April 22nd, 2018
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Not every match is made in the marriage mart...Some happen when you least expect it.

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Contemporary romance set in Seattle's Pioneer Square.

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MYSTERY PICK OF THE MONTH! –Library Journal (Starred Review)

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Journey to an irresistible town you’ll want to return to over and over again.

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She was the last woman he wanted in his life. . .and the one he needed the most.

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Romantic Times says The Bride Next Door “is a laugh out-loud, play-on-words dramathon…”

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Pursued by a dangerous terrorist, U.S. Deputy Marshal Casey Sloane, along with two other Marshals, put their lives on the line to deliver a federal witness to the FBI.


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Dark Signal
by Shannon Baker
"A captivating read right from its shocking start to its explosive ending!"
Posted December 16, 2017

Fresh from saying "I do" in response to the pledge to protect the people in the small town of Hotchkiss, ex-rancher Kate Fox is now the new Sheriff of Grand County, Nebraska. There are many in the small town who support her, especially her many brothers and sisters; but Read more...

The Seagull
by Ann Cleeves
"A shocking discovery in a cold case investigation for an elusive killer!"
Posted December 16, 2017

Detective Inspector Vera Stanhope of the Northumbria Police no more wanted to be a guest speaker at Warkworth Prison than the inmates want to be there; but, with a strategic grasp of the situation, she decides to turn the tables on Watkins and her new boss' manipulative request. The prisoner Read more...

The Promise of a Letter
by Kathleen Fuller
"A heartwarming story of faith, forgiveness and family differences!"
Posted December 16, 2017

How does a man go back? How can he go back after leaving his brother in the lurch and without warning? How can a man go back and face people, especially an Amish man? Yet, how can he honour his grandmother's last letter to him? Are their differences too Read more...

David and the Philistine Woman
by Paul Boorstin
"A fresh and astonishing account of the lives of David and Goliath!"
Posted December 16, 2017

Stories from the Bible have fascinated people from their first telling and through the centuries, scholars and novelists have elaborated on the small profiles of the people in the Biblical accounts. Must recently, the internationally renowned documentary filmmaker and screenwriter, Paul Boorstin, has wonderfully written of his own imagined version Read more...

Mango Delight
by Fracaswell Hyman
"A delightful roller coaster read of Grade 7 disasters, joys and friendship!"
Posted December 16, 2017

Grade seven is a tough year for anyone and even trickier with an unusual name. Mango Delight Fuller appreciates her Jamaican born father is a chef and makes amazing food, but what were her parents thinking when they named her after a favourite dessert. Now, twelve going on thirteen (too Read more...

Portrait of Vengeance
by Carrie Stuart Parks
"A gripping and suspenseful mystery linking past & present crimes!"
Posted December 16, 2017

Things changing very quickly in the conference room when Gwen Marcey hears the location of the last case to be assigned in their morning briefing at her new job as a forensic artist. Gwen has just started with the Interagency Major Crimes Unit in downtown Missoula, Montana and so she Read more...

The Blessing
by Wanda E. Brunstetter
"Will happiness come again?"
Posted December 15, 2017

Life is so unfair at times. Heidi had helped one of her cooking students when she was young, pregnant and alone as her own family had turned their back on her. Their solution they came up with was going to bring joy to both of them. Now, on a visit Read more...

Cat Shining Bright
by Shirley Rousseau Murphy
"A truly CAT-i-vating and sophisti-CAT-ated mystery!"
Posted December 11, 2017

In the charming town of Molena Point on the California coast, Joe Grey, a wily and street-smart cat, loves his role as an investigative police informant. For this and other skills, Joe Grey has many fans; yet, the greatest of these are his three new kittens that his partner Read more...

City of Saviors
by Rachel Howzell Hall
"A shocking thriller of murders and unsavory dealings!"
Posted December 11, 2017

Some deaths are easy to investigate, and some are not. Los Angeles is still experiencing an intense heat wave, so it seems "normal" that an old hoarder in a hot and overcrowded dirty house would pass away in these conditions. Typical open and shut case and the cops can get Read more...

The Little Old Lady Who Struck Lucky Again!
by Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg
"A feisty and funny account of "geri-active" seniors stealing for those in need!"
Posted December 11, 2017

When 79-year-old Martha Andersson tells her four oldest and dearest friends it is time to go back to their hotel and recharge their batteries, one never knows if she means their wheelchair batteries or if it is time for their afternoon drinks of cloudberry liquor and tasty snacks Read more...

Swiss Vendetta
by Tracee de Hahn
"An intriguing mystery involving a frozen chateau, eccentric characters, and murder!"
Posted December 11, 2017

The call came in late in the day on her first day in the new job. Inspector Agnes Luthi is ready to go home, yet despite the winter storm outside, she is more than willing to take it. Leaving the police station in Lausanne in her Citroën C1, she Read more...

The Gift
by Shelley Shepard Gray
"An intriguing Amish romance that will warm your heart!"
Posted December 11, 2017

As the buggy crashes into the ditch, Susanna slips into unconsciousness. She only had a brief look into the light blue eyes of her rescuer, but she dearly wants to thank him for the early Christmas gift of saving her life. It was a chance encounter and Neil Vance also Read more...

Racing the Devil
by Charles Todd
"Are the deaths random or murder? Can the truth be found in the lies and secrets?"
Posted October 25, 2017

The Great War may have ended in 1918; yet, the suffering, the loss, and the mental anguish continue to haunt those who have returned. Even harder for some are the death of ex-soldiers and others who had survived the war. It was raining and dark that November night in Read more...

On Her Majesty's Frightfully Secret Service
by Rhys Bowen
"A highly engaging royally connected murder mystery!"
Posted October 14, 2017

Some might think that Lady Victoria Georgiana Charlotte Eugenie Rannoch is lucky to be 35th in line to the British throne; however, for Georgie, it is now a barrier. Her long time romance with Darcy O'Mara has finally resulted in an engagement, but they can't marry and keep Read more...

Enforcing the Paw
by Diane Kelly
"A funny and fast-moving chase to collar stalkers and stealers!"
Posted October 11, 2017

Despite her training and experience, Officer Megan Luz of the Fort Worth Police Department in Texas is perplexed by this tale of love gone wrong and now is out the window. Or, more specifically, the brick that was thrown through the window. The victim Adriana Valdez wants her ex-boyfriend Read more...

Death by His Grace
by Kwei Quartey
"A totally enthralling murder mystery set in high society Ghana!"
Posted September 20, 2017

Life is now getting a little better for Christine, the wife of Chief Superintendent Darko Dawson of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service. Darko has more time now to help with their two sons, Sly and Hosiah, as his work is more likely to let him Read more...

Glass Houses
by Louise Penny
"Absolutely superb! Brilliant writing, a daunting plan and unconscionable murders!"
Posted August 30, 2017

The situation is dire and they are losing. No matter what they do, they cannot keep up with the tide of crime against them. They assess the situation from every angle, did the research, and hope that it will work. Nothing else they have been doing has worked for them Read more...

Coming Home
by Rosamunde Pilcher
"An awesome pre-WWII coming of age saga you will not want to miss!"
Posted August 7, 2017

Judith Dunbar is sad to be saying good bye to her best friend Heather after the exciting end of winter term and Christmas Party they just experienced in their Porthkerris Council School. The future is a bit uncertain for both of them, yet they vow to stay in touch. Despite Read more...

In Farleigh Field
by Rhys Bowen
"In a time of war and intrigue, who can be trusted?"
Posted August 7, 2017

It is eleven-year-old Alfie who finds him first. Displaced from his own home by the bombs falling on London, Alfie is living at the gamekeeper's house and had been out that early May morning in 1941 checking on traps for meat. As soon as he sees the Read more...

by Jorgen Brekke
"A totally compelling police investigation linking murders centuries apart!"
Posted June 8, 2017

Still in the last stages of recovery from an operation involving a brain tumour, Chief Inspector Odd Singsaker is back at work. He has had many changes in the past year and likes being back on the job as he still suffers from memory issues on occasion and worries about Read more...

Audrey Lawrence

Ever since I taught myself to read at age two, I have been an avid reader and collector of books. I am seldom without a book in my hand, stacks by my bedside and more waiting on my Kindle, so I am very happy to be a book reviewer for FreshFiction and have been so since the last century. How can you tell I love historical fiction? Other book genres I love are regency romances, suspense thrillers, contemporary fiction, more romance books and anything I can get my hands on! Having a background in education and organizational development, I also love to read kids’ books and YA and books on business. I currently live in the National Capital Region of Canada (aka Ottawa) where Tinkerbelle, my beautiful Siamese cat, rules the roost and reminds us every day of her regal heritage, especially when she wants treats! As the saying goes: dogs may have owners, but cats have staff!

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