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Why Love a Sweet Southern Bad Boy?
Author Guest / May 10, 2017

Top Five Reasons Readers Will Swoon for Nick Frasier   He’s drop-dead gorgeous! In a tall, ripped, blond hair, blue-eyed way. He has the scruffy 5 o’clock shadow and tousled hair thing going and would look great wearing a sandwich board!   Nick’s an ex-professional quarterback turned NFL head coach who’s very passionate about his job. He’s hard working, driven and relentless when it comes to his job and reputation.   Smart, sharp, witty and sometimes bossy, (in a good way, of course!) he keeps Marabelle guessing.   Nick’s protective and possessive, especially when it comes to the people he loves…and he loves   But mostly, Nick Frasier is delicious, delightful and dangerous, a triple threat to every girl’s heart. Careful…he’s all Marabelle’s and she’s not above fighting you to keep what’s hers.   EXCERPT “Excuse me,” she said, breaking the deafening silence, “we don’t have all day. The Stones will be waiting.” She planted her fist on her cocked hip. “Nice picture of you and your dad.” Nick reached for the next frame as if they had all the time in the world. The man made her insane. How could he appear so calm? And what was he doing…