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Frances Fowlkes | Stepping Outside the Norm—The Unexpected Heroines of the Regency Era

I have a weakness for writing bold, independent heroines with unusual hobbies. My ladies are often drawn to the extraordinary and the forbidden—at least for their time. From an educated number-crunching business partner in my first book, THE DUKE’S OBSESSION, to an independent dog-breeder in my latest release, MISS WINTERS PROPOSES, my heroines broach the […]

Coleen Kwan | Sappy Books

A couple of weeks ago I was talking about books with my eighteen-year-old daughter, and I mentioned how much I’d enjoyed a young adult book I’d recently read. My daughter instantly picked up her phone (to which she is surgically glued, I’m convinced) and Googled the book. She read the blurb and informed me that […]

Kate Collins | Follow Your Bliss

I almost titled this Paralyzed by Fear, but that sounded too negative, and I want this to be a positively uplifting blog.  Just so you know, I’m using the word “bliss” to reference what makes us happy in life, what makes us want to get up in the morning, what fulfills us as human beings. […]

Lucy Arlington | Writing Real People

People often ask me if I use real people as my characters. Some ask with a bit of a grin and sly wink, as if to say, “You could use me, if you wish.” The answer is always no, and often receives a disappointed sigh from the person who asked. But using real people as […]

Sheila Connolly | Inspired by Ireland

At the heart of the County Cork Mysteries is the second book I ever wrote, set in a small pub in a very small town in southwestern Ireland. It was inspired by a real pub called Connolly’s, which I’ve come to know well over the past decade (especially after having tea with the owner in […]

Amanda Carmack | Elizabethan Mysteries

I love, love, love the Elizabethan period!  The music, the clothes, the houses, the sense of adventure and discovery, the poetry—it’s all so exciting.  Writing the Kate Haywood Mysteries lets me live in the time period for a few hours every day, see it through Kate’s eyes, talk to Queen Elizabeth, sweep around in farthingales […]

Shana Galen | Covent Garden Street Smarts

The heroine of my new historical novel, EARLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN, isn’t your typical Regency heroine. Marlowe is a thief who grew up in the slums of London and runs with a gang called the Covent Garden Cubs. “Cub” is a slang term for a young thief. When she’s suddenly mistaken for the […]

Victoria Vane | Capturing the Cowboy Swagger

One of the biggest challenges I faced in making the leap from my genteel Georgian set historical romances to the rough and tumble world of rodeo was to find the right voices for my characters. My answer to that dilemma was to spend time with the real deal. I was fortunate to make two extended […]

Cathy Elliott | 5 Ways Writing a Book is Like Making a Quilt

I have been a quilter for many years and enjoyed making an intricate, scrappy beauty more than any other hobby. Until I began to write. Now here was a craft I dearly loved. But wait, I loved quilting, too. In fact, I couldn’t decide which I liked better. Writing or quilting? Quilting or writing? Both […]

Join the Scavenger Hunt to Celebrate the Release of Chelsea Fine’s PERFECT KIND OF TROUBLE

Want to win a copy of PERFECT KIND OF TROUBLE by Chelsea Fine? Join in our scavenger hunt! Each participating blog will feature a letter in their post—collect all the letters to find out the secret word. If you’re just joining in, be sure to head to Cocktails and Books for the first letter. This post […]