September 30th, 2016
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Only by working together to uncover the secrets behind the past, can they ever hope to have a future.

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With two men chasing her, can she make the right choice before it’s too late?

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Sparks fly when a rigid FBI agent and a patrol sergeant collide on the path to catch a killer.

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"Sexy, tough, and deftly sprinkled with dark humor.”—Larissa Ione

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When an alpha meets his match...

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Some cowboys are outta this world…


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The Bones Will Speak
by Carrie Stuart Parks
"A riveting and suspenseful mystery involving serial killings and much more danger!"
Posted January 12, 2016

Gwen Marcey couldn't help noticing how pretty the hayfield meadow by the abandoned farm next to her place in Copper Creek, Montana looked with its white daisies and purple lupines in bloom. She had almost forgotten she had painted a watercolour of that scene for an art show nearly Read more...

The Hollow Ground
by Natalie S. Harnett
"A girl's coming-of-age story that will long burn in your heart!"
Posted January 12, 2016

Eleven-year-old Brigid Howley remembers a time when her ma had smiled and laughed, but that was long ago. Now, she does her bit to make life easier for her parents and cooks and cleans for them. They have had more than their fair share of bad luck or Read more...

Inside the O'Briens
by Lisa Genova
"A suspenseful and heart wrenching story of a family facing a devastating fate!"
Posted January 3, 2016

Joe picks up the frying pan, sends it flying across the room and it smashes into the kitchen wall as Joe's grown children over for their usual family Sunday dinner stare on in shocked silence. What is happening to their normally peace-loving father? In his Irish Catholic Charlestown Read more...

Come Rain or Come Shine
by Jan Karon
"All are invited to celebrate at the Big Knot! An inspiring story of love and faith!"
Posted December 8, 2015

Young people can be very optimistic by what they can accomplish in a short period of time, but Dooley Kavanagh and Lace Harper have gone whole hog...or at least a whole, huge bull by the name of Choo-Choo, soon to arrive at their farm they had recently taken Read more...

Dark Reservations
by John Fortunato
"A highly-compelling and stiletto-sharp police procedural mystery."
Posted November 18, 2015

Special Agent Joe Evers knows his time on the squad at the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Albuquerque, New Mexico is nearly over. What an inglorious end to his career! After Christine, his beloved wife, was killed two years earlier, Joe has been lost in grief and let the bottle Read more...

The Mystics Of Mile End
by Sigal Samuel
"Absolutely brilliant! An engaging story about sorrow, secrets and mystic knowledge!"
Posted November 18, 2015

Eleven-year-old Lev Meyer's world is full of wonder as he strives to make sense of small, but intriguing changes. Why is Alex Caufin in his class, filling his notebook with zeros and ones, when it is supposed to be a writing journal? Is it a secret code Read more...

Malice At The Palace
by Rhys Bowen
"A brilliantly clever murder mystery set among the royally connected."
Posted November 16, 2015

For a change, Lady Victoria Georgiana "Georgie" Charlotte Eugenie Rannoch's life is in good form. She is not stuck in Scotland in Castle Rannoch and is enjoying the comforts of London life, nicely nestling in a delightful mews home courtesy of her friend Belinda who is off seeking her Read more...

Queen Of Hearts
by Rhys Bowen
"A witty British murder mystery with a transatlantic twist!"
Posted November 10, 2015

Being a royal is not always a piece of cake. Despite the comfort of Kingsdowne Place in Kent, Lady Victoria Georgiana Charlotte Eugenie Rannoch (or Georgie) is a little bored. She is stuck here as it is hard to get a real job in the depression of 1934. She doesn Read more...

A Pattern of Lies
by Charles Todd
"A compelling WWI mystery of vicious lies, murder and revenge!"
Posted October 29, 2015

As the Great War drags on with all its misery in the autumn of 1918, Nursing Sister Bess Crawford is glad to have made a safe passage across to Dover from France. She is exhausted but glad they had not lost any of the severely injured soldiers on the way Read more...

The Dog Master
by W. Bruce Cameron
"Captivating tale...a pivotal connection transforming the lives of humans and animals!"
Posted October 21, 2015

From an intro college class to a female wolf's cave near a small stream over thirty thousand years ago, bestselling writer W. Bruce Cameron takes us on an epic and evocative journey back to the brutal and harsh reality of life over 30,000 years ago in Paleolithic times Read more...

The Nature Of The Beast
by Louise Penny
"Riveting! Secrets, lies, and murder awaits the unsuspecting!"
Posted October 16, 2015

Despite the enjoyment of his peaceful and happy retirement and life in the small village of Three Pines, the former Head of Homicide for the Sûreté du Québec Chief Inspector Armand Gamache confronts the inevitable debate of active people in early retirement. Should he stay retired or take Read more...

Lorie's Heart
by Amy Lillard
"A strikingly different Amish tale of finding family, love and forgiveness."
Posted October 9, 2015

Lorie is grief stricken at the unexpected passing of her father, yet she wants to stay strong to support Maddie, her stepmother who had been her Mamm since she was a young child. She doesn't remember her real Mamm, and that bothers her, so she wants to have a Read more...

Hollow Man
by Mark Pryor
"A compelling and insightful crime story you will not want to miss!"
Posted October 7, 2015

Like a man in the desert, is it the real thing or a mirage? After a real string of bad luck, including hearing about the death of his parents and an "opportunity for change" being a demotion, Dominic wants an out from his life as a prosecutor.

Not that

Winter Stroll
by Elin Hilderbrand
"WINTER STROLL is not your typical cheery Christmas novel"
Posted October 5, 2015

What a strange, happy and totally distressing year! Kelley Quinn, owner of the Winter Inn on Nantucket, is proud of all his four children yet his heart is most heavy with worry since his son Bart's disappearance in Afghanistan. Kelley appreciates all the emails, calls and letters he had Read more...

Silent Creed
by Alex Kava
"A stark picture of the massive devastation of a landslide."
Posted August 24, 2015

Ryder Creed is used to dangerous situations. As a former Marine and K9 handler in Afghanistan, the motto "First in, first to die" has almost proven too close for comfort. Ryder, now the co- owner of K9 CrimeScents, is well aware of the dangers facing him and to his beloved Read more...

Down Among the Dead Men
by Peter Lovesey
"A compelling page turner with intriguing murders and strange connections!"
Posted August 21, 2015

Detective Superintendent Peter Diamond is totally disgruntled about being forced away from his current investigation concerning jewel thieves in the Bath area, but an internal investigation turns out to be much more interesting when he heads to Sussex and he finds he knows the female officer under investigation. Like Alice Read more...

Death in Brittany
by Jean-Luc Bannalec
"An intriguing debut mystery involving art, family secrets and murder!"
Posted August 21, 2015

Despite a lifetime of enjoying life as a Parisian, Commissaire Georges Dupin has adapted quite well to the slower pace of life he now experiences since being transferred to the remote but very picturesque coastal area of Brittany on the northwest coast of France. Life is particularly pleasurable now that Read more...

Reykjavik Nights
by Arnaldur Indridason
"What happens to the missing when they disappear?"
Posted August 13, 2015

It has been a year since Erlendur Sveinsson, a young officer with the Reykjavik Police, had been called to leave his normal traffic duties to pull a body out of a flooded peat pit. It had given the rookie cop a turn when he realized that the drowned body was Read more...

Harvest of Blessings
by Charlotte Hubbard
"HARVEST OF BLESSINGS is a multi-layered story."
Posted August 13, 2015

Life can be pretty hard when you are young, pregnant, and alone. It can be difficult when you own family turns their back on you. Hard as that is, it is an even harder world when your family is Amish. Faced with that situation, Nora Glick Landwehr made her decisions Read more...

The Great Estate
by Sherri Browning
"An Edwardian tale of rekindling love in marriage."
Posted August 1, 2015

It was just a kiss. That was all it was. A moment of frustration with Gabriel, and she shared a passionate kiss with the Earl of Ralston. It was just a momentary lapse; yet, an ill-fated moment seen by her beloved husband, the handsome Earl of Averford. Then Gabriel Read more...

Audrey Lawrence

Ever since I taught myself to read at age two, I have been an avid reader and collector of books. I am seldom without a book in my hand, stacks by my bedside and more waiting on my Kindle, so I am very happy to be a book reviewer for FreshFiction and have been so since the last century. How can you tell I love historical fiction? Other book genres I love are regency romances, suspense thrillers, contemporary fiction, more romance books and anything I can get my hands on! Having a background in education and organizational development, I also love to read kids’ books and YA and books on business. I currently live in the National Capital Region of Canada (aka Ottawa) where Tinkerbelle, my beautiful Siamese cat, rules the roost and reminds us every day of her regal heritage, especially when she wants treats! As the saying goes: dogs may have owners, but cats have staff!

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