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Sharon Ashwood | Unleash the hellhounds!

Imagine meeting someone who was young, handsome, protective, and handy when it came to fixing a leaky tap or taking out the villains. He’s the go-to guy in the community for problem solving and leadership. Everybody likes him. He oozes competence and has a great sense of humour. Unfortunately, he’s not only from the wrong […]

Spotlight on Sharon Ashwood

Who are the dark forgotten? No, it’s not the contents of the sock drawer. My stories are set in present-day Fairview, a university town in the Pacific Northwest. It’s like any other North American city, but things are changing fast. The supernatural beings among us have been out in the open since the year 2000, […]

Sharon Ashwood | It’s All Relative

Junior! Don’t chain your uncle in his coffin again! The Dark Forgotten series is about a lot of things: passion, adventure, mystery, and learning to live with a world that’s gone in an utterly unexpected direction. It’s also about families, whether we’re talking blood relatives, vampire clans, or a pile of hellhound puppies. At the […]

Sharon Ashwood | Celebrate With A Scorching Good Time

December 1 is the launch of Scorched, the second installment of my Dark Forgotten series. Without giving away too many details, the action picks up about a year after Ravenous ends. It’s a stand-alone story, but most of the characters from book one return. Those interested in the fate of Fairview’s police detective, Conall “Mac” […]

Sharon Ashwood | When Your Brand New Book Leaves Home …

Launching a book is a peculiar business. First, the concept of “launch” is a bit different from the writer’s end. She’s already sent the manuscript away over and over again – to the editor, to the copy editor, for page proofs, and on and on. And yet the darned thing keeps coming back like a […]

Sharon Ashwood | Making Paranormal Sandwiches

There’s a lot to be said for the submarine sandwich. There can be as much bread, cheese, veggies and cold cuts as the maker desires. If you want two kinds of cheese, go ahead. Mayo and mustard? Why not? The only limit is appetite. Which is all good until your boss points to a sandwich […]