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Jennifer Barnhart | The Many Masks of Halloween

I love Halloween, but I particularly love the many masks of Halloween. Scary, magical, campy, thrilling, and haunting, Halloween reveals its many faces in delightful and creepy ways. That’s why the entire month of October I’m dedicating this column to Halloween! From magical to hilarious to horrific to revisionary, I’ll select books that delight, terrify, […]

Stephanie Laurens | The Traditions of BY WINTER’S LIGHT

BY WINTER’S LIGHT is an unabashedly holiday-themed novel. How did that come about? The concept was fortuitously created by the characters, rather than being a deliberate choice made by me. In the Epilogue of the preceding Cynster novel, THE TAMING OF RYDER CAVANAUGH, at the Cynster Summer Celebration in August of 1837, the older group […]

Cheryl Sawyer | La Créole: The Slave Who Never Gave Up on Freedom

I often notice that writers who visit Free Literary Mentor, my blog about new fiction seem very aware of fear: fear of not being able to finish a novel; fear that the path to their goal is not clear; fear that publishers and agents won’t be interested … My heartfelt advice is: always remember that […]

Alison Kemper | Your Handy Guide to Zombies

October is here! It’s time for scary movies, spooky books, and creepy TV shows. And with the recent success of AMC’s The Walking Dead and SyFy’s new series, Z Nation, more and more people are giving a zombie entertainment a try. For the newcomer, the world of the undead can be confusing. Are they fast? Are […]

Tina Ann Forkner | Reading is Sweet

Have you ever taken a bite of cake and been transported to heaven? I bet your answer is yes. For me, it was a slice of my mom’s strawberry-lemon cake served chilled on a hot summer day in Oklahoma. All I remember is the taste of cool lusciousness when the fork met my mouth. When […]

Marie Harte | Ruining Mr. Perfect

It’s never easy being a middle child, and that’s kind of how I think of book 3 in my McCauley Brothers series. RUINING MR. PERFECT deals with Cameron, the youngest McCauley sibling, but the book is sandwiched between two books that made me cry at times when writing them. It’s a challenge to write a […]

Heather Blake | Inspiration via I-75

As an author, I’ve found that inspiration for books can come from anywhere. And I truly mean anywhere. For example, the idea seed for the Magic Potion mysteries sprouted at a rest stop off I-75 in southern Georgia. More than a decade ago, my family was making its way from Ohio to Florida (16 hours […]

Grace Burrowes | Beating the Holiday Blues

So much about the Christmas holidays is wonderful. We get together with friends and family we might not see at any other time of year, cook our favorite foods, decorate the whole house, sing the good old songs, give and receive thoughtful gifts…. Even if we also sometimes wish we could find a place to […]

Raymond Buckland | The Bram Stoker Mysteries

For me, writing Victorian mysteries is pure joy! First of all, I love the Victorian age. There was so much going on then; so many new discoveries. Transportation was fascinating, going from the horse-drawn age into the age of the horseless carriage. Gaslight was slowly giving way to electricity. Fashions had great variety, both women’s […]

Frank Hayes | Death at the Black Bull

If the question is where I get the ideas for the stories I write the simple answer is…people. All of my writing is pretty much character driven. That is not to say that I’m not concerned with the other elements of literature…plot..setting etc. but these things concern me fundamentally in how they interact with the […]