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Love (and Sex) in the Great Outdoors
Author Guest / October 13, 2017

Hi, I’m Rebecca Brooks and I have a confession: I love mountain men. Scruffy men, rugged men, growly men who aren’t afraid to get down and dirty. They’re sexy, strong, and powerful—and sweet as can be underneath the tough exterior they show to the world. Although I’m a city girl, my heart belongs outside. Any time I have the chance, you can find me hiking, skiing, kayaking, picking blueberries, or drinking a cold beer while watching the sun set. So it’s no wonder that I love writing books set in the great outdoors, with dirty-talking mountain men ready to sweep the women they love off their feet. But it’s not just incredible views and racing down ski slopes. Writing sexy books about mountain men naturally means one thing. Hot. Outdoor. Sex. The more creative the better, IMO! In MAKE ME STAY, Austin is an Olympic skier and racing coach. He and Samantha discover that up against a snowmobile is the perfect place to get it on—especially when they can warm up after with hot chocolate and round two in front of the fire. In MAKE ME BEG, chef Connor prepares bartender Mack a picnic—and feeds it to her blindfolded by…