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Sara Reyes | To Read YA or Not, That’s my question…

What a wild week I’ve had: three signings attended (if I was a woman with super powers I could have gone to seven of interest), two author dinners, one reader lunch and one reader dinner. Today I go to our monthly tea and we’ll have a guest, Marie Bostwick. But first all this gadding about […]

Sara Reyes | A Short Step Back…What was old is new…

It’s odd to think, but the 20th Century is really over, it’s history. can you believe it? We’re in the 21st Century. Even a familiar trademarks, “20th Century Fox” really shows its age. We’ve begun the second decade of the 21st century. Wow, put that way, I just feel old. The past week our Fresh […]

Sara Reyes | New, Updated, Reissue…or a Cheat?

On Sara’s Bookshelf: Mary Balogh classics and latest from Jacqueline Winspear Last week I whined, moaned and generally threw a fit over something that usually doesn’t bother me too much — reading a series out of order. And let me tell you, my friends and acquaintances heard it over and over. I was SO unhappy […]

Sara Reyes | To Read or Not To Read… Is It Work?

Reading…it’s something I’ve had to do every day since before I can really remember. Reading is so fundamental, to quote a literacy ad campaign, I can’t imagine life without it. In fact when my eyes shut down for a week I remember not the physical pain but the agony of not being able to read. […]

Sara Reyes | Out of Order, It’s a Mess!

Look, I’m not usually cranky about reading books out of order, but thanks to a reading friend, I’ve discovered Christine Warren‘s world of The Others, and OMG, HELP me figure this out! It’s not that the books are bad…actually they are quite entertaining, but I’ve been spending SO much time trying to figure out the […]

Sara Reyes | Do You Glom?

I’ve been thinking about the characteristics or traits of a bookaholic recently. Maybe it’s time for introspection or I’m bored, no matter, I’ve been thinking about “stuff” and one of those is why do I call myself “addicted to reading.” I am. I read every thing. I read the paper. In today’s world that might […]

Sara Reyes | Best Tea Etiquette in Three Easy Steps

One of the burdens of being a coordinator for a book club that meets for a high tea is doing the research. Yes, the research of trying out new tea rooms or houses or restaurants touting their tea service. It’s a glamorous life you’d think but unfortunately because you can spell “tea” it doesn’t mean […]

Sara Reyes | 5 Reasons to Get Out Of Town

One thing I learned at South By Southwest (SXSW) is to occasionally have blog posts with a number in the title. So, being I finally got home after an event-filled eight days, yes, I counted them, and thought, why there is my blog title! Woo Hoo! I originally wanted “Dead To Me” but thought definitely […]

Sara Reyes | Off to the Festivals

I’m not quite sure what I should use as the label for South by South West (SXSW) or “South by.” It’s a film festival, a music festival and now more than ever an “Interactive” conference / festival. It’s the result of what’s happening in the “real” world. You know, the convergence of our lives and […]

Sara Reyes | My World’s Not All Fiction…

This week I’ve had some blocks of time during the work day away from the office. Usually I take my laptop with me, find a place with electricity and WiFi and work, but this week was a bit different. I knew there wouldn’t be WiFi, and each stop would be about 30 minutes or less […]