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Blaire Edens | From Mayonnaise Labels to Fantastic Fiction

My name is Blaire and I’m a bookaholic. I will read anything. Romance, science fiction, magazines. Anything. Everything. As a child, the only time I didn’t have a book in my hand was at meal time. I had a mother who believed in three squares and meaningful conversation so I was prohibited from bringing my […]

Meghan Quinn | Top 5 Football Hotties

Check out this video from Meghan Quinn, author of the Love and Sports series, for her list of Top 5 Football Hotties! About the upcoming release, THREE AND OUT Piper was dead to him. The minute she walked out the door on Mason, he was done. D.O.N.E. Now, three months later, he’s still trying to […]

Louise Reynolds | Keeping Up Appearances

“I think housework is far more tiring and frightening than hunting is, no comparison, and yet after hunting we had eggs for tea and were made to rest for hours, but after housework people expect one to go on just as if nothing special had happened.” ― Nancy Mitford Aristocratic life is an occasional theme […]

Rosie Genova | Who Doesn’t Love a Wedding?

The title alone should tell you that Book #2 in the Italian Kitchen Mysteries, THE WEDDING SOUP MURDER, features a wedding. And that um, other thing that tends to be front and center in cozy mysteries. (Oh, but there’s also soup—did I mention the soup?) However, I did have the good taste to wait until […]

Annie Knox | Mystery Man

You’re sitting in a coffee shop, trying to write, when a man walks in alone. He orders a simple cup of Joe and takes a seat at a bistro table, his back to the wall, and pulls out an impossibly thin computer. He’s absorbed in his work, only occasionally taking his eyes off the screen […]

Q&A with Tom Kakonis, Author of TREASURE COAST

1. It’s been more than a decade since you’ve published your last novel. What was it like to get back in the game with TREASURE COAST? I have to say it’s been exhilarating, maybe because it was so unexpected. A year ago at about this time I went to my mailbox and discovered a package […]

Frank Delaney | Pieces of Eight – Rules for Writing about Pirates

Frank Delaney, author of the faithful sequel, JIM HAWKINS & THE CURSE OF TREASURE ISLAND, outlines some do’s and don’ts for landlubbers 1. Get your Ship Together. Make sure that you know the difference between a barque, a barquentine and a brigantine; a sloop, a schooner and a ship of the line. The world has […]

Amy K. Sorrells | When Fiction Turns to Reality

“What was wrong with that man? Why didn’t he do something?” The women around the table raised their hands and slapped the table with disgust as they complained about the man named Vaughn Harlan. Who could blame them? He was, after all, an enabler of the behavior which resulted in the unexpected, violent start to […]

Kate Canterbary | Architects Do It Right

In chatting with friends and beta readers about The Walsh Series, I hear one question with tremendous frequency: why architects? I’ll see that question, and raise it another: why not? We all know architects are smart—they’re the ones actually using all that algebra, geometry, and trigonometry the rest of us ignored in high school—and there’s […]

TALL, DARK AND PARANORMAL | The Top Ten of Paranormal Romance

Ten authors, ten hot and sexy alpha bad boys—all in one deliciously yummy TALL, DARK & PARANORMAL box set—10 full length novels, 825,000 words of steamy paranormal pleasure, and all for just 99 cents! Fresh Fiction is pleased to welcome the authors of this blockbuster anthology to tell us a bit about each of their […]