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Ashlee Mallory | Feeding my Addiction to HGTV and Carter Oosterhouse

Who said addictions were unhealthy? I for one have to credit my own addiction for all things HGTV—or anything that had a good home renovation project on it—as the inspiration for my new book, HER BACKUP BOYFRIEND. Heck, well before HGTV and TLC were on the scene, I watched dozens of Bob Villa projects on […]

Chris Cannon | Why I Write Shape-Shifting Dragons

Why do I write about shape-shifting dragons? Because I’d really love to be able to blast annoying people with fireballs. No. Wait. I’m just joking. Mostly. As a five foot two female, I don’t have a lot of physical power. But if I could shape-shift into a dragon, I’d have all the power I ever […]

J.A. Kazimer | Get Away with Murder

As a writer, I’m often asked, “How do I get away with the perfect murder?” Okay, maybe I’m not asked all that often. Fine, no one asks. Apparently, I’m the one trying desperately to plot the perfect crime. But with good reason, other than my friends annoy me, you see all my best plotted crimes […]

Amanda Usen | Aries for the Win!

I have the pleasure of kicking off the Men of the Zodiac Series for Entangled Publishing’s Indulgence line with IMPULSE CONTROL. My hero is an Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, and he has all of the typical Aries traits. He’s adventurous, energetic, courageous, confident, enthusiastic, and quick-witted. Of course, he’s also selfish, impulsive, […]

Stefanie London | No More Boring Dates

While writing my latest release, THE RULES ACCORDING TO GRACIE, I was looking for a fun date idea that would help my characters get out of their comfort zones…well, get the heroine out of her comfort zone anyway. Gracie Greene takes all her first dates to the same restaurant. While the dates don’t ever go […]

Cate Masters | I Heart Antagonists

In every story, writers hope readers will root for the hero and the heroine. They’re the main characters, the center of the story. But without other characters, readers can’t fully understand the motivations of the hero/heroine. That’s one of the reasons I love antagonists. Not necessarily a villain, but someone who doesn’t blindly follow the […]

Rachel Brimble | Keeping My Writing Fresh

The market is full of romance books – mainstream romance, romantic suspense, paranormal romance, medical romance, cowboy romance…the list goes on. So how does a romance writer attempt to stand out from the crowd? To keep her or his precious readers interested and anticipating their next release? I am lucky enough to write three romance […]

Debby Grahl | Location, Location, Location

Location is an extremely important part of writing a successful story. For me, if a book takes place in a state, city, or part of the world I’m interested in, I’m more likely to buy the book. New Orleans happens to be one of those cities I not only love to visit—I love to write […]

Rebecca York | So Many Genres, So Little Time

I guess I am the classic example of the woman who couldn’t decide what she wanted to do when she grew up.  Well, I did settle on “writer.”  But I started off with newspaper articles, then slopped into novels with a kids’ science-fiction book for Scholastic. Since I’d read mostly science fiction and mystery, I […]

Sue Ann Jaffarian | And The Ghosts Just Keep On Coming!

The 5th book in my Ghost of Granny Apples series, GHOST IN THE GUACAMOLE, is about to be released. Wow! The fifth! And that doesn’t count the two Granny Apples e-book novellas that are already out: THE SILENT GHOST and DUMMY OF A GHOST. When this series first started I really had no idea that […]