmore and Irish-born trilogies. I've re-read Catherine Coulter's Sherbrooke Bride series several times too. I find that contemporary fiction and thrillers "keep" as long.
(Molly Wilsbacher 9:31pm December 19, 2010)

What a yummy cover!! would love to read the book too.
(Clio Teixeira 9:34pm December 19, 2010)

I have Johanna Lindsay & Kinley MacGregor that I look in on every now &
(Amy Lytle 12:18pm December 20, 2010)

Congratulations on your success and happy holidays to you and yours!
(Maureen Emmons 10:41am December 20, 2010)

I have many book on my keeper shelves...if I ever get back to them remains to be seen as my 'to be read' pile resembles a mountain!!!!

I have revisited some childhood favs and still love them. The Narnia Chronicles. Lord of the Rings. Edgar Allen name a few.

I hope to reread many more books that are on my day....hehe!!!

in Germany
(Valerie Bongards 11:10am December 20, 2010)

I reread yours (of course), J.D. Robb (and Nora Roberts), Garwood's historicals. The 2 that I reread every year are A Rose For Maggie by Kathleen Korbel and Sunsine and Shadow by the Curtises
(Cheryl Ricin 12:26pm December 20, 2010)

I have found by checking my keeper shelves that I tend to keep books with
humor. Your Cajun series is right there. An exception would be the J. D.
Robb series. I also keep well-written historicals to escape the drama of Now.
Good book keep coming so my TBR pile seldom lets me return to my keepers.
If I have a BIG favorite that I recommend to others I tend to buy the
paperback version to lend. Saves losing any books.
(Sandra Spilecki 1:00pm December 20, 2010)

There are some books that are ageless, the books we go to year after year to find that "THING" we love and I glad to say alot of your book are on that list for me. Glad to see your books are offered more and more on e-book.
(Vickie Hightower 1:10pm December 20, 2010)

I do keep a few books--mostly books about animals, it seems---but then I'm an animal lover.
(Sue Farrell 2:16pm December 20, 2010)

I have quite a few keepers, about four boxes worth just for romance. Those are mostly the non-paranormals from in the 90s. The more recent stuff is about 70% paranormal and on two bookcases in the living room. When I get in a slump with the paranormals I get out some of those older ones and reread them. Marie Ferrarella, Lori Foster, Debbie Macomber and others. Yep, I realize they have new stuff but I still like the older stuff that they did while with Harlequin and shortly after that.
(Carol Cobun 2:34pm December 20, 2010)

I have a few keepers on my shelf. I think as we get older our taste changes in books. Then we have a few we keep. I love to go back and read some Mary Higgens Clark, Debbie Macomber's books. Then I like to look for new author out there also. If I keep everyone that I liked I would have to have a room just for all of them.
(Diane Castiglione 3:15pm December 20, 2010)

I have so many books that it's hard to keep all of them. The one thing about it though is that with my memory I reread and reread the ones I liked and kept, and it's like picking up a new book.
(Cathy Phillips 3:27pm December 20, 2010)

Books can age very well. My bookcase is testament to that.
(Mary Preston 4:17pm December 20, 2010)

The only author I've gone back and read over was Lynn Kurland - I love her ghost / time travel books. There are so many books on my shelves, I don't have time to reread books I've already read, though it doesn't stop me from keeping some favorites. I do have a lot of authors that I've been reading for years and I continue to read older books or any new ones, including yours Sandra. My tastes have changed over the years, and where I used to be interested in certain genres (such as Indian historicals), I just don't read them any longer.
(Barbara Elness 4:19pm December 20, 2010)

Oh, I love my old favs. I found Johanna Lidnsey in high school and have every one of her books (not sure how many times I've read some of them). Stephanie Laurens is another keep and re-read. Outside of romance, I love Robert A Hielien, Anne McCaffrey and Robin McKinley. Some of their books I have gone through more than one copy of!

Thanks for the great giveaway and Happy Holidays!
(Victoria Colyer-Kerr 4:38pm December 20, 2010)

I reread all the time. I have shelves full of "keepers". And I sometimes reread because I am out of new stuff and some does not hold up at all. Maybe, my taste has changed too. Or maybe, it was just too contemporary??
(Penny Mettert 6:30am December 21, 2010)

I love to reread but with as many great new books coming out
monthly I don't do as much of it as I once did.
(Lisa Richards 6:43pm December 22, 2010)

When I have time, or absolutely nothing else to read, which will take a long time since I have too many books, I will pick up an oldie. If I can find them, I'd enjoy reading the Williamsburg Series by Elswyth Thane again. I first read them over 50 years ago and they inspired me to visit Williamsburg. Shortly thereafter, I also found out that a friend had actually graduated from William and Mary. That was almost too much for me. Grin.
(Sigrun Schulz 12:22pm December 27, 2010)

Rereading the classics around the holidays always gives me a smile inside and out.
(Alyson Widen 7:30pm December 27, 2010)

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