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Interview with Lila Dare

This month, I’m thrilled to welcome the debut author of TRESSED TO KILL: The Southern Beauty Shop Mysteries, Lila Dare. Tapping into the sassy and brassy attributes of the southern belles of St. Elizabeth, Georgia, Dare introduces readers to a lively cast of gals who don’t let a little thing like murder keep them from […]

Jen’s Jewels | Interview with Gil McNeil

I can only imagine what it’s like being a single parent. Trying to work full-time while coordinating the children’s school and extra-curricular activities would be a Herculean task to say the least. Unfortunately, many women find themselves in this role due to the unexpected death of a spouse. No matter what the circumstances, it is […]

Jen’s Jewels | Interview with Holly LeCraw

Have you ever wondered what your parents were like as a newly married couple before they had kids?  Sure, we’ve all seen the photographs from their pre-parenthood days and have heard the story of how they met, but that doesn’t really tell us anything. Was theirs a whirlwind romance that would make you swoon? Or, […]

Sharon’s Cozy Corner | Author Interview with Elizabeth Lynn Casey

Sharon’s Cozy CornerAll about the cozy mysteries: interviews, reviews, books When women have a common interest, it is a delight to gather and discuss elements of that interest with each other. Book clubs, knitting groups, and sewing circles are just a few examples of these types of groups that encourage friendship and companionship. Elizabeth Lynn […]

Interview with Alafair Burke

The Internet can be a valuable resource. Whether researching a topic for school or keeping abreast of the latest political news, we always seem to be connected in one way or another. It’s hard to remember what our lives were like before its conception! Nowadays, we even have Face Book and Twitter. The advances in […]

Sharon’s Cozy Corner | Interview with Laura Childs

Do you remember who wrote the first “cozy mystery” you ever read? I do – it was by the late, great southern author Anne George, who wrote the sassy Southern Sisters Mystery series. It was after enjoying her delightful writing style that I began to seek out more books in this genre. I was thrilled […]