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Caridad Pineiro Shares her Top 5 Movies
Author Guest / October 3, 2017

I love movies and television and will often write with the television on in the background. I’m a very visual person and draw a lot of useful cues from the expressions on the actors’ faces, how a shot is framed or the rhythm and words in the dialogue. Eye Candy in some cases. Of course, sometimes I watch just because it’s a darn good movie! LOL! So today I’m sharing with you my Top 5 must see movies or television shows! 1. BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER – I got hooked on this show accidentally when I caught a scene between Buffy and Angel as I was flipping through the channels. After that, I was a loyal viewer all the way to the seventh season. If you’re wondering if I’m an Angel or Spike girl, Spike all the way! He always had such passion! 2. X-FILES – So loved all the creepy unexplained phenomena and Sculley and Mulder. The tension that grew between them was so amazing and I could not wait for the movie and that one kiss. . .and then it didn’t happen. Sigh. Still waiting for a true happily ever after for them. I am a hopeful romantic….

Exclusive Excerpt: ‘At the Heart of It’ by Tawna Fenske
Author Guest , Excerpt / October 3, 2017

Kate stopped as her phone began to buzz. She slipped it out of her purse and felt her arms start to tingle as Jonah’s name popped up on the screen. She’d programmed it in after Viv had given her the number, wanting to be prepared in case he did call. “Sorry, I need to take this,” she said, stepping away from the giraffe as she tapped the phone screen to answer. “Hello, this is Kate Geary,” she said in her best professional voice. “Kate Geary,” he repeated, his voice smooth and warm the way it had sounded over dinner in Ashland that night. It was so different from how he’d sounded at Viv’s house earlier that day or when she’d chased him down the boardwalk during his shirtless dog-walking exercise. “This is Jonah Porter.” “Hello, Jonah.” “Tell me something, Kate Geary,” he said. “What would you like to know, Jonah Porter?” Kate wasn’t sure if the name or the flirtatious note in her voice made Amy look up. The assistant producer lifted one eyebrow and turned to look at a copper shelf on the wall. Jonah laughed on the other end of the line and Kate had another flash of…

Samantha Chase | Top 5 Favorite Holiday Movies
Author Guest / October 3, 2017

Hey, Everyone! So HOLIDAY SPICE is – obviously – a holiday romance and I am so excited that it’s finally here!! I love the holidays – the traditions, the decorations, but mostly I LOVE the movies!! So to celebrate the release of Darcy Shaughnessy’s story, here are my Top Five Favorite Holiday Movies. Just know this…I have VERY eclectic taste in movies and wanted to give you a good variety. Enjoy!! Scrooged – I absolutely ADORE this movie. This is a tradition in our house and I swear we quote it year-round. With Bill Murray in the lead, this comedic take on a Christmas Carol is absolutely hysterical! A Charlie Brown Christmas – This is a classic and we watch it as a family, every single year. I’ve probably watched it every year of my life because I am a HUGE Peanuts fan and every year, whenever there was a Peanuts special on, my grandfather would call and remind me. It’s just a great memory. The Holiday – I love writing holiday romances and I love watching them too. And there is just something very real about this movie that’s not over-the-top or cheesy, but just makes you feel good!…

Jeannie Moon | THEN CAME YOU
Author Guest / October 3, 2017

When I first wrote the story that became THEN CAME YOU. it was set on the wrong coast. That may seem like an odd statement, but the original book was set near Puget Sound in Washington State. I’d made my own town, college, populated it and set to work. However, when I finished Mia and Adam’s story, and there was something off – something not right about it. So, I sent it to my friend JoAnn Ross, a woman who has turned small town romance into an art form, and she said something that floored me: “Your characters are looking at the wrong ocean.” That wasn’t what I expected. But it sure made me think. As I examined the story, I went back over JoAnn’s thoughts about the book, and while she liked it, she agreed that it needed more. That more was a location change. Now, it wasn’t as simple as switching coasts. I started at square one, and that’s when Compass Cove was born. I recreated the character backstories, I tweaked the plot, but more than that, I set out along the north shore of Long Island, the place I’d live my whole life, and found the inspiration…

Fresh Fiction Author/Reader Match with Elizabeth Harmon
Author Guest / October 3, 2017

Instead of trying to find your perfect match in a dating app, we bring you the Reader Match where we introduce you to authors as a reader you may fall in love with. It’s our great pleasure to present Elizabeth Harmon What do I Write: Romance with a dash of different. Which means characters and settings you don’t see often (if ever!) in contemporary romance. Such as present-day Moscow, sans spies or hitmen. A warm-hearted small town, on the scenic coast of…Antarctica. Hot guys who play hockey on their days off, but are better known as world champion figure skaters. A male stripper who aspires to be the next Stephen King. A wallflower who blossoms on a sexy reality show. A prim and proper Ice Queen, whose mom was a Guns N’ Roses groupie. A billionaire’s son who’s changed his bad boy ways—if only he can make the woman he loves believe it. Intrigued? Let’s get to know each other. More about me: I’m a contemporary romance author whose latest release, SHINING THROUGH, comes out today! My five book Red Hot Russians series is set primarily in the world of competitive figure skating, and the first book in the series,…

A Spotlight on Julia Kelly
Author Spotlight / October 3, 2017

THE LOOK OF LOVE by Julia Kelly Matchmaker of Edinburgh The ceremony passed in a blur. Reverend Macdonough spoke of fidelity and sacrifice. When he mentioned a wife’s obedience to her husband, Gavin shot her a significant, if teasing, look. She was tempted to tread on his shoe, but she doubted the reverend would find the humor in it. Finally, a small gold ring was presented and blessed, and the priest nodded to Gavin. All at once, her friend became solemn with the gravity of the moment. “And now the ring and the exchange of vows,” said Reverend Macdonough. Gavin picked up her hand and placed the ring on her fourth finger. He must have felt her tremble, because he brushed his thumb over the edge of her palm, soothing her. Slowly, repeating the phrases after Reverend Macdonough, Ina said, “In the presence of God and before these witnesses, I, Ina Duncan, give myself to you, Gavin Barrett, to be your wife, and take you now to be my husband. I promise to love you, to be faithful and loyal to you, for as long as we live.” Her throat was dry by the end of the vow, and she…

Sara Jade Alan | The Improv Guide to Relationships
Author Guest / October 3, 2017

Ellie, the main character in my debut YA contemporary romance, A MESSY, BEAUTIFUL LIFE, is captain of her high school’s improv team. She meets Jason onstage in an improv scene that turns pretty steamy. I love improv, and as an anxiety-prone introvert the principles of improv have been a huge gift in my life—stay present, listen, trust. Really, improv has all the benefits of meditation, but without the pesky sitting-still part. For me, the greatest gift of improv has been meeting some of my best friends, including my husband, Brian. (But no, we did not meet in a steamy improv scene.) Since it’s contemporary romance day at Fresh Fiction, I thought I’d talk about relationships. I don’t profess to be a relationship guru (not at all!), but Brian and I have been friends for 22 years and we’re celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary three days before my book release. We believe so much in the principles of improv that we based our vows on them, and I thought it might be a fun way for non-improvisers to think about their relationships: THE IMPROV GUIDE TO RELATIONSHIPS You are all supporting actors Just as in a good improv scene, no one…

Meet Bridget Blackwood at Readers & ‘ritas in November!
Author Spotlight / October 3, 2017

As part of our countdown to Readers & ‘ritas 2017, our Meet theAuthor interview series helps you get to know the authors joining us in Texas on November 10-12. Read on to get acquainted with author Bridget Blackwood, and purchase your tickets to meet her in person at Readers &‘ritas! What book made you fall in love with the genre you write? Fantasy Lover by Sherrilyn Kenyon. It was the first time I’d ever read a paranormal romance with such a large world building scope. It was amazing and I wanted more, easily devouring the next dozen Dark- Hunter books. If a movie were made of your most recent book, who would you cast in the lead and why? Dove Cameron would be a great Ianthe (from LOST IN PARADISE, the latest in my World in Shadows series). I’ve seen her play a variety of characters and she always nails the performance like she was born for it. I think she’d be able to portray Ianthe’s fierceness through her vulnerability she wears like armor. She’s very beautiful and younger looking, which lends credit to the deadly allure of Sirens. Sam Claflin is my pick for the male lead. Zander comes…