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Melinda Leigh | How To Avoid Mood Killers

In my new romantic suspense HOUR OF NEED, Major Grant Barrett returns home from Afghanistan after the murders of his brother and sister-in-law to find that his infant niece and young nephew have been placed in foster care. Grant is thrust into parenting with no preparation for the role. Thankfully, he has a sexy neighbor […]

Melissa Bourbon | Red Hats, Aprons, and the Bonds of Women

Writing about women, their relationships with each other, with the other women in their families, and the growth they experience through it all inspires me. Relationships are complicated, and when they’re authentic… and when they’re strained, I find them really interesting. I just love the relationships women have with each other. I love the idea […]

Hy Conrad | Mr. Monk Leaves the Game

When a ballplayer retires, that’s the time to make a final review of his stats, adding up his career runs, his strikeouts, his RBI’s and analyzing his more controversial plays.  So that’s what I find myself doing with my old friend Adrian Monk.  After 125 episodes, and nineteen novels, it looks like the man’s fabled […]

Christi Caldwell | Taking Imperfect Heroes and Heroines and Crafting them a Happily Ever After!

My Regency series: The Scandalous Seasons series and The Heart of a Duke series. My Latest Release: MORE THAN A DUKE just debuted January 3rd, 2015 and it is the latest release in my Heart of a Duke series. A Little Bit About Me: I’ve always considered myself a writer. I’ve loved to write since I […]

Vanessa Kelly | When You Need a Friend

Although every romance novel naturally focuses on the relationship between the hero and heroine, any writer worth her salt will spend quite a bit of time on the secondary characters, too. In HOW TO PLAN A WEDDING FOR A ROYAL SPY, my new Renegade Royals historical romance, I experimented a bit with secondary characters. For […]

Robbie Terman | A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

Thanks for having me at Fresh Fiction! In my latest release, SOME LIKE IT SIZZLING, the heroine Jenna has been hit by a string of bad luck. Really bad luck! She’s been left nearly penniless and will do almost anything to get back on her feet – including selling all her designer clothes and working […]

Mina Carter | So, What’s Rugby All About Then?

Rugby (Or Rugby Union) is a contact team game originating from England in the early 19th century. It is played by two teams of fifteen players, using an oval shaped ball on a rectangular field with H-shaped goal posts at either end. Okay…that’s the factual (and boring) description. Ladies, imagine thirty, well-built, muscular men in […]

Chelsea Fine | BEST KIND OF BROKEN Now Available in Paperback

Fresh Fiction is happily celebrating the trade paperback release of BEST KIND OF BROKEN by Chelsea Fine. For a taste of the first book in the steamy New Adult Finding Fate series, check out this excerpt, courtesy of Forever. Excerpt from BEST KIND OF BROKEN It’s late, and most of the inn guests are already asleep. […]

Tamara Hughes | The Fascinating World of Pirates

In movies, books, and television, pirates are alpha personalities with a zest for adventure. They’re dangerous, highly skilled at fighting, and live by their own rules. And in many respects, these depictions are right. Hard to believe, but pirates typically did have their own code of honor. All who joined the crew were expected to […]

J.J. Cook | Sweet Pepper Festival

For three days during the month of October each year, the little town of Sweet Pepper, Tennessee hosts their Sweet Pepper Festival where the hot pepper is king! The weather is mild and the trees are glorious in their full fall foliage of gold, red, and green. The festival boasts pepper-eating contests that range from […]