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Tamara Gill | Honeymoon on High Street

As a lover of time travel romance, it’s only natural I think for an author to be interested in history. If I had my time again with my schooling, I would’ve become an archaeologist and spent the rest of my life quite happily digging up the past. History has always fascinated me, what they wore, […]

Sarah Title | Blizzard Blues

Full disclosure: I actually like winter. But I live in West Virginia, so my definition of “winter” may be slightly skewed. I haven’t had the chance to burn any hot chocolate calories by shoveling snow, at least not yet. (I may have just jinxed myself – April snowstorm, here we come!) It’s not that I’ve […]

Lynsay Sands | Favorite Recipes to Tame the Hunger

THE IMMORTAL WHO LOVED ME (Argeneau Vampire book #21) brings new life to the series with its heroine’s unique job: she owns a kitchen goods store. This was largely inspired by Lynsay’s own kitchen renovation, which was underway while she wrote. In celebration of the book’s recent release–and the completion of her new kitchen, as […]

D.R. Graham | From Scene to Story

My name is Danielle. I write both Young Adult and New Adult fiction for Entangled Publishing and HarperCollins as D.R. Graham. People ask me all the time where I get my ideas for the novels I write. Those who know me assume because I am a child and family therapist that I must draw all […]

Jennifer Ryan | Meet The Montana Men

I am so excited to introduce readers to my new series – The Montana Men. When I think of the rough, rugged land in Montana, I think of the even tougher guys who live and work there. After all, there’s something about a cowboy. Their strength of character. That rock solid guy who knows who […]

Lindsay McKenna | The Shadow Warriors Saga Continues in TAKING FIRE

I am working with Harlequin to do something rather innovative for my many loyal readers. I got a lot of emails begging me to right a novella epilogue for NEVER SURRENDER (Bay and Gabe, the main characters). I did that, but I also wanted to take a secondary from that book, Mike Tarik, and add […]

Roe Valentine | The Little Things and Grand Gestures

They say it’s the small things, and I totally agree. Little gestures to profess something larger is enough to bring tears to my eyes. My favorite gesture was when a very nice man carried me over a muddy puddle so I wouldn’t ruin my shoes. I don’t think I can possibly forget something that sweet […]

Melissa Foster | Making Your Dream A Reality

Snow was falling outside the window, my two young boys were sleeping upstairs, and these images came to me like a recurring dream; a mother sitting poolside, her daughter playing beside her, and the feeling of freedom whisking through the air like a breeze—freedom from a marriage unraveled. Those are the images and the sensations […]

Jenny Holiday | The romance BFF

Lots of people (and by people I mean “ill-informed snobs”) say romance novels are unrealistic, that they idealize relationships in a way that’s somehow irresponsible and lets women get away with harboring silly fantasies. I could write a whole post on what I think about that, but for now let me just quote one of […]

V.K. Sykes| Surprise!

There’s one thing about VK Sykes that consistently surprises people: we’re a husband and wife writing team. While Vanessa writes bestselling historical romance as Vanessa Kelly, Randy’s attention is focused on the contemporary romances and occasional romantic suspense that come out under the VK Sykes pen name. He also manages most of the book-related finances […]