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Ally Broadfield | Why All of My Heroines Love Jewelry

If I could get away with it, I would probably wear pajamas all the time, but my grandmother never left the house unless she was wearing the perfect outfit, had her hair and makeup in place, and had just the right jewelry to match. She loved jewelry. From the time I was a little girl, […]

Katlyn Duncan | Writing New Adult Versus Young Adult

I think each genre has their own challenges that a writer must overcome, but today we’ll focus on two that I have some recent experience in: New Adult versus Young Adult novels. I started my published career with a paranormal young adult series, The Life After. I always felt comfortable writing in the YA genre […]

Wynter Daniels | Picking Favorites

It’s one of the cardinal rules of parenthood—don’t play favorites with your kids. I think I did a pretty good of obeying that one when I was raising my family. My husband I used to tease our son and daughter when they were cranky or acting spoiled. One would ask the question, “Why did he/she […]

Diana Cosby | Giving The Gift Of Thanks

Gifts come in many shapes and sizes, but I believe the most precious ones are those delivered from the heart. It’s easy to get caught up in the mayhem of life, particularly during the hustle and bustle of the Holidays, but every day, there are people amidst the chaos who help you, who take time […]

Shawntelle Madison | Crafting a YA Sci-Fi

I’m so excited to visit Fresh Fiction again and chat about my latest release and how I finally got a chance to apply some of the graduate school classes I had about ten years ago. You see, I work as a web developer now, but before that I was a graduate student in information systems. […]

Jessica Peterson | Behind The Hope Diamond Trilogy

As any writer will tell you, the ideas are the (kind of) easy part – it’s the writing that’s difficult, the (sometimes magical, other times not so much!) slog that can make you lose your mind. This is (kind of) true of my debut Regency-set romp, The Hope Diamond Trilogy. I’ve wanted to write historical […]

Rebecca Yarros | New Adult Roller Coaster

Ah, New Adult…Man, I love this little genre. It’s the age where you’re finally making peace with not only who you are, but how you relate to the world around you. How do you get there? That age is a roller coaster of emotion, and there’s inevitably going to be a few mistakes. So doesn’t […]

Q&A with Syrie James, Author of JANE AUSTEN’S FIRST LOVE

I’ve heard that you just got back from The Jane Austen Society of North America’s yearly conference. What sort of things happen at a conference of this nature? We’d love to hear about it! The JASNA AGM (or Annual General Meeting) is like Jane Austen heaven! The meetings are held in a different city in […]

Rebecca M. Hale | A Watchful Society

The third installment of the Mystery in the Islands series, AGROUND ON ST. THOMAS, opens with a grand jury indictment of the sitting governor, his cabinet, and the entire VI Legislature. Chaos ensues as the FBI attempts to arrest those accused of corruption. The governor and two VI senators evade capture, leading to a chase […]

Joyce Lavene and Jim Lavene | Cats and Witches

Like cats and mysteries, cats and witches just seem to go together. Witches have had cat familiars for as long as anyone can recall. They were friends and companions through bad times, during the executions, and dark days when witches were killed for their beliefs. Witches and cats were both put to death during the […]