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Heather Long’s Favorite Bad Boys
Author Guest / May 11, 2017

Now you may be wondering what does a bad boy have to do with my latest release? Absolutely nothing—but Marine wolves can have a bad boy vibe and I really do love a good bad boy in my books, my movies, and the shows I like to watch on television. Let’s have some fun! I’ll show you my favs, then you tell me yours! Dean Winchester (Supernatural) For over a decade, I have thoroughly enjoyed Dean Winchester’s signature wise-ass nature as he fights to save the world and his baby brother from all things that go bump in the night. Dean is always putting himself last, and he has a definite martyr complex. Like he says, he hopes that all his good acts counterbalance his love ‘em and leave ‘em attitude, gambling, and drinking—but if you’re in a corner and need help? Dean will have your back. Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer) The name is kind of obvious, right? But on the Fox series, Tom Ellis’ Lucifer is a bad boy of the wild variety. He enjoys a sensuous lifestyle, loves to party, and is also unfailingly honest. The fallen angel and former keeper of hell also has a deep seated sense…