Ready for Summer? Pack your Beach Tote is on!
News / May 29, 2017

Believe it or not summer is upon us and that means VACATIONS! Okay, maybe just a mini vacation or even a short weekend away from work but it’s the state of mind that’s important here, so let Fresh Fiction authors and friends help you! We’ve got the best contests with all kinds of goodies to enable even the worst procrastinators to get ready to hit the beach or run off to a summer vacation! Most of these contests end on June 14th so don’t delay and enter today! Win a Historical Romance E-Book from Gail Ingis Get a FREE Copy of The Stone Men – Volume 2 from Kathy Lyons! Enjoy the Fireworks at the Down South Cafe & Win a FREE Book & a Gift Card from Gayle Leeson! Heat Up Your Summer and Win Your Own Copy of BLACKMAILING THE BAD GIRL by Nina Croft Kym Roberts Offers a Free Cozy Mystery for the Beach! WIN a Historical Romance from Jade Lee! It’s a Deathbed Promise and a Chance to win a FREE Historical Novel from Karen Dean Benson Win a Regency Summer Read from Amelia Grey Escape to Nantucket by WINNING Nan Rossiter’s New Beach Read, SUMMER…

Julie Rowe | When You Don’t Want the Story to End – giving life to secondary characters
Author Guest / May 29, 2017

The first time I met River, the hero of VIABLE THREAT (out May 22nd) was in early 2015 when he made an appearance in LETHAL GAME (book two in the Biological Response Team series). He was part of a protection detail, a secondary character, meant to interact with and support the main characters. I thought he was a cool dude, and he took complete advantage of my writerly affection, staying with me long after the book was finished. Secondary characters can be sneaky. Most of them come and go with no trouble, do the job of best friend, acquaintance, or irritant, then disappear quietly off stage. Occasionally, one will come along that has no interest in quietly going anywhere. Instead, they sneak into the hearts and imaginations of their author and readers, demanding their own story. River didn’t demand, per say, he just occupied the front of my mind and refused to leave until he got what he wanted: life, love, and a happily ever after. During the course of LETHAL GAME he sustains a head wound and other injuries. VIABLE THREAT picks up a year later with him now state-side in a teaching role and struggling with PTSD. He’s…

Delancey Stewart | First Kisses
Author Guest / May 26, 2017

Hi! I’m Delancey Stewart – if you haven’t met me before, I write contemporary romance. I’ve set my books in small towns, but most are set in big cities because I favor them in my real life. I’m a military spouse, so the last fifteen years of my life have pretty much been set in small towns no one’s ever heard of, but prior to that I lived in Los Angeles, New York City and San Diego. And my last three books? So weird—they’ve been set in Los Angeles, New York and…you guessed it – San Diego! WITHOUT WORDS comes out this month, and that’s the one set in San Diego, which is less of a big city and more of a collection of little towns that each have really distinct personalities. The book is set in Ocean Beach, which is a funky little beach community with a weekly farmers’ market, lots of unique shops and a huge pier that extends way out into the water. The first kiss in my book is set on that pier, but I’m not telling whether I’ve done any kissing out there myself… Okay, of course I have. Here’s that kiss from the book:…

Melanie Dobson | Where does inspiration originate?
Author Guest / May 26, 2017

The title and story of my new novel was a gift. The wind of spirit—inspiration—whispering as I sipped tea in my favorite coffee shop, scribbling down ideas for my next book. Outside the window stood an old tree, a weeping cedar with its sturdy branches and dangling leaves that ballooned like a giant umbrella over the people drinking coffee and tea below. In my mind’s eye, I saw two German children—the best of friends—playing high among those branches. In a tree house. They were in danger, though at the time I didn’t know what threatened them. I just knew the boy and girl had to run. And the girl would be lost along the way. The story slipped between past and present, slowly unfolding on my paper. The boy and girl separated during the war. A man who spent a lifetime trying to keep his promise to find her. A British noblewoman who sympathized with Hitler and a tenacious journalist in London who can’t resist a good story—a journalist with secrets of her own. My research for this novel took me on a journey north of my home in Oregon to the misty San Juan Islands, across the Atlantic to…

The Legend of Ashor the Black Knight
Author Guest / May 25, 2017

Since ATLANTIS REBORN has its roots in Plato’s myth of the lost island of Atlantis, I thought I’d share a quick recap of one of my favorite but lesser known myths, Ashor the Black Knight. The story begins with two kings at war. As is usually the case in myth, one of them was good and fair to his people, and the other was oppressive and cruel. Fearing his army would be defeated, the good king sent a messenger to bring a man named Ashor to his court. Ashor was an old knight, but in his youth he’d specialized as an assassin. In spite of his advanced age, he remained surprisingly strong and skilled. Ashor traveled back to court where the good king implored him to go to his rival’s fortress city and kill him. Ashor said that he must see for himself, but if the other king was as terrible as he’d been told, he would do it. So, Ashor skulked around the enemy’s city until he’d seen enough to know the king was truly awful to his people. As agreed, he assassinated the tyrant and made a hasty retreat. He stopped long enough to free a priest who…

Liliana Hart | How To Meet And Marry A Real Life Romance Hero
Author Guest / May 25, 2017

I should probably start off with the caveat that I can’t guarantee your Happily Ever After, even if you follow my super awesome instructions word for word. Because…well…because of something I like to call men. They’re unpredictable at times. Especially the alpha ones. Am I right, ladies? My husband likes to tell his own version of our love story to strangers and acquaintances alike. Most special ops alphas have a unique personality. It takes some getting used to. I’ll intersperse his version with the truth below. Choose Your Mark HIS VERSION: I met my husband in a class I took about police procedural stuff. The details aren’t important because I don’t even remember what he was talking about. All I could focus on were his rippling muscles and the tight tshirt he wore. And as soon as he mentioned the fact that he had a PhD, in anthropology of all things (how sexy is that?), then I was basically a puddle in my desk. I decided then and there that he would be mine. He was also a Chief of Police, had been a SWAT cop for 16 years, and had worked undercover for 12 years. TRUTH: I did meet…

Kerry Adrienne | Character Inspiration—Olivia
Author Guest / May 25, 2017

In my latest novella from Carina Press, SAVING HIS WOLF, I got the interesting opportunity to write about a shifter who was both blind and unable to shift. The character has been pushing me to tell her story for a few years, but the time was never right. When I finally did find her story, I realized pretty quickly that she would be a hard character to capture on the page. For one thing, I’m not blind and I don’t have experience how it would be to be blind. I did try a few experiments while writing the novella to help me understand better. I closed my eyes and listened to a tv show—quickly realizing how much I missed the visual stimulation. I also closed my eyes and tried to walk through the house. This is a house I’ve lived in for nineteen years and I still couldn’t navigate it with my eyes closed! Finally, I tried to eat with my eyes closed. Wow. That was difficult and didn’t last long. These little things helped me in the smallest way to see what it would be like to be blind and what Olivia must have overcome to be able to…

Morticia Knight | Love, BDSM and Social Anxiety
Author Guest / May 25, 2017

Many times when I sketch a character, when I’m right at the beginning of figuring out who this person is, I take from my real life. I’ll use aspects either of myself or those who are close to me, or perhaps someone who I’ve come across over the years who has had a great impact on me. That’s not too unusual—I think most writers do that to one degree or another. But sometimes, I make very deliberate choices. Sometimes there are challenges in my own life that relate to me, or a friend or family member, and I will inject personal experience into my stories and characters. Those choices are never made lightly and they can be scary. It can feel as if I’m allowing myself to become too vulnerable through my stories because once it’s in the hands of a reader, it’s completely out of my control. I don’t want my damaged characters, the ones who’ve had to fight in life, who’ve had to overcome—or who are still in the process of overcoming being repeatedly kicked in the teeth—to be disregarded. They’re still healing and I don’t want them to get hurt any more than they already have been….

Janalyn Voigt | The Real American West
Author Guest / May 23, 2017

My mother has a picture of me as a little girl, smiling into the camera on the back of a pony. With my hair cascading in ringlets beneath a cowgirl hat, freckles sprinkled across my nose, a missing front tooth, and my six-shooter by my side, I was ready at seven to take on the Wild West. In reality, an out-of-work photographer had taken a pony, cowboy hat, bandana, and toy guns around our neighborhood, looking to make a buck. Fast forward a couple of years, and you’d find me on a typical Sunday afternoon parked with my father in front of the television. I treasured our shared passion for vintage westerns, never noticing such flaws as poor acting, overblown plots, or camera angles that gave away feinted punches. Born in California’s Big Valley, land of the Barclays, I am a daughter of the American West. I have a vivid memory of walking home from high school in a dust storm with tumbleweeds blowing across the road. I’d grown up steeped in western mythos, but the grit I washed from my hair that day wasn’t so romantic. A fascination with the Oregon Trail took hold of me as an adult,…

MK Meredith | Beaches, Beauty, Barcelona…and Pick Pockets?
Author Guest / May 23, 2017

Though the threat of pickpockets is real, the beauty and sensuality and brilliance of Barcelona is a character all unto itself in this story. Because when it comes to Barcelona, anyone who has ever been there raves of the culture, the beauty of the people, and the extraordinary art. Barcelona boasts some of the most spectacular beaches in the world, amazing cuisine, and has been home to some of the most renown artists in history. It, rightly so, holds high priority on many a bucket lists. My own included! You can tour the Sagrada Família and sunbathe on a nude beach all in the same day. Or maybe walk the streets of the Gothic Quarter then shop for goods at La Boqueria. I’d love to go on a Vermouth bar hop. They do Vermouth very different than we do here in the states. And hello…hunky Spanish men. Ummmm…Álex González anyone? How about Javier Bardem, Antonio Banderas, or Enrique Iglesias? Phew! But in all my research, the overwhelmingly repeated advice was to keep your belongings locked down, at all times. Due to the mild climate and the expansive tourism, Barcelona is known as the #1 city in the world for pickpocketing….