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A.M. Rose | Why We Need More Strong, Female Characters in YA
Author Guest / February 1, 2018

On January 20, 2018 all across the country Women marched together. They marched in solidarity, to say we will no longer sit quietly. We will be heard. We matter.Girls need to learn early on they are important, that their voices and stories matter. This is why we need strong female characters in YA. And not just YA, but also in adult, middle grade, chapter books, early readers, and picture books. Nowhere in the definition of female does it say that we are somehow inferior to men. Young girls (and even not so young girls) need role models, figures they can look up to and strive to be. But they also need characters they can see themselves in. That’s why when I started writing Road to Eugenica, and thinking about Drea’s story, I knew I wanted her to have a coming of age character arc. It was important to me that teen girls could see themselves in Drea. All forms of media need more representation of girls seeing themselves doing things for themselves. Not just being the damsel in distress, waiting for the prince to ride in and save her. And if she does decide to choose a prince, may that…

Interview | Lynne Connolly talks SINLESS, M/M romance, and love in Georgian England
Author Guest , Interviews / February 1, 2018

Monique Daoust: It is my pleasure to welcome Lynne Connolly to Fresh Fiction! Congratulations on your new book SINLESS, which I loved! Lynne Connolly: Thank you so much. It’s wonderful to be here. Monique Daoust: Lynne, you have just started your new series, The Shaws, and the second book, a novella, features an m/m romance, your first, I believe. What prompted you to do an m/m romance in the middle of the series? Lynne Connolly: It was all because of the hero, Darius. He is the twin of Valentinian, the hero of an Emperors of London book, and he’s a notorious dandy and man-about-town. Val had tired of his outrageous behaviour some time ago, but he kept it up for his brother because Darius was gay in an age when it was illegal. You could be hanged for it. So Val acted as cover for an increasingly irritated Darius. So many people asked me to write Darius’s book that I had to do it. Monique Daoust: SINLESS and The Shaws are set in the Georgian era; would you tell us more about the research you had to do regarding homosexuality? What surprised you the most? How was homosexuality perceived at…