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Fresh Thrills | It’s heating up … Best Suspense novels for June

It’s June and the Texas heat has settled in for the summer. If I’m not out the door by 6:45am, we skip the trip to the dog park because it’s just too hot. So, fun means indoor and air-conditioned activities. Movies, television, shopping, and going to the gym are all on the list. Of course, […]

SANDI SHILHANEK | 1–2–3–Read A Trilogy!

There are many things I like about reviewing, but the thing I think I like the best is being able to get books ahead of the publication date. It’s really rather funny because it’s also the thing I hate most about being a reviewer, because it seems like I read those books, and then have […]

Maggie Shayne | Get Focus and Enjoy your day!

Thanks to the wonderful people here at Fresh Fiction for having me over. Nice place you have here. I hope you’ll check out my group blog, www.storybroads.com/. Meanwhile, let’s chat. I have a lot of friends who are going through one of two problems. About a third are depressed, a third are fighting weight issues, […]