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Guess What I’m Doing this Summer! By Kathy Lyons / Jade Lee
News / July 6, 2017

How did it get to be summer already? Part of my brain is still wondering if I got everyone Christmas presents like I intended. But the rest of me is fully enjoying tank tops and stretchy shorts. I’m not as thin as I used to be, but fortunately, my fashion sense has completely disappeared. Instead of being shamed by the way I look in shorts and a thin tee, I think about how comfortable I feel and don’t look at the lumpy cellulite in my thighs. So now that we’re all cringing from that mental picture, how about I distract you with a question? Guess what my favorite thing to do in summer is. Cook out! Or maybe barbeque. Anything that involves meat and eating outdoors in the sunshine! Rollerblading. If it’s too hot to walk on pavement, just pull out the in-line skates and let the hot breeze push you along. If your wheels melt to the pavement, well, it was time to buy new ones anyway, right? Basement movie nights. It’s cool and dark down there. Perfect time to watch The Accountant or Logan. Who doesn’t love tortured hotties in cool, dark places? Ice Cream. Yeah, I’m lactose…

Eloisa James’s Cinderella stories in one package
News / July 1, 2017

Eloisa loves a Cinderella twist in her stories, and three short stories with this theme are digitally publishing in one volume on September 5th! Two of these stories, At Midnight and Ever After, have never been published in ebook before and A Midsummer Night’s Disgrace was only available in the Essex Sisters Companion Guide. You can pre-order these delicious confections for only 99¢! Pre-order A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DISGRACE: Kindle | | iTunes/iBooks | Kobo | Google Play | Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Amazon DE | Amazon FR THE OFFICIAL ESSEX SISTERS COMPANION GUIDE by Eloisa James, Jody Gayle Essex Sisters New York Times bestselling author Eloisa James delivers fascinating behind-the-scenes look in the Essex Sisters world, along with a brand-new short story in the series This is a book no Eloisa James fan should miss! Eloisa revisits the scintillating world of the Essex Sisters with “A Midsummer Night’s Disgrace,” a new story featuring a young lady, Cece, who would rather ruin her own reputation than endure further speculation about whether her children will be “silly,” like her brother, Billy. Happily for fans of Pleasure for Pleasure, Cece’s best friend is Josie, Countess of Mayne! Just as exciting,…

Celebrating 15 Years of Boas & Tiaras
News / June 21, 2017

Boas & Tiaras has come a long way since its humble (yet fabulous) beginning. What began in 2002 as a group of 6 readers enjoying tea in Duncanville has evolved into an annual event that draws readers and authors from all over the country. On June 10, more than 50 book-loving ladies gathered at the historic Adolphus hotel in downtown Dallas to celebrate Fresh Fiction’s 15th annual Boas & Tiaras tea! Glistening chandeliers, fine china, and sparkling tiaras made everyone feel like a queen—and better yet, lively conversation and abundant laughter made everyone feel like family. For any of you who were not able to join us (and for those of you who attended and want to re-live the fun), read on for a taste of the Boas experience! Before tea was served, guests perused a selection of 15 raffle baskets, proceeds benefitting Genesis Women’s Shelter, and delighted in the gift bags provided by our host authors. Every table was surrounded by ladies dressed to the nines, ready to chat about all things bookish. Tea was served course by course, elegantly plated and attentively brought by waiters in crisp suits. Sandwiches arrived first, dazzling us with flavors like orange zested…

ACFW Fiction Finder: June 2017 New Releases
News / June 2, 2017

June 2017 New Releases More in-depth descriptions of these books can be found on the ACFW Fiction Finder website. Contemporary Romance: Engaged by Julie Arduini — Trish Maxwell returns to Speculator Falls with egg on her face and apologies to make as she tries to determine what’s next, especially when around paramedic Wayne Peterson. (Contemporary Romance from Surrendered Scribe Media) Sweetbriar Cottage by Denise Hunter — When Noah and Josephine Mitchell discover their divorce was never actually finalized, their lives are turned upside down. But when Josephine drives out to Noah’s North Georgia cottage to deliver the corrected papers, they are trapped there during a snowstorm. Things couldn’t get worse…until they are forced out into the storm and must rely on one another to survive. (Contemporary Romance from HarperCollins Christian Publishing [Zondervan]) Then There Was You by Kara Isaac — Would you give up everything for a life you hate with the person you love? (Contemporary Romance, Independently Published) An Encore for Estelle by Kimberly Rose Johnson — A former A-list actress seeks to redeem herself in the most unlikely of places—a children’s theater. The writer/director didn’t anticipate a famous actress would ever show interest in his musical much less…

Jade Lee’s Memorial Day Antics plus a SALE
News / May 31, 2017

Guess what I did on this great three day weekend? Hung out with good friend Julie Ann Walker, Cindy Dees, and Heather Snow. Plus others, but I only have a picture of Julie and me. Oops!  Went to NYC with hubby for Broadway shows. That’s after taking out a 2nd mortgage to afford Hamilton tickets. Well, not really. There weren’t any Hamilton tickets available. Slept, ate fattening foods, and convinced hubby to rub my feet. Heaven! Remembered stuff. It’s Memorial day, after all! Answer: Everything but A. The writing retreat with my buds was the week before, so that doesn’t count! So yes, I did go to NYC. Saw Keven Klein in Present Laughter.  Also saw Waitress and silently crooned along. We did eat great food and yes, my loving husband finally was convinced to rub my feet. And yes, I spent a few minutes remembering my loved ones who have passed, but I admit, I spent a lot more time creating new memories with the ones who are still with me. And now for some AWESOME NEWS!  Guess what it is! I was abducted by aliens who taught me how to get my dog to poop diamonds and pee…

Ready for Summer? Pack your Beach Tote is on!
News / May 29, 2017

Believe it or not summer is upon us and that means VACATIONS! Okay, maybe just a mini vacation or even a short weekend away from work but it’s the state of mind that’s important here, so let Fresh Fiction authors and friends help you! We’ve got the best contests with all kinds of goodies to enable even the worst procrastinators to get ready to hit the beach or run off to a summer vacation! Most of these contests end on June 14th so don’t delay and enter today! Win a Historical Romance E-Book from Gail Ingis Get a FREE Copy of The Stone Men – Volume 2 from Kathy Lyons! Enjoy the Fireworks at the Down South Cafe & Win a FREE Book & a Gift Card from Gayle Leeson! Heat Up Your Summer and Win Your Own Copy of BLACKMAILING THE BAD GIRL by Nina Croft Kym Roberts Offers a Free Cozy Mystery for the Beach! WIN a Historical Romance from Jade Lee! It’s a Deathbed Promise and a Chance to win a FREE Historical Novel from Karen Dean Benson Win a Regency Summer Read from Amelia Grey Escape to Nantucket by WINNING Nan Rossiter’s New Beach Read, SUMMER…

May 2017 New Releases from ACFW Fiction Finder
News / May 1, 2017

  More in-depth descriptions of these books can be found on the ACFW Fiction Finder website. Contemporary Romance: Amish Brides by Jennifer Beckstrand, Molly Jebber, Amy Lillard — Under bright blue skies, wedding bells ring–fulfilling sweet dreams, impossible wishes, and joyous new beginnings among these three new stories. (Contemporary Romance from Kensington Publishers) Sprouts of Love by Valerie Comer — An overzealous community garden manager delivers more than the food bank manager can handle. Can love sprout amid the tsunami of vegetables? (Contemporary Romance, Independently Published) Summer Dreams by Delia Latham — God’s love…reflected in the waters of the Pacific, and in the eyes of a young couple who walk its moonstone shores. (Contemporary Romance from White Rose Publishing [Pelican]) Right Where We Belong by Deborah Raney, Melissa Tagg, Courtney Walsh — Three sweet stories of small-town romance by three tried-and-true authors. Whether in a quaint home bakery in Langhorne, Missouri, a cozy boho coffee shop in Maple Valley, Iowa, or a charming lakeside cottage in Sweethaven, Michigan, love grows best in small towns just like this! (Contemporary Romance, Independently Published) A Spring of Weddings by Toni Shiloh and Melissa Wardwell — Two Spring wedding novellas, “A Proxy Wedding,” and…

Updates from Eloisa James
News / April 24, 2017

Eloisa is heading to Wisconsin this week for the Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Week-end. This is a fun-filled three day event featuring 60 authors! Several activities are free and open to the public, including a book signing on Saturday at 3:30pm. You can find a complete list of activities on the event website. Eloisa hopes you’ll stop by — she’ll be handing out sets of her fabulous recipe cards at the signing! Did you know that all of Eloisa’s books are available on audio? Eloisa picked Susan Duerden to read her novels: you can listen to an audio of Eloisa’s newest novel, Seven Minutes in Heaven, right here on the website! Eloisa’s favorite app is Litsy, a social media community that is all about books and nothing but books. If you love reading and want great suggestions, search for EloisaJames and find all kinds of wonderful new reads! About Eloisa James New York Times bestselling author Eloisa James writes historical romances for HarperCollins Publishers. Her novels have been published to great acclaim. A reviewer from USA Today wrote of Eloisa’s very first book that she “found herself devouring the book like a dieter with a Hershey bar”; later People Magazine…

Don’t miss your Chance!
News , Readers / April 14, 2017

Oh No Last Day for Boas! Join us for afternoon tea at the historic Adolphus Hotel in downtown Dallas. Enjoy delicious treats while dining with authors. Participate in raffles, book signing with all the authors, and an overall amazing day. We are excited to announce our keynote will be Julie Ann Walker! BUY YOUR TICKET Boas are optional, Tiaras are required. 2017 Boas Authors Deborah Crombie Elizabeth Essex JoAnna Grace Joni Hahn Julia London Cooper McKenzie Chelsea Mueller Susan Sheehey Sasha Summers C.A. Szarek S.E. Walker Julie Ann Walker Teri Wilson BUY YOUR TICKET

The Ethan Frost series: Get the first 3 for a great price!
News / January 25, 2017

Take it from J. Kenner: “If you’re looking for a hot read, curl up with Ethan Frost.” He’s the mouthwatering alpha male at the heart of this seductive series from New York Times bestselling author Tracy Wolff. It’s an electrifying journey that pushes two damaged souls to their breaking point—and beyond. Now the first three Ethan Frost novels are together in one up-all-night eBook bundle: RUINED ADDICTED EXPOSED Also includes a preview of the much anticipated new Ethan Frost novel, Flawed! He’s the last man Chloe Girard should love . . . but the first she ever could.   Ethan Frost is a visionary, a genius, every woman’s deepest, darkest fantasy—even mine. And, somehow, I am his. He stole into my life like a dream. Turned my reality upside down and made my every desire come true—especially those I never knew I had. He demanded everything I had to give and gave me everything of himself in return. But dreams don’t last forever, and ours is no exception. Because my nightmares are darker, and my wounds deeper, than I could ever reveal. And as much as Ethan wants to protect me, the secrets we share will only tear us apart.