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Amanda G. Stevens | Unexpectedly Speculative

Story has been my deepest love since before I could read. And I was serious about it. I watched Mary Poppins at five years old and thought the idea of a carousel horse joining a real horse on a racetrack was insulting. I expressed similar disdain when books violated reality. A mouse born to human […]

Victoria James | The Top-Ten Hero Must-Haves!

Hi! I’m so happy to be back here, blogging at Fresh Fiction! This is release week for my book, THE DOCTOR’S FAKE FIANCEE. I probably had the most fun with the hero in this book, Evan. He was also the most different of all my heroes. He’s a guy who’s always had to excel, skipped […]

Elizabeth Byler Younts | Voices from My Amish Past

When I look back at my earliest memories I remember the flicker of oil lamps casting shadows on the wall of our home, our buggy, and wearing plain clothes. I remember when my dad drove our first car into the driveway—a green Nova with lime colored carpet on the dash—we were leaving the Amish. And […]

Kate Canterbary | You Know You’re Sleeping with an Architect When…

Architects are special creatures. They are cut from a cloth that’s all their own, and lumping them in with businessmen, doctors, or lawyers is to miss the nuances that make architects so fascinating. In all things, they balance art and science, instinct and creativity. They tend to be highly articulate and attend to fine details, […]

Gemma Brocato | What I’ve Learned From Where I’ve Lived

Have you ever lived somewhere that seriously influenced your life? A place that gave you a different perspective on the world as you know it? What I’ve found is that each place I’ve lived has somehow changed my world view. I grew up in Iowa. We didn’t live in the largest city in the state, […]

Ophelia London | Jane Austen for a New Adult Generation

Ever since I was given the amazing opportunity to write a Pride & Prejudice modern respin (DEFINITELY, MAYBE IN LOVE), I’ve been jumping at the chance to respin another Jane Austen. Though nothing can touch P&P, I’ve always had a major soft spot for Persuasion. I love a good “second chances” story, and there isn’t […]

J.T. Geissinger | Top 10 Worst Supernatural Gifts For Any Paranormal Heroine

Ever heard the phrase “I’m having a bad hair day?” Of course you have. And we all know exactly what it means! But if you happen to have the supernatural gift of prehensile hair (the ability to manipulate, quickly grow, and attack with your hair), that phrase can take on a whole new meaning. Personally […]

Samanthe Beck | It’s in the Bag

My wardrobe doesn’t get a lot of attention. Being a writer barely requires me to wear clothes at all, much less nice ones, but I have fun dressing my characters. An item of clothing or an accessory can speak volumes about the person wearing it. My friend C, on the other hand, is very fashionable. […]

Juliette Cross | The Leading Men We Love to Love

Because I like to analyze and title just about everything (neurotic reader/writer that I am), I’ve analyzed and labeled each of the various, yummy types of men that make us swoon, giggle, and want to leap through the page, punch out the heroine, and take her place. As an alpha-loving girl, you’ll find my favorite […]

Hannah Reed | A New Mystery Series Set in the Scottish Highlands

OFF KILTER is the first book in the Highlands Mystery Series. It was great fun to write. I especially loved my research in the Highlands. All that local color – men in kilts, that wonderful lilting Scottish accent, the quick wit and infectious sense of humor displayed by the Scots. Did I mention men in […]