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Victoria Vane | A Different Kind of Cowboy

A recent reviewer said it best when she described Slow Hand as not your “typical” western romance. “Vane entwined the old west with the new west and gave us a whole new contemporary romance cowboy.” There’s no question that all of the heroes in my hot new contemporary Western series are cowboys, but the word […]

Michele Callahan | Favorite Questions

Do you ever feel like the whole world is in on the secrets of life, and no one bothered to tell you? Have you ever read a great book, or seen a movie whose entire premise should be completely and totally impossible…but you just can’t stop yourself from wondering if it’s true? What if there […]

Jenn McKinlay | Library Lover’s Mysteries

One of the many things I enjoy about writing the Library Lover’s Mysteries is that I get to flex my librarian research muscles. As I devised the plot for ON BORROWED TIME, I knew that Lindsey’s brother Jack was going to be a globetrotting economist. But when it came to the business crisis that would […]

Renee Carlino | Laugh, Cry, Repeat

I rarely write blog posts, partly because I spend so much of my time writing my books and well . . . I have to have a life. My life looks something like a typical mom’s life. The laundry is never done, the house is never perfectly in order and there is always some errand […]

HIldie McQueen | Heroes and Their Dogs

“My dog senses when my anxiety is high and gently nudges me when I’m about to have a flashback. He brings me back every time.” Iraq Veteran suffering from PTSD In the book EVEN HEROES CRY, I wanted to bring across a hero that is not perfect, but I didn’t plan for him to become […]

Kris Thompson | On Writing Suspense

BLACK ROSE is a romance/thriller/crime novel. This is a very hard genre to write in, what do you like about this genre? Are there other genres you like to write in? Suspense/thriller is hard, but I think any author would say their genre is difficult. LOL! For me, what I loved the most, was that […]

Jessica Scott | On Long Term Relationships

My parents split up when I was in middle school. I suppose I might have handled it better but even now, looking back, I can’t say why they weren’t able to figure out a way back to each other despite their problems. They still love each other but they decided to part ways. So I […]

Diane Vallere | Suede to Rest

I have fond memories of playing in fabric stores when I was young. My mom is an excellent seamstress, and often took my sister and me on trips to Levine’s, our local fabric store, to pick out patterns for new dresses, curtains, pillows, or pajamas. She’d drop me by the tables of pattern books where […]

JoAnna Carl | My Life with Chocolate

My mother used to say that when I was two or three I would come to her and ask for “choc.” Choc was what I called chocolate milk. Mother was a great reader, particularly of mysteries. So on one particular occasion, she replied, “Let me finish my chapter.” I sighed deeply, she recalled, and said, […]

Sarah Varland | Writing TUNDRA THREAT

Every author’s writing process is different, and every story is different even for a particular author, at least that’s true with me. My latest release, TUNDRA THREAT, started with a full-of-personality character and a setting I love. When McKenna Clark, my law-enforcement-heroine, first took shape in my mind, the first thing I did was try […]