May 27th, 2018
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Maxine Sullivan | THE LONG JOURNEY

If anyone had told me in the early 1980s that it would take me over 20 years to be published, I probably wouldn't have kept on writing. Perhaps. Back then the world was much smaller, and living in Australia it was smaller still and very isolated. There was no internet, no romance writer organisations, it took two weeks for a letter to get to a publisher before waiting months for a reply, and it took me weeks to type up a manuscript on a typewriter from longhand. Patience was something you had to have. And that was a good training ground for the next twenty years as I tried hard to get published.

In the early 1990s the fledgling internet began to trickle information through. Luckily I knew a computer guru who set me up with an internal modem with a speed that is laughable now but was sheer heaven back then, and I started to learn that there was a growing network of writers out there. It was fantastic. The world was coming into my home and suddenly Down Under wasn't so far away.

Of course, the internet had its advantages but it had its disadvantages as well. Previously my writing came down to just me and my stories. Now I was hearing other writersí experiences, both good and bad. It was comforting to share our rejections with each other, but I was suddenly realizing there was fierce competition out there. It was great to hear that certain plot points didnít work for certain publishers, but disheartening to realize I had that plot point in my story and I was targeting that particular publisher. But the good outweighed the bad and I kept on going with my writing, taking encouragement from my growing army of writer friends. There is no one more generous than a romance writer. We believe in love and we want to spread it around.

Iím glad to say the world is even less far away now. My Silhouette Desire books are published and translated into many languages, and I write for the best publisher on earth. It took me a long time to get to this point, but the journey to publication was so very worthwhile in the end.

Maxineís latest Silhouette Desire, The C.O.O. Must Marry, is a February release and out now in North America. To know more about Maxineís books please visit her website.

For a chance to win a copy of the three books in Maxine's "Australian Millionaires" series, tell us if you've ever had a long journey to success?




40 comments posted.

Re: Maxine Sullivan | THE LONG JOURNEY

I don't have a long journey to success to report but I enjoyed reading about your journey. The phrase 'It's a small world' really rings true with the internet and it is an even smaller cyberworld!
(Karen Haas 8:58am February 27, 2009)

I can't say that I have a long journey to success story. I loved reading about yours.
(Crystal Broyles 9:48am February 27, 2009)

As a parent of three boys, I feel like I'm on a neverending journey that one day will end in success. Sometimes I make good choices and sometimes not so good, but I hope I've learned from each one.
(Lisa Freeman 10:43am February 27, 2009)

Ladies, phew! I'm glad I made it. I had trouble logging in, but I'm here now and want to thank you all for your comments. I'm so glad you enjoyed reading my journey to becoming published. I'm still pinching myself it came true.

Karen and Crystal, it may be that one day you'll look back and realize you've succeeded at something you hadn't known you'd wanted at the time. Success is success, big or small, long journey or short, right? Let's meet up in cyberspace in 20 years time and you can tell me about it then. :)
(Maxine Sullivan 1:12pm February 27, 2009)

Lisa, yes, raising children is a neverending journey. As for good or bad choices, whatever choice you make at the time is the best you can do. You just pray that turns out to be the right one. If not, you pray it turns out all right anyway. :)
(Maxine Sullivan 1:16pm February 27, 2009)

My long journey to success is that after writing for xx years, I finally saw my first book in print this past November.
(Margay Roberge 2:17pm February 27, 2009)

My journey is still on-going. I hope to finish my batchelors degree one day. I've only been going to school off and on for over 20 years.
(Debbie Holladay 2:25pm February 27, 2009)

I am still on my journey and the time before has flown by so fast, that it doesn't seem long at all.
(Sharon Nelson 2:42pm February 27, 2009)


(Barbara Phillips 2:56pm February 27, 2009)

I am ON my Long Journey and it is seemingly endless....
(Dawn Raymer 3:05pm February 27, 2009)

My long journey is having a successful marriage and it's still going on. I hope your long journey keeps on going.
(Brenda Waters 3:12pm February 27, 2009)

Margary, that's wonderful. Tell us about your book.

Debbie, you're hanging in there to get your Bachelor's Degree and that's wonderful.
(Maxine Sullivan 3:44pm February 27, 2009)

I've definitely had a long journey to get to where I am today. In 1989, I went back to school after a failed marriage. I had three young children and no marketable job skills. Six and a half years later, I had my bachelor's degree in hand. Since then, I've worked myself up the so-called "ladder." Starting as a news clerk then to reporter and on to editor at newspapers, I eventually gave it all up to freelance. That meant starting over to "get my name out there." Today, I'm a published writer world wide and very well known in my area. In the meantime, my children grew up and have children of their own and I've remarried. Most of my writing is still for newspapers -- after all, it's what I love to do.
(LuAnn Morgan 3:48pm February 27, 2009)

Sharon, I'm so glad the journey doesn't seem long at all for you.

On the other hand, Dawn's is seemingly endless. Dawn, hang in there. Sometimes the ending doesn't seem to be in sight, but then you turn a corner and it's there right in front of you.

Barbara, I'm sorry your long journey wasn't successful. You tried and that was successful in itself. Congratulations on giving it your best shot.
(Maxine Sullivan 3:51pm February 27, 2009)

Brenda, congratulatons on your long and successful marriage. I've been married almost 33 years to a wonderful man who still manages to make each day brighter for me.
(Maxine Sullivan 3:54pm February 27, 2009)

LuAnn, I'm in awe of what you've achieved. Picking yourself up with 3 small children to look after would have been terribly hard, let alone getting your degree at the same time. And then add working your way up the ladder all shows such determination. I'm proud of you.
(Maxine Sullivan 4:02pm February 27, 2009)

Hello Maxine-
I am glad your long journey was worthwhile in the end!!
I had early career success becoming an attorney at the age of 23 - nothing earth shattering but rewarding. It was a longer journey to find a loving mate but God put me with the right man at age 34, then blessed us with a son and a daughter. We have been together now for 23 years so I consider it successful!
(Martha Eskuchen 4:30pm February 27, 2009)

My journey to success has been finally finding the right man. We have been together for almost 7 years. My other journey to success has been my joy of reading. I just purchased 4 more books today. I'm glad you made your journey. Have a great day.
(Roberta Harwell 6:42pm February 27, 2009)

Martha, congratulations on a successful career as an author, and in finding the right man. It sounds like you have a perfect life.

Roberta, I'm glad you found the right man for you. And I love that reading is such a joy for you. As a writer that's music to my ears. :)
(Maxine Sullivan 7:18pm February 27, 2009)

I don't have a long journey to success. I spent 21 years working for a place and it up and closed with no warning. I haven't found anything steady since.
(Gail Hurt 7:36pm February 27, 2009)

I've had a long journey of success when it comes to studying. I'm not really very smart but I just love studying. I think saying that out loud sounds like an unhealthy thing to do with your life. It was a success journey till the end of college. Though I'm not sure I'm very good at handling life itself.
(Mona Hassan 8:11pm February 27, 2009)

I don't have a long journey to success story but I enjoy reading about yours and others who have made the wait pay off.
(Lisa White 8:50pm February 27, 2009)

Actually my long journey has been
tied to my husband's. We were friends
in high school and went our separate
ways. I followed my dream of joining
the Peace Corps and he ended up in
the Air Force. Seven years since we
had last seen each other, we met up
again and got married. 38 years later
our journey is going strong with lots
of laughs, tears and happiness along
the way. ( A successful marriage and
family seem to be harder to come by
every year.) We are looking forward to
a longer journey still.
(Patricia Barraclough 9:51pm February 27, 2009)

I haven't really had a long journey to success, but I am working hard right now for my success!
(Deborah Wang 10:29pm February 27, 2009)

Gail, I've been working at a place for just over 20 years too, so I can imagine how you must have felt losing the job and your work friends. I wish you every success in finding another steady job that you'll love.
(Maxine Sullivan 10:40pm February 27, 2009)

Lisa, I'm glad you enjoyed the success stories here.

Mona, I think true success is in doing what you love to do. If you love to study then that's such a positive thing in your life. Good luck!
(Maxine Sullivan 10:43pm February 27, 2009)

Deborah, if you're working hard for what you want, then you're already successful. All the best with it.

Patricia, congratulations on such a long and happy marriage. I love how the two of you went off to do your own thing, then met up again seven years later. Sounds like it was meant to be!
(Maxine Sullivan 10:47pm February 27, 2009)

At first I was leery of the internet but now I just love it, I can stay in contact with family and friends at all times. I enjoyed your blog.
(Sheryl Holden 7:34am March 1, 2009)

My long journey was finding my husband. I was a firm believer that if I tried hard and didn't succeed that I should try a little harder. It didn't seem to work in this instance - in spite of the fact that I tried almost everything that friends told me to do. Finally I decided to be relax and be myself - whatever happened would happen. My two male cousins from another state introduced me to a friend of theirs and six months we were married - and just celebrated our 33rd anniversary!
I have a similar type of story about the birth of our daughter. It reminds me of the saying "All things come to him who waits - if he works like hell while he waits!"
(Karin Tillotson 8:54am March 1, 2009)

Still on the long journey......working to
make my own happy ending.
(Mary Mccoy 10:28am March 1, 2009)

It is a never ending journey raising our 3 children & guiding them to face the challenges & embrace the wonderful gifts each day can bring
(Kay Burke 11:13am March 1, 2009)

Karin, it's the way of the world that when you want something badly it just won't happen. As soon as you stop wanting, it usually suddenly appears. I was the same with my writing. It came to the point in 2005 that I decided I couldn't give up writing but I had to give up the dream of being published just so that I could get back to enjoying my writing again. A few months later I sold to my dream publisher. :)
(Maxine Sullivan 4:09pm March 1, 2009)

Sheryl, I couldn't do without the internet now. If my computer isn't working or there's a power cut, I go into withdrawal symptoms. :)

Mary, good for you about working toward your own happy ending. I think sometimes people don't understand that it takes hard work to realize a dream.

Kay, your journey in raising your children and guiding them is a wonderful goal to have. I wish you every success!
(Maxine Sullivan 4:19pm March 1, 2009)

My journey has taken me to a lot of places. I traveled and lived in many places with my husband who spent 24 years in the Air Force. I was fortunate enough to complete college while we were assigned to Ramstein AFB. I am a Mom of two grown sons. I am now an empty nester, looking for what ever direction my life will now take me.
(Robin McKay 8:48pm March 1, 2009)

diane roche i am new to blogs i am but i love to read
(Diane Roche 10:57am March 2, 2009)

(Diane Roche 10:58am March 2, 2009)

I feel like I'm still on that journey - I still say "I wanna be...when I grow up!"!!
(Kelli Jo Calvert 1:06pm March 2, 2009)

Robin, my husband was in the air force for over 20 years and I have 2 grown sons too. I'm sure once you get used to the kids leaving, you'll find something to do just for yourself. Enjoy!
(Maxine Sullivan 11:55pm March 2, 2009)

Diane, if you love to read then the Fresh Fiction blog is the place to be. :) Lots of information for readers here.

Kelli Jo, enjoy the journey. Sometimes we grow up too soon. (I think I'm beginning to sound like a padre.) :)
(Maxine Sullivan 11:58pm March 2, 2009)

Kelli Jo, growing old is mandatory,
growing up is optional
(Sandy Williams 1:24pm March 6, 2009)

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