Celebrate Romance 2007 – A Reader’s Review
Guests / March 12, 2007

CR2007 in Kansas City was a blast! I had been to it once before in Seattle in 2000. (What can I say, I was a hermit for a while. No more!) There were…ummm…memorable discussion topics, such as: “Kick Ass Heroines: How They Are Changing Romance”, “Characters, Plot, or Cock – What Makes a Book Sexy?” and “Sexual Oddities in the Animal Kingdom.” Being the good note taker that I am, I just had to write down a couple of the statements I heard in the “animal” discussion because they are definitely the type of odd trivia that could be the winning answers on a game show: “Chinese hamsters have the longest sperm” and “frogs tend to like orgies.” I know what you’re thinking, but I couldn’t make up these things even if I wanted to. But there were also some discussions where I learned something, like Lorraine Heath‘s “The Victorian World vs The Regency World.” I don’t read a lot of historicals so there was no way I could explain the difference until Lorraine’s talk. I now know about the influx of American heiresses into Europe in the Victorian era and that Winston Churchill’s mother was one of those American…

Celebrate Romance CELEBRATES with Cake!
Guests / March 6, 2007

Celebrate Romance CELEBRATES with Cake! Originally uploaded by freshfiction. Enjoy our pictures from the Kansas City Celebrate Romance Conference. Visit FreshFiction.com to learn more about books and authors.