Rachel Harris | Cover Inspiration
Author Guest / June 16, 2017

There are so many reasons to love reading, but one of my favorites is the element we bring to each book we devour by using our imaginations. Sometimes we imagine ourselves as the heroine, other times we picture our favorite actress, and still more we conquer someone we’ve never even seen before. As for the hero, he could be our significant other, a hottie from Hollywood, the guy on the cover, or a unique compilation of all three. We pair the author’s descriptions with our own imagination and create something completely new, and with each page we turn, a movie plays out in our minds. As an author, it’s the same thing. Sure, I start out every book I write with a ‘dream cast’ in mind. Photos of celebrities or models that represent the characters I’m forming in my mind. But, as I write the book and flesh out the characters through their individual journeys, the result is often an altogether new creation. With THE NANNY ARRANGEMENT, I set out with my dream cast as usual…but things changed during the writing process. For Deacon, my country music fiddle player, Chase Rice was the perfect choice while plotting. He was born…

That Special Connection: Handler and Dog
Author Guest / June 13, 2017

We love our pets. We share our food, sofas, maybe even our beds. It’s a tight bond. But professional K-9 partners are on a different level. Before starting the K-9 Rescue Series, I talked directly with experts. In each series book, including my latest, PHYSICAL FORCES, I highlight aspects of this special connection. The Top Five Traits of Successful K-9 teams Character. Good K-9 teams share these qualities: stamina, confidence, the ability to think independently, self-discipline, and a strong work ethic. Law enforcement and military K-9s must have a strong “drive.” An FBI explosives K-9 handler told me a story last year that best demonstrates “drive.” The final day of testing, I was a little worried. My German shepherd had been a handful during training and we’d almost flunked out. We were directed to enter a gym and locate a scent item. He located it easily, tucked into the top of a cargo climbing net twelve feet above our heads. Without prompting, my dog climbed the net and retrieved it! I later learned the other K9s had ‘signed’ by sitting beneath it, or pawing the net a few times and barking.* Needless to say, his dog won the drive award….

Author Guest / June 13, 2017

As the author of over thirty romance novels, I’ve written a lot of heroes. Jocks, rockstars, lifeguards, popular guys, alpha males. But I’ve always wanted to write an unconventional hero. The guy who isn’t usually the focal point of the story. The sidekick. The friend. The brother. The one who is normally found on the sidelines. And I wanted to write about a girl who isn’t looking for the guy in the spotlight. A girl who is simply looking for a guy she can connect with. A guy who makes her feel like she’s special. I’ve used the popular/unpopular trope a lot. Mostly because I love it. But with this book I wanted it to be a fun romance about two “regular” kids. I’m the mom of two teenagers and I never want them to think they have to be the most popular, the most famous or the best at something to be considered “special” or to have an exciting, fulfilling life. And that’s where the idea for I’M NOT IN THE BAND came from. Ross Devlin is a famous popstar. He’s hot, charming and can get any girl he wants. But this isn’t his story. It’s his twin brother…

Caitlyn Willows | What Makes a Hero?
Author Guest / June 13, 2017

I didn’t grow up wanting to be a writer, but I’ve always been a daydreamer. While the world churned on around me, I would be building characters, worlds and scenarios in my head. Of course, as a child I would always be the strong heroine, fighting to save the day with an equally strong hero modeled after the hunk of the day. Adulthood opened a door in my mind vault of stories and writing gave me the outlet for which I’d spent my youth preparing. My daydreams have turned into sensual, passionate, adventurous stories with strong women and men. Heroines and heroes who are willing to fight not only the bad guys but often their own flaws, egos and past in order to have the happily-ever-after they deserve. They are individuals who are fully capable on their own who eventually realize they are so much stronger as a couple. Together they are an unstoppable team. That brings me to my latest release, TO DIE FOR, and the story of how Zoe White and Frank Ludwig went from good friends to ‘I can’t live without you’ lovers. Zoe’s beautiful voice—soft, calm, reassuring—gave a police officer the strength to hang on until…

Dani Rose | Have you ever done a striptease?
Author Guest / June 13, 2017

I feel there’s a temptress in every woman that fantasizes of doing a striptease for her man. Do you dare to set that temptress free or does the thought alone give you the jitters? Maybe these tips will help you to step over that threshold. A striptease takes some preparation. It speaks for itself that clothes are important. You need layers you can strip off, and of course you tease as you do so. It’s about the way you move, saucy and cheeky glances, fluttering eye-lashes, and blowing him the occasional kiss. You move slow and sensuous and give him sneak peeks of your body. You could turn your back to him and cast him a sexy look as you bare your shoulder, then cover it again. Lower your gaze, look up through your lashes as you suggestively circle your hips. Lift the hem of your skirt and reveal your thigh. A sexy garter belt and stockings will certainly blow his mind. Tease him! Show him bits of the garments you wear underneath, and of your beautiful body, but don’t reveal too much. Not yet! You have to build it up. You tease, slowly strip off a layer, tease, strip…

Elizabeth Heiter | Hero Material
Author Guest / June 12, 2017

What makes a compelling hero, someone who’s not just drool-worthy because of his killer smile and his bulging biceps, but a man who really deserves a strong heroine? For me, that answer can usually be summed up in what the hero is willing to sacrifice for others. And Cole Walker, the hero of my upcoming Harlequin Intrigue book, POLICE PROTECTOR, is the ultimate hero. Taken away from his birth family when he was just two years old because of severe neglect, Cole grew up in the system. Tossed from one foster home to the next, he learned early how to take care of himself and never to rely on anyone else. But in one of those homes, two younger boys – Andre Diaz and Marcos Costa, the heroes of the other books in my trilogy – looked up to him like a real older brother. And Cole formed his own family. When he was kicked out of the system at eighteen, with nothing – no adult support system, nowhere to live, no financial safety net – he vowed to build a home so his brothers wouldn’t face the same fate. And he did. Cole took on two jobs to support…

Lexxie Couper | I Dedicated a Romance Book to Stephen King? Really?
Author Guest / June 9, 2017

I became hooked on Stephen King when I was thirteen. I have no idea how I came to pick up his book, PET SEMETARY at that age (I remember the book itself was beat up and dog-eared and very worse for wear), but I do remember reading the first page and knowing straight away my reading world had changed. Up until that point, I was pretty much only reading Sweet Valley High books (which all seemed very exotic and strange to a young girl whose entire life had been spent growing up in rural Australia. Man, are our schooling systems and environments different!). So PET SEMETARY entered my life and everything changed. The Sweet Valley High books disappeared off my reading pile, replaced with any and every Stephen King book I could get my hands on. (I grew up on the poor side of town, so getting my hands on books meant school libraries and the only second-hand book shop in town). By the time I was fifteen I had read every Stephen King book he’d written. I was a fan. No other author was going to replace him. Ever. And then my sister-in-law gave me a Silhouette Special Edition…

Donna Michaels | Do you prefer a funny Dean? Or a brooding Dean?
Author Guest / June 9, 2017

Hi! I’m Donna Michaels and I’m excited to chat with you today about heroes. I like mine like I like my romances—hot and humorous. lol All the better if the hero possesses that alpha stubbornness, too. I think that’s why I’m drawn to Jensen Ackles’ character Dean Winchester on the hit TV series, Supernatural. Do you watch the show? It’s about two brothers who hunt down the supernatural and protect a world who has no clue about the evil. Although both brothers are hot and humorous, Dean’s character is more alpha, stubborn, and a bit of a jerk at times. Man, it must be fun writing his character. I can just imagine the sarcasm filling the air during the writing session for the show. I’m not sure what I love more? Dean’s sense of humor, or the reason for it. He uses it to cover up anger, grief, and guilt, along with the pain he buries deep inside. Pain for all he’s lost. A pain that motivates him to do what it takes to keep strangers safe, and to sacrifice everything and anything for his brother. Is it any wonder he inspires my heroes? In my latest release with Entangled…

Kat Martin | My Perfect Day
Author Guest / June 8, 2017

People often ask what my writing day is like.  Since I’m a workaholic, most of my writing days are long and mentally tiring.  I thought it might be fun to tell you what my perfect day would be. Aside from a trip to Paris, Rome, or some other exotic location, I had a perfect day last week.  I did some book promo for the first book in my Texas Trilogy, BEYOND REASON, which is out May 30th, then went to work on the book that comes out in February next year, BEYOND DANGER. It was one of those days where everything came together.  Since great writing days don’t happen that often, authors value them highly.  Because it was the first truly glorious day in Montana after a long winter, I decided to quit a little early.  I was drained after writing an intensely romantic love scene, but happy with what I’d produced. As a treat, my husband and I decided to go on a camera safari.  Loading snacks into the pickup, we headed into the Montana mountains.  In one afternoon we saw a herd of elk, two dozen deer, a group of sand hill cranes, an osprey, and a variety…

Vanessa Vale | Excerpt from CLAIM ME HARD
Author Guest / June 6, 2017

I looked down at my drink as I tried to figure out a nice way of phrasing my next question. “When you say they’re possessive…?” I couldn’t figure out a way to finish, but both women seemed to know where I was going with that statement. “Possessive as in protective,” Cara clarified, slowly circling her pint glass on the glossy wood table. “Bridgewater men put their woman first, always,” Katie said. “They believe in making sure she is always taken care of—her problems are their problems. It’s their duty to make sure she’s happy.” “And satisfied,” Cara added with a waggle of her eyebrows that had all three of us cracking up. They’d made me feel better and reassured me that Declan and Cole weren’t like Brad. What they said only reaffirmed what my gut had told me from the moment I’d met them. They were good men—kind men. They were also sexy men and they were watching me. “So what’s the verdict?” Katie asked, biting her lip to obviously keep from grinning. “Are you interested?” I opened my mouth to respond and paused. Was I? The ache between my thighs was my answer. But that’s not what she meant….