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Downton Abbey Part Two

Can’t get enough of Downton Abbey fiction? Here’s a new lineup of contenders for your English upstairs-downstairs addiction. CAVENDON HALL CAVENDON HALL Historical fiction fave Barbara Taylor Bradford enters the lists with CAVENDON HALL. An Edwardian epic set at the Yorkshire manor of the title, the novel follows the lives of the Inghams, the Earl […]

Cleo Coyle | Billion Dollar Brew and a Latte Cup Giveaway

My amateur sleuth grew up much like I did, in a family of food-loving Italian Americans. By the age of eight, I was learning to cook at the elbow of my dear Aunt Mary, an experience I’ve treasured so much that I’ve lent it to the main character in my long-running series of culinary mysteries. […]

Jennifer Barnhart | Following in History’s Footsteps

I am often considered a nerd. It happens to be true. I’ve read a wonderful essay about the history of manhole covers and another about garum, a fermented fish sauce Romans used quite liberally to season their food. I troll Game of Thrones forums and read everything involving dragons. I sometimes think I’m addicted to […]

Kristen Ethridge | The Magic in the Little Moments

I checked my Facebook feed earlier this week and was confronted with a bitter reality. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are on their way back to Starbucks. I walked out of Baskin Robbins today and a sign on the door told me September’s flavor of the month is going to be Pumpkin Cheesecake. I even saw someone […]

Sigmund Brouwer | Story: What Makes Us Human

I’ve spent years enjoying every and any chance to speak at schools, focusing on the importance of story as a way to motivate literacy. My points to students are simple. One, great stories are like great songs; great stories and great songs grab our emotions. Two, we love to mess with other people through their […]

Susan Klaus | Romancing Another Genre

I’m just learning the ropes, so bare with me since I’m new to blogging and a debut author. My first thriller, SECRETARIAT REBORN, came out last Oct. My first fantasy, FLIGHT OF THE GOLDEN HARPY, was released in June, and my second thriller, SHARK FIN SOUP, hits bookstores this August. It’s been one heck of […]

Shannon Stacey | Story Idea Fairy

One of the most common questions asked of a writer, and one almost guaranteed to trigger that deer in the headlights look, is where she gets her ideas from. Some authors can give specific answers to that question. “I was watching a disaster movie and thought, what if those two were trapped, thinking they’d die […]

Terri L. Austin | Beauty and the Brit

Hello, Fresh Fiction Readers! It’s a pleasure to be here. I thought I’d tell you a little about my erotic romance, HIS EVERY NEED. It’s the first book in the Beauty and the Brit series. As a girl, I loved fairy tales, especially Beauty and the Beast. There was something so redeeming about that story […]

Lisa Renee Jones | The Inspiration Behind INSIDE OUT

The perfect love story in a Barnes and Noble? That’s what happened to me and it’s my love story. It’s also a story heavily on my mind as book 4 NO IN BETWEEN is released on 8-19, since the love of my life helped inspire me to write the Inside Out series, which is now […]

Elizabeth Lynn Casey | Characters Are Friends, Too

From the moment I began writing the Southern Sewing Circle Mysteries for Berkley Prime Crime in 2009, Tori Sinclair, Rose Winters, Margaret Louise Davis, Leona Elkin, and the rest of the gang became my friends. They made me laugh, they made me cry, and they made me feel like I was one of them. When […]