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Cynthia Ruchti | A Collector of Scenes

Most novelists walk through life collecting stories and scenes and breath-stealing words like black knit pants collect cat hair. We can’t walk through a room or a day without something landing and sticking. When I sat down to write ALL MY BELONGINGS, I drew heavily on those stick-forever moments. The main character in ALL MY […]

Cathy Gohlke | Crucial Cameo Characters

First painful rule of fiction:  Everything–dialogue, characters, plot, scenes–must move the story forward.  If it does not, cut with the ruthlessness of a film editor.  So, why include historic or well-known characters in cameo appearances?  What would make the research for credibility worth the trouble for a character’s one or two-time walk into the pages […]

Elisabeth Staab | Ancient Vampires Make for Awesome Angst

I’ve loved all my characters. I’ve loved getting to know them and torturing them, getting to watch them fall in love, and seeing them tested by all the roadblocks in between. I love characters when they have huge flaws, because I love people when they have huge flaws. None of us are perfect, and fiction […]

Terry Spear | 10 Ways to Seduce a Jaguar Shifter

You know you want an Alpha jaguar shifter, so I’ll make it really easy for you in case you’re just a little unsure as to how to seduce one of those really hot big cats! 1. Make him purr. A massage will help to ease the tension in those hard, taut muscles after all the […]

Michelle McLean | Top Ten Hunky Qualities in Heroes

A good romance has to have a hunky hero who gets the heroine’s heart pounding. I personally find a lot of different qualities attractive, but when it comes to my romance heroes, here are 10 of my favorites. 1)    A tortured past – he might be surly, grouchy, or just plain mean, but as long […]

Dawn Ryder | How I Began Writing Romance

It was more of a desire to ‘spin a yarn’. An old phrase for a story teller but one I feel fits me. When I was young, my family owned a motor home. We went everywhere in that thing. This was before ipods, Gameboys and even DVD’s…much less DVD players. We had board games and […]

Marie Harte | The Troublemaker Next Door

I’ve been writing professionally for ten years, making a fulltime living at it for the past six. So why should I be so excited to have THE TROUBLEMAKER NEXT DOOR coming out with Sourcebooks? First of all, I’m ALWAYS excited on release day. I don’t care if it’s for a publisher or myself. Release day […]

Anita Clenney| Escape from the Writer’s Cave

All writers have a cave, that place where they get sucked into another world. One without dishes and dust and carpools, just characters trying to find love and escape death. The cave can be a good place. We can block out the outside world and focus completely on our stories and our characters. Fix those […]

Amanda Usen | Let’s Hear It for the PLAYBOY!

Hi there! Thanks for coming to talk playboys with me today. Almost every book I write features a playboy, and my latest release, SEDUCING THE PLAYBOY, is no exception. I love a good reformed playboy. Actually, I love a good UNreformed playboy, but an unattainable man kind of ruins the end of a romance novel. […]

M.Q. Barber | Obedience Reaps Rewards

Henry thundered into my life with one persistent demand: Tell the story of how he and his lover seduced their neighbor into a romantic relationship. At the time, I had no idea that taking Henry’s command to heart would produce the Neighborly Affection series or propel the first book, PLAYING THE GAME , onto the […]