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Excerpt of EYE OF THE FALCON by Dale Mayer
Excerpt / January 10, 2018

Eagle went straight to the spare bedroom, wishing he had more hands available as he struggled to pull back the blanket so he could lay the broken woman on the mattress. She moaned softly as he pulled his arms free from underneath her. He raced to the bathroom, grabbed towels and returned. With a warm wet washcloth, he quickly dabbed her forehead, checking to see how severe the head wound was. His military experience let him know she likely had a concussion and would possibly need stitches. He was loath to call a doctor. And yet he knew he should be calling the police. He did a complete second check over her body, noting the ankle was continuing to swell and the injury was recent. The scratches he assumed were from running. Her feet would need to be soaked to see the extent of damage. Her ribs were bruised, her arms lacerated, the soft skin on her breasts reddened with angry burn marks. Grimly, he realized she’d likely been held captive somewhere, somehow. And for a long time. Until she found an opportunity to escape. The shoulder wound was the one that worried him the most. How long had she…

Stacey Lynn | It’s fake until…it becomes real!
Excerpt / January 2, 2018

Fake Wife Excerpt “We’re going to be married, Teagan. Don’t you think it is your business to know what your future husband is doing, and where he is?” She has a small carrot halfway to her mouth and freezes, looking up at me through her lashes at my words. “We’re . . . we’re not . . . it’s different for us.” “Is it?” A blush heats her cheek, turns brighter than the peach-colored top she has on. And when she bends over, I see a hint of a matching colored bra. Fucking hell. I want to tear her clothes off, throw her on the counter, and fuck her until she’s screaming her head off, and she’s casually chomping on fresh veggies. Christ. “Teagan,” I say, my voice commanding. “Are you telling me you don’t care what I do? Where I go? Who I’m with?” I’m prodding. Bordering on turning into the asshole she’s seen too many times, something truly uncharacteristic of me, but damn if I don’t want a reaction from her. And I do. Her jaw clenches and her shoulders pull tight. She bites a carrot, chewing it like it’s hard as nails. “What do you want me…

An Excerpt from HARD LANDING by Becky McGraw
Excerpt / December 28, 2017

Excerpt Hawk’s heart had never been so full, he thought, as he held his daughter to his shoulder and gently patted her back the way Maddie had shown him. Her gentle roar tickled his insides and he smiled. When Sarah sighed and snuggled into his neck, peace and contentment swept through him and he sighed too. No wonder Maria didn’t want to let Maddie have time with her. He understood now why evicting her, her baby and her boobs from the suite became necessary to get his time too. Sarah Elaine Hawkins, named after both their mothers, was the sweetest, most cuddly baby in the world. Irresistible when she turned on her charm. A chip off the old block. Forget the fucking test—call and tell them you don’t want to know. Just tell Maddie to tell them she had the baby in El Paso when you stopped for fuel. Tell her to put your name on the birth certificate. But it was too late for that. He’d set those wheels in motion, and there was no stopping that runaway bus now. Maddie’s disability payments and Sarah’s future now depended on those results, because of him. HARD LANDING by Becky McGraw…

Excerpt / December 12, 2017

Chapter One I walked into the museum with a half demon holding my hand and a gargoyle waiting for me back at our car. As a history major, I’d often dreamed about going museum hopping throughout Europe, but not once had I pictured doing it like this. “We’re here for the four p.m. tour,” Adrian, my new husband and the aforementioned half demon, told the museum attendant. “The four p.m. tour group is over there,” she said, pointing toward a small cluster of people about a dozen feet away. As we walked off, Adrian traced the braided rope tattoo on my right hand. My sleeve hid the rest of it, just like my high-necked blouse and long pants hid the remains of the other hallowed weapon that had supernaturally merged with my flesh. If the hallowed weapon we were looking for was here, I’d no doubt end up with a third supernatural tattoo. Of course, that tattoo might one day end up decorating my cold dead corpse. “Feel anything, Ivy?” Adrian asked in a low voice. I directed my senses outward and felt the distinct vibes that meant this was hallowed ground, as well as extra brushes of power from…

Excerpt / December 8, 2017

As soon as Jace left, Emily couldn’t get the idea out of her mind to visit the site of the two men’s drowning. She often went out in the field for things related to work. But this time it was personal. She considered asking for a day or two off work, but they were swamped. And seriously so. Now was not a good time. It was never a good time for a death in the family, though they were no longer family. She’d had no contact with them since she broke off the relationships with each of the three men. Although she hurt for the family, those weren’t close deaths as far as the company was concerned. But that didn’t mean it wasn’t well within the scope of her job to take a look at the accident site. She burrowed deeper into the files. The more work she got done the better. She could leave early if she got something more accomplished. By the time she lifted her head, it was late already. She groaned and looked outside. Being summertime, the sun was still above the trees. It’d probably take close to an hour to get to the river location….

Excerpt from HARD LINE by Erin McCarthy
Excerpt / December 8, 2017

Excerpt Candy was starting to figure out Jared was a whole lot of masculine bluster. Beneath the cool stare and the cutting words he sometimes tossed off, he had feelings. Twenty minutes later when she walked into his condo, she realized those feelings included being really doggone romantic. He had recreated her idea of a perfect evening, right down to his own addition of a fire popping warmly in the fireplace. Oh, Lord. If she hadn’t been on the edge before—taking in the table set for two, the chilling wine, and the scented candles burning did her in for sure. It felt almost like she was falling for Jared. Which was insane, since she was supposed to be using him just for the purpose of having some romping good sex. But the stupid man had gone and actually listened to what she had said when she’d been talking. She wasn’t sure any man besides her stepfather had ever actually heard a single word she’d said outside of work related topics. Her ex-husband sure in the heck never had. “Oh, Jared, you didn’t have to go to so much trouble.” But she was sure glad he had. “It wasn’t any trouble.”…

An Excerpt from WOLF HUNGER
Excerpt / December 7, 2017

“Now that you know everything there is to know about me,” she said, licking cheesecake off her fork with a little show of tongue simply because she liked Max watching her do it, “let’s talk about you.” His smile wilted a little, much to her disappointment. “My life isn’t nearly as interesting as yours. Definitely nothing worth talking about.” “That’s silly,” she scolded. “I bet you have a lot of fascinating stuff to talk about. I mean, for starters, did you grow up in a cop family here in Dallas?” Max didn’t say anything, and for a moment, she wasn’t sure he’d heard her. Instead, he focused on his slice of cheesecake, like he was more interested in that than her. Finally, he looked up and gave another smile—only this time, it lacked humor. “No, I didn’t grow up in Texas. I was born in Las Vegas and lived there until I was eighteen,” he said quietly. “My family was…well, let’s just say it was about as far as you can get from a cop family. To put things in proper perspective, if one or two events in my life had gone slightly different, you’d be sitting at the table…

An Excerpt from Jane Ashford’s THE DUKE KNOWS BEST
Excerpt / December 6, 2017

Verity Sinclair looked around the opulent drawing room, drinking in every detail of the decor and the fashionable crowd. She had to resist an urge to pinch herself to prove she was actually here, and not dreaming. It had taken her five endless years to convince her parents that she should have a London season. They hadn’t been able to see the point of it, no matter what advantages she brought forward. Papa and Mama were quietly happy living in a cathedral close and being held up as models of decorum for the whole bishopric. Verity, on the other hand, often thought she’d go mad within those staid confines. She sighed. She loved her parents dearly, but for most of her life she’d felt like a grasshopper reared by ants. Indeed, at age eight, she’d shocked her parents by asking if she was adopted. She hadn’t meant to hurt their feelings or to imply any lack of affection. Their differences had just seemed so marked. Mama and Papa relished routine; Verity yearned for adventure. They read scholarly tomes; she pored over Robinson Crusoe and accounts of the voyages of Captain Cook. They preferred solitude or the company of a few…

The UNREAL BOYFRIEND by Miranda P. Charles – excerpt
Excerpt / December 5, 2017

Exclusive Excerpt: She crossed her legs. “So how else do you intend to take care of me today?” she asked coquettishly. Derek’s hand stilled from squeezing a lemon to look at her. “First, I’ll feed you. Then I’ll ask what you want to do next, and so on.” “So it’s all up to me?” Derek walked to her and placed a kiss on her lips. “That’s how I plan to take care of you today, babe.” Bernadette sighed. She was trying to be sexy, but she was so touched that she had to battle to stop her eyes from misting. “Are you really my boyfriend? My real boyfriend.” “Your one and only,” Derek said with a wink before going back to his task of fixing them lunch. “What if I want to stay inside all weekend?” “No problem. We have enough food to last us for days. I made sure.” “So you were expecting me to want to stay in for the whole weekend.” “A man can hope,” Derek said with a grin. She got off the stool and walked to his side of the island. “You better let me help you, then, so we can start lunch earlier.” Derek…

Dale Mayer | Returns to the SEALs of Honor
Excerpt / November 9, 2017

Peace of mind was required to get a good night’s sleep. Feeling rough around the edges, Kai hopped into the shower just so she could wake up enough to start the day. A couple cups of coffee later and she was awake enough to figure out what she had on her calendar. She’d probably spend the morning in the office until meeting Ice for lunch. She glanced around her apartment and considered the emails she’d gotten. Maybe she should stop by the police station first. She didn’t want to be forgotten or her stalker file to get thrown in a corner. Maybe if they saw her face every once in a while, they’d realize how much of a person she was, not just a file or case number. That didn’t mean the cops weren’t doing their job, but she felt so helpless. When she’d had to deal with trouble before, she had a team beside her and orders to follow. And yet, here she was no longer part of the team, asking the police to step up and do the job her own unit would have done at her side. It felt odd and uncomfortable, and she admitted it made…