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Raymond Buckland | The Bram Stoker Mysteries

For me, writing Victorian mysteries is pure joy! First of all, I love the Victorian age. There was so much going on then; so many new discoveries. Transportation was fascinating, going from the horse-drawn age into the age of the horseless carriage. Gaslight was slowly giving way to electricity. Fashions had great variety, both women’s […]

Frank Hayes | Death at the Black Bull

If the question is where I get the ideas for the stories I write the simple answer is…people. All of my writing is pretty much character driven. That is not to say that I’m not concerned with the other elements of literature…plot..setting etc. but these things concern me fundamentally in how they interact with the […]

Suzanne Brockmann | Writing YA vs. Writing Adult Romance

For me, the main difference between writing YA (young adult) and adult romance is the narrative voice. When I write romantic suspense, I use what I call “deep point of view” — every scene is written from the perspective of one of the main characters in the story. So in each scene, it is as […]

Linda O. Johnston | My New Superstition Mysteries Begin

… which I hope is good luck for both my readers and me! Thanks for inviting me to blog here again, Fresh Fiction. Since I last visited in January of this year, I’ve had four books published: TEACUP TURBULENCE, my last Pet Rescue mystery for Berkley Prime Crime; UNTAMED WOLF and LOYAL WOLF, both Harlequin […]

Donald Bain | Murder She Wrote: Death of a Blue Blood

We’re delighted to meet all of you here at Fresh Fiction. This has been a great year for the Murder, She Wrote series of mysteries. It’s our 25th anniversary! There are now 42 books in the series which is based on the popular television series starring Angela Lansbury. The 43rd is written and at the […]

Incy Black | Hard to Forget

Forewarned is forearmed, especially when it comes to Major Jack Ballentyne, the hero in HARD TO FORGET. A man who’s motto is: The end justifies the means, and f*ck the collateral damage. Yes, he’s somewhat lacking on the conscience front, but he has his reasons. He’s a Special Agent for a start. With the British […]

Laura Childs | Anyone for Jambalaya and a Halloween Mystery?

A few words on Food and Mystery from Laura Childs, author of GOSSAMER GHOST, a Scrapbooking Mystery set in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Have you ever visited New Orleans? I sure hope you have, because the entire Big Easy is a food lover’s paradise. You’ve got your jambalaya and gumbo, in varieties that […]

Michelle Ule | The Skullduggery Involved in Writing about Navy SEALs

I began at my local military recruiting center when researching Navy SEALs for my novel BRIDGING TWO HEARTS. I picked up a red phone at the locked door and announced my name and reason for visiting (I obviously was not an enlistment candidate). A camera swiveled in my direction and the door buzzed to let me in. Once […]

Jean Sasson: The Voice of Women in the Middle East

In the book JEAN SASSON: A NEW ORIENTALIST, Indian academic Vijay Mehta refers to you as the “voice of the Middle East women”. What does it mean to you to be recognized as an advocate for our sisters in the Middle East? JEAN:  I am proud to be acknowledged as a voice of the Middle […]

Cara Luecht | A Character’s Secrets

SOUL PAINTER began with a single vision: a woman, alone in the mist. The color grey filled my senses, and I put pen to paper to write that first scene. I had no idea where she lived, what she was like, or what the main conflict in the novel would be. What I did know […]